Baywatch hold slow motion marathon stunt for release of new film

To celebrate the release of the new Baywatch film, Paramount hosted the world’s first Slow Motion Marathon in downtown LA.
Alongside some of the cast members, thousands of ‘runners’ took part, recreating the show’s original opening sequence complete theme song ‘I’m Always Here’ to keep participants motivated.
To promote the upcoming “Baywatch” movie, Paramount organized the Slow Mo Marathon — a “grueling” 0.3 kilometer race that had be run entirely in slow motion.
“Carbs for dinner and new shoes aren’t going to give you the edge this time,” organisers said on the Facebook page for the event. “The winner will be the person who demonstrates the greatest ‘Baywatch’ flare in slow motion — leave nothing to chance — hair, outfit, slow motion style, we want to see you go slow like a pro.”
The winner received “possibly the greatest prize ever presented in a sporting event” — a trip to Miami for the “Baywatch” premiere.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]34Z9hxRKlQE[/youtube]
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Buxton Water Creates Marathon 'Lane of Heroes'

On Sunday the 24th May Buxton Water hosted a ‘Lane of Heroes’ at the London Marathon, an 80-meter private track where runners were able to complete a portion of the race with their loved ones. Friends and family nominated their heroes to get a chance to run down the lane whilst their supporters were given access to the lane to show their support and engage with the runners. These runners had their photo taken to show off their ‘let’s do this’ spirit and these. Pictures were then published on Twitter, Instagram and also displayed across DOOH in underground stations near the marathon route, and on three large digital sites across London. The content was also sent to the runners post event for them to share on their own channels.
Liveposter Buxton Wave Marathon 2016 large-102_UGC