Volvo calls on Thor to turn on an outdoor ad with real lightening

Volvo in Thailand has created a reference to Swedish god Thor in its latest campaign for its hybrid car, building an outdoor ad that was turned on by real lightening.
Volvo Car Thailand and GreynJ United wanted to create a campaign that showed how electric cars can generate power while leaving zero emissions, and used the outdoor element as the central theme to a wider social media and digital campaign around #PurePower.
To create the ad, the company brought in Macco Group to add lightning rods to the outdoor ad which would attract a bolt during the Thai storm season. Once the lightning struck, it triggered the ad to turn on its lights and a set of cameras to capture the spectacle.
The team used meteorological data to work out when the storm was likely to hit and, once the content was captured, the videos were shown on the Volvo Facebook page.
The storm hit in late September and since then the campaign has gathered pace on social media and local news outlets. According to GreynJ United, it has already picked up 10x more test drives and has sold 3x more than any other Thai Volvo campaign.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]OMJYINQpXDE[/youtube]
Via: The Drum