Zealios Creates Sunlight-Activated Digital Coupon to Promote Sunscreen

Sunscreen company Zealios Skin Care has teamed with TBWA Toronto to create a sunlight-activated digital coupon.
The coupon, delivered via an app for Android phones using the Firefox browser, uses an ambient light sensor that is included in most handsets, but rarely utilised by third-party developers. The app detects the intensity of sunlight on the phone and, when it reaches a certain level, activates a coupon offering users 50 per cent off Zealios’ Sun Barrier sunscreen.
Via: Mobile Marketing Magazine

Posters That Adapt and Respond When Exposed to Sunlight

In order to promote Optic Square’s line of light adaptive lenses BBDO Bangkok came up with an effective and clever way to show how the lenses work.
The agency created a series of posters that could adapt and respond to sunlight. When exposed, the seemingly normal eyeglasses on the posters would automatically turn into sunglasses—demonstrating the benefit of the lenses.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]PT-_Kkd0Ur4[/youtube]
Via: Design Taxi