LEGO Encourages Parents to Spend More Time With Their Kids Using OOH Video Stunt

In Taipei where working adults are some of the busiest in the world, a child’s imagination was given the stage to shine. Hsiao Feng was chosen via a casting call, and a video was filmed of him sharing his Lego  creation, a really strong car, that would help his father who sells and repair cars for living, be less tired, and with that spend more time at home with him.
The video was shared and promoted via Youtube, Social Media, Public screens throughout the city and more importantly projected on a 100-metre screen outside the Taipei Arena stadium, as the father walked by after work, who promised he’d find more time to spend with his son.
With the campaign, Lego hopes to spark a social conversation, and a change in mindset around the role of imagination. Kevin Hagino, senior regional brand manager, Southeast Asia at Lego, said in a statement: “At Lego, we have a mission to inspire imagination and creativity to develop the builders of tomorrow through play. Our kids are all creative geniuses and we want parents and the world to see how amazing they are. Hsiao Feng’s message to his father is a powerful message to all parents. We all have busy schedules — but a childhood doesn’t last forever. Through this film, we hope to inspire parents to value the importance of their child’s imagination, and give it the encouragement and attention it deserves.”
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]XtVFOVY6ANc[/youtube]
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Jurassic World isn’t just breaking box office records

To promote the LEGO Jurassic World game, Posterscope Australia launched 10 interactive panels across the country located in close proximity to retail locations where the game could be purchased.  The panels, which formed part of a larger OOH campaign, invited fans to push the button to receive a voucher which enabled them to access special features and game hacks online.
The panels achieved a record of almost 23,000 interactions during the month of June.

Pose with your favourite LEGO Marvel character

LEGO has launched an interactive digital out of home campaign across Primesight screens to support its new Marvel Avengers range. The advertising drive, planned by Carat and Posterscope, kicked off on April 23 to coincide with the UK cinema debut of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is expected to increase footfall in cinema foyers by 110% according to Digital Cinema Media.
Using cinema D6 screens, the interactive creative invites cinema-goers to take a picture with their favourite LEGO Marvel characters and gives them the option to have the photo sent to their email address. The activity will run for two weeks, when demand to see the blockbuster sequel is at a peak.
Chris Hicks, senior project manager at Posterscope’s Hyperspace division said: “Marvel LEGO superheroes, developed in tandem with Koffeecup and Isobar, invites adults and kids alike to join forces with their favourite Marvel LEGO superhero to defeat the evil Ultron! With its iconic designs and playful irreverence, the world’s most powerful brand is a natural fit for interactive OOH. This experience gives Marvel fans the chance to pose with characters, creating a memorable take-home from their cinema visit.”
Andrew Goldsmith, Agency Sales Director, Primesight said: “Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron looks set to be the biggest box office hit of the year and this campaign perfectly taps into the excitement surrounding the release by promoting LEGO’s new range at the optimum time. The creative makes great use of Primesight’s cinema foyer screens and will be both memorable and unmissable for the target audience of 6-9 year olds.”

LEGO Ninjago project onto the White Cliffs of Dover

Sunday 8th February: The LEGO group announced it is the year of the Ninja with a star-studded red carpet premiere, in London’s Leicester Square, for its forthcoming animated season, LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: The Tournament of Elements which launches on Cartoon Network from 10th February.
To celebrate Season 4, psLIVE created an awesome projection onto the White Cliffs of Dover of some of the main Ninjago characters.
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Lego Gives Back Stolen Statues to City

Margaret Island in Budapest hosts a park where there are over 30 statues, all depicting the nation’s finest artists. Two of these bronze statues were stolen in the summer, and there is no money for their replacement.
This Christmas, on the 29th of December, Lego Store Budapest with the help of Y&R, Hungary gave these two stolen statues back to the city: they built the exact replicas of the stolen originals, entirely out of Lego. The Lego statues were placed on the empty spot of the missing ones. Now, people visit the park just to see the Lego statues.
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Lego Bus Stop Made of 100,000 Bricks Marks London's Year of the Bus

A new bus stop made entirely out of Lego could put the fun back into the daily commute.
The model, which was built by toy store Hamley’s outside its Regent Street store with more than 100,000 bricks, is currently being used as a real stop for nine routes.
It was created to mark Transport for London (TfL) Year of the Bus, which celebrates 100 years since London buses were sent to the Western Front in WW1, as well as the 60th anniversary of the Routemaster.
A TfL spokesman said the Lego stop, which is due to be taken down on July 15, could be retained in the long-term if it is not “tampered” with.
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A Fake LEGO Subway Station Pops Up In Milan To Promote ‘The LEGO Movie’

Put up by Ninja Academy, this fake subway station seems to have taken the place of the Cordusio station in Milan, Italy.
This 3D installation looks like it is made out of LEGO bricks and promotes the release of The LEGO Movie. Next to it is Emmett, the movie’s protagonist—he is holding a sign that says, “Save Creativity”.
This mysterious station popped up in the middle of the night—we wonder if anyone has mistaken it for a real subway station.
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Lego location matched creative

To promote Lego, this Malaysian OOH campaign featured three creative executions, ‘Whale’, ‘Caterpillar’ and ‘Monster’ that used the surrounding environment as part of the composition.