The world's largest jigsaw billboard promotes an Israeli university

The “world’s largest and hardest jigsaw billboard” was recently erected in Israel, to demonstrate how tough it is to get into Hebrew University Jerusalem.
Overlooking Ayalon, Israel’s busiest road, the billboard was constructed out of two-meter tall jigsaw puzzle pieces, thus creating the world’s largest and hardest jigsaw billboard, put together on the side of a 14-story high building. The pieces were glued to the wall by a team of professional climbers and, due to the size of the pieces, they had to be carried down one by one.
The campaign, by agency Gefen Team, drove thousands of potential students to take part in the University’s open campus day on March 3.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]-b6qAgr3Uy4[/youtube]
Via: Creativity Online