Winner Of The JCDecaux Innovate Campaign Of The Month

In the city of Bratislava, JCDecaux Slovakia fully wrapped a bus shelter to promote exotic holiday destinations. Using electroluminescent foil, they transformed a bus shelter into a beach hut with a thatched roof and used lighting to display beach imagery. The whole external faces of the shelter were animated, illuminating one face after another.  This campaign ran for 4 weeks long and was in one bus shelter in Bratislava.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]HsSWrPQ21oI[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux One World

Peroni cinema billboard

Posterscope, MPG Media Contacts and The Bank created the spectacular ‘Cinema Peroni’, a real cinema open to the public for two weeks at a JCDecaux’s Old Street poster site in London.  Measuring 8 x 6 metres, ‘Cinema Peroni’ seated 20 people in cinema-style  blue seats with a specially commissioned film projected onto a billboard. The cinema was flanked by two other billboards which were fitted with a giant silver reel, spooling blue film.

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