The Salford Arch…coming soon to Manchester

As part of the newly formed The Gateways that launches soon, The Salford Arch – an iconic digital superstructure that stretches across one of Manchester’s busiest arterial routes – will be going live this September.
Showcasing its strong presence in Manchester, JCDecaux has created a CGI video to demonstrate how The Salford Arch will provide a powerful addition to its unprecedented Digital Roadside portfolio in the city. The film takes you on a trip along Manchester’s key arterial roads, bringing to life iconic The Trafford ArchThe Trafford Tower and The Salford Arch.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]gjet7XP_XX4[/youtube]
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JCDecaux ATA wins Madinah airport advertising contract

JCDecaux has announced that its subsidiary JCDecaux ATA has won the advertising contract for the new Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport (PMIA) in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
This agreement has been reached with Tibah (consortium between TAV Airports, Saudi Oger and Al Rajhi) which operates the new Madinah airport. The exclusive 10-year contract includes all indoor and outdoor advertising solutions.
As part of this contract, JCDecaux ATA will install iconic structures on the Access Road, networks of pole mounted digital screens, premium static displays, offer passenger jet bridges and implement activation opportunities.
With the signing of this contract, JCDecaux ATA maintains its exclusivity over the airport territory within Saudi Arabia after having won the rights to the country’s 26 airports in 2010. The current airport in Madinah catered to 5.7 million passengers in 2014 (up 22 percent compared to 2013) and is the fourth busiest airport nationwide, while the new PMIA will have a capacity of 8 million passengers.
Madinah is home to the second holiest site in Islam and was searching for state-of-the-art facility upgrades for its ever-growing number of pilgrims, especially during the Ramadan and Hajj periods. This project is indicative of the kingdom’s ongoing efforts to modernize infrastructure and is the first major airport to be delivered as part of this process.
Dr Sani Şener, CEO of TAV Airports, said: “It is fundamental for both the city and gateway of Madinah to offer passengers with modern facilities worthy of this holy city. Advertising is an important component of such change. We are pleased to continue JCDecaux’s agreement with PMIA and look forward to innovative advertising solutions and services which will enhance the passenger experience.”
Jean-Charles Decaux, Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “We are very pleased that the new Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport has chosen the outdoor advertising expertise of JCDecaux ATA. As No.1 in airport advertising in Saudi Arabia, it is exciting to be part of the country’s infrastructural evolution. The new PMIA will showcase our capacity to transform the airport environment with innovative and premium communication offers, optimising visibility for our clients. This is further recognition of JCDecaux’s expertise in creating tailored solutions for airports.”  – TradeArabia News Service.
Source: TradeArabia

JCDecaux rumoured to be set to win £500m TfL contract

It is rumoured that Transport for London is set to appoint JCDecaux to handle the £500 million business for its street furniture.
Sources said TfL has selected JCDecaux as its preferred partner but that the decision is subject to a ten-day standstill period. That period is expected to conclude by 20 July, after which a formal appointment will be made.
Clear Channel UK has held the business since 2005 and maintains more than 30,000 bus shelters and bus-stops in London. As part of the agreement, it sells advertising on 5,000 sites.
A spokesman for the company said: “In the spirit of partnership, we will not comment on the decision until TfL makes a public statement on the outcome.”
JCDecaux and TfL declined to comment.
In a separate process, TfL is tendering the contract to sell advertising on the London Underground. Exterion Media, the incumbent, is facing competition from JCDecaux and Clear Channel.
To see the full story as reported by Maisie McCabe click Campaignlive

Stella Artois brings to life view of Wimbledon perfectionist, Rufus the Hawk

Stella Artois offered tennis fans aerial view of Wimbledon, with 360° and oculus rift technology
To mark its role as the official beer of The Championships Wimbledon, Stella Artois created the ultimate experience for tennis and beer fans alike, which launched to coincide with the start of the nation’s favourite tennis tournament.
Taking inspiration from its new TV commercial starring legendary character Rufus the Hawk, who skilfully protects the perfect courts year after year, Stella Artois brought tennis enthusiasts an unprecedented Rufus-like view of the famous All England Lawn Tennis Club.
Using Oculus Rift and immersive 360° technology, Stella Artois created a series of ways for people to experience one of SW London’s most famous and celebrated views for a full multi-sensorial experience not to be missed as tennis fever grips the country.
One of these was a fully immersive and unusual Wimbledon experience at London Waterloo station where commuters could take part in the Stella Artois Perfect Flight experience.  The pop-up simulator allowed participants to fly like Rufus as they wore headphones and goggles for a fully 360°, multi-sensorial view of Wimbledon’s most famous sights, like the legendary feathered character himself.Captured using cutting-edge drone technology, ‘The Perfect Flight’ experience promised to make participants feel as though they’re spanning their wings and flying over the historic grass courts, past the jubilant crowds, and weaving in and out of some of the greatest tennis matches ever played.
The campaign was created by Posterscope, Vizeum and JCDecaux
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#NoIfsNoBots: Outdoor Wins Battle of Big Media at Media360

Spencer Berwin, Managing Director – Sales at JCDecaux, the UK’s leading Outdoor advertising company, topped the Media360 audience poll of seven panellists who championed their respective channels.
Demonstrating how Outdoor advertising is the new smart medium for 2015, Spencer Berwin said: “Outdoor is so smart that it reaches 98 per cent of the UK population every week. That’s more than TV. It reaches 1.5 billion eyeballs every day. That’s bigger than the population of China.
“All of those eyeballs are delivering 100 per cent above the fold. It’s the real deal. Even better than that, there are no ifs and certainly, absolutely no buts. What you see is what you get.
“And out-of-home is the new smart medium for 2015. It’s been used by brands for generations. Right now, they’re still talking and singing about it for 2015. It keeps on working. Because digital out-of-home delivers in buckets what brands want: fame.”
Find out more about how Spencer Berwin championed Outdoor as the #NoIfsNoBots medium in this video.

FANTA’s Instagram-powered photo booth captures iconic orange taste

FANTA’s playful new Out-of-Home campaign has transformed a JCDecaux Innovate panel into an exciting media first – a unique Instagram-powered photo booth and instant selfie printer.
The snappy concept – created in partnership between Coca-Cola South Pacific, JCDecaux, UM and Ogilvy & Mather is a media first in Australia and was launched as part of the #FantaTastesLike campaign.
The custom built panel features a backdrop of playful characters and a riot of orange colour inspired by the taste of FANTA’s iconic flavour. Passers-by are encouraged to snap a selfie against the regularly changing bubbly backdrop using their smartphone – and to share their image on Instagram via #FantaTastesLike. By checking into the “Fanta Printergram”, participants instantly receive a high quality branded 6×4 print out of their selfie, direct from the panel.
“It’s fantastic to work with partners who continually push the boundaries of the Out-of-Home format, said Essie Wake, Marketing Director – JCDecaux Australia. “FANTA’s campaign uses the latest in socially driven instant printing technology to deliver a two way conversation that is playful and rewarding. We are excited to be at the forefront of making this technology accessible to brands.’’
Danni Robinson, Innovate Operations Manager – JCDecaux Australia said: “Integrating printing technology into our Innovate panels is a first for JCDecaux and the Australian media landscape. We are truly excited to be partnering with Coca-Cola South Pacific to deliver this ground breaking campaign.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]YTaL910Z-NY[/youtube]
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Emirates targets Heathrow Airport passengers with spectacular OOH site

April 27th 2015: As part of its ‘Hello Tomorrow’ global marketing campaign, Emirates is strengthening its already dominant presence at Heathrow with the launch of a special-build campaign with JCDecaux Airport on the iconic Central Terminal Area Welcome Site.
Occupying the gateway to one of the world’s busiest hubs, the 37.2m by 3.8m illuminated location spans the width of Heathrow’s entrance roundabout, is visible from over 500 metres away, and provides the first brand message for 100% of vehicular traffic as it enters Heathrow from the M4.
Emirates’ creative execution promotes the airlines’ Airbus A380 planes and underlines its position as an enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences with the strapline: “Your remarkable journey begins here. Experience the Emirates A380”. In an innovative twist, the special build is designed so that the image of the plane appears to fly off the billboard.
The long-term campaign was planned and booked with JCDecaux Airport by Havas and Posterscope’s international division PSI.
Alan Sullivan, Managing Director of JCDecaux Airport, said: “We are delighted that Emirates has seized the opportunity to ‘own’ Heathrow’s most famous landmark site with a special-build campaign that showcases the unmissable branding potential of this classic Out-of-Home location.”
Natasha Murray, Managing Director at Havas said, “We are absolutely delighted to have secured the iconic Heathrow Welcome Site. This is a prominent site within an excellent location and provides Emirates the opportunity to speak to those travelling through the World’s busiest hubs”.
Robin Hall, Managing Director at PSI, said: “The site is ideal, passengers have a heightened sense of excitement and awareness arriving at the airport. Emirates have created an ownership of that point of the journey, using great creative in an iconic location.”
Jonathan Coen, Retail Director at Heathrow, said: “As the UK’s hub airport, Heathrow sees 73 million passengers pass through its doors every year. This site is a perfect spot for Emirates and we’re delighted with the creative.”
Emirates’ campaign complements its other long-term locations with JCDecaux Airport in the interior and exterior of the airport, including: the new TTS (Train Transit System) location that leads passengers towards Terminal 5’s satellite terminals, and the iconic branded A380 plane situated on the Central Terminal Area roundabout, targeting all vehicular traffic travelling to Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

Coke brings some cool summer colour to Oz

Despite being one of the most well-known brands in the world, Coca-Cola wanted to drive the knowledge and popularity of their global brand in an increasingly hard to reach youth market. To engage this audience and get them talking, drastic changes to the original can were made — the cans shrunk to a smaller 250 ml size and became available in six new colours.
Through social media and the use of the #colouryoursummer hashtag, the changes to the brand were shared and drove momentum behind the word-of-mouth campaign.
To promote this campaign UM, Coca-Cola and JCDecaux teamed up to create a first in Australian OOH with a Digital, Fridge Dispenser all in one panel. The multiplatform approach played into the social media hype by the use of a hashtag #colouryoursummer.
By heading up to one of the Innovate panels located in multiple locations across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, the digital screen engaged by asking the audience to interact and rotate the colourful cans located on the screen — the reward was an ice cold Coke in one of the new smaller-sized cans.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]U12KJQ15zHU[/youtube]
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JCDecaux reveals new 6-sheets in Hammersmith

JCDecaux has strengthened its London 6-sheet portfolio with three new ST6 locations in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The new premium locations reach affluent consumers in and around the busy shopping district and commuters near the Hammersmith underground station (District and Piccadilly) which is situated in the Broadway Shopping Centre.
Along with the locations that launched in Kensington & Chelsea last year, these new locations have been developed as part of JCDecaux’s long-term partnership with BT, which has transformed selected BT kiosks into free-standing products that combine a public payphone on one side with a high-quality scrolling 6-sheet on the other.

JCDecaux invests in premium sites in Liverpool

After having recently launched the City of Edinburgh, JCDecaux’s next city focus is in Liverpool where brands are set to benefit from new premium Out-of-Home communications that will enhance JCDecaux’s dominant presence within this key UK city. JCDecaux has invested in large format assets in and around the city centre, including six new Première locations on key city routes: Scotland Road, King Edward Street and Erskine Street. Enhancing JCDecaux’s digital 6-sheet presence, Liverpool Lime Street’s Transvision is set to be upgraded later this year and a brand new high-profile M-Vision will be unveiled in Liverpool ONE this May. Liverpool is the 4th largest city in Britain (CACI) and is home to 50,000 students. Home to some of the UK’s hottest exports, including: The Beatles and Liverpool F.C, Liverpool is the 5th most visited UK city and has a 1.8 billion retail spend (CACI).
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