Public invited to experience isolation of cancer sufferers in Macmillan campaign

The ‘Isolation Box’ is part of the Macmillan Cancer Support ‘Not Alone’ campaign to raise awareness of the isolation felt by cancer sufferers.

Following on from the hugely effective installation “I am not the Cancer” which was an exploration of three women living with secondary breast cancer, comes Macmillan Cancer Support’s “Isolation Box”. Situated on Paddington Station last week, it allowed people another way to experience the loneliness that can follow a cancer diagnosis.
Standing in the box, unable to see anything but your own reflection in the glass – yet knowing that you are on full view to those outside – and listening on headphones to the personal experiences of four cancer survivors, the experience mimics the desolate feeling that is isolation. Research shows that, for some cancer patients, withdrawal into the world of loneliness can be so bad that meals are not eaten and medical appointments are missed – with the obvious detrimental results.
It was the number of people in this situation – 550,000 people (22% of those living with cancer) – revealed by Macmillan/Ipsos MORI research that inspired Macmillan’s “Not Alone” campaign.
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Via: The Telegragh