Kellogg’s UK launched a dynamic tweet to screen campaign #Strengthis

Kellogg’s has re-branded their Special K cereal line to be more aligned to today’s dietary requirements and become ‘more relevant’ to women, with new messaging focusing of the inner strength of woman and what is required to get them through today’s busy life.
To launch the re-brand, two events were created, one in La Defence in Paris and the second in London’s Waterloo Station. Each event ran for four days and consisted of many exciting elements for those passing through the locations, including an experiential activation where samples of the Special K flavours were distributed and people could get a photo in a designated Instagram booth. Brand ambassadors were tasked with the job of conveying the new brand positioning, and encouraging woman to tweet in their definition of ‘strength’ to a campaign specific hashtag. These tweets were then displayed on digital screens in both locations using the Liveposter platform and appeared on white boards being held by Special K ambassadors, including Katie Piper and Lisa Faulkner.
A photographer was on site to take photos of each displayed individual tweet, to tweet back to the user and personally thank them for taking part in the campaign.
The campaign was planned and executed by Carat UK, Isobar UK, Posterscope UK, Posterscope France, MKTG UK and MKTG France.

psLIVE and Isobar hit Brighton with the Kellogg's Squares Videobooth

Kellogg’s Squares are targeting a slightly older brand audience and have also become the sponsor of the anarchic quiz show celebrity juice. To promote this, psLIVE and Isobar and hit Brighton during the comedy festival earlier this month with their Kellogg’s Squares videobooth.
People were invited into the booth to take part in one of five Celebrity Juice challenges that were set around getting the bars out of their wrapper. The challenges were streamed live onto a large screen outside. When the challenge was completed, participants were judged on their performance by passersby using our clap-o-metre.