FANTA’s Instagram-powered photo booth captures iconic orange taste

FANTA’s playful new Out-of-Home campaign has transformed a JCDecaux Innovate panel into an exciting media first – a unique Instagram-powered photo booth and instant selfie printer.
The snappy concept – created in partnership between Coca-Cola South Pacific, JCDecaux, UM and Ogilvy & Mather is a media first in Australia and was launched as part of the #FantaTastesLike campaign.
The custom built panel features a backdrop of playful characters and a riot of orange colour inspired by the taste of FANTA’s iconic flavour. Passers-by are encouraged to snap a selfie against the regularly changing bubbly backdrop using their smartphone – and to share their image on Instagram via #FantaTastesLike. By checking into the “Fanta Printergram”, participants instantly receive a high quality branded 6×4 print out of their selfie, direct from the panel.
“It’s fantastic to work with partners who continually push the boundaries of the Out-of-Home format, said Essie Wake, Marketing Director – JCDecaux Australia. “FANTA’s campaign uses the latest in socially driven instant printing technology to deliver a two way conversation that is playful and rewarding. We are excited to be at the forefront of making this technology accessible to brands.’’
Danni Robinson, Innovate Operations Manager – JCDecaux Australia said: “Integrating printing technology into our Innovate panels is a first for JCDecaux and the Australian media landscape. We are truly excited to be partnering with Coca-Cola South Pacific to deliver this ground breaking campaign.”
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Via: JCDecaux

Carlsberg Turned Bar Taps into Controllers for an Interactive In-Pub Game

Taking inspiration from bars being hubs for social activity, Carlsberg created beer taps that were able to bring people together in another way. Customers were encouraged to take photos of themselves and post them to Instagram with the #BarBandits tag, which was connected to a TV screen hosting a game in the bar.
Each time the Carlsberg beer tap was used, it acted like the arm of a lottery machine, setting off an animation on screen to have three identical Instagram photos show up on the screen of the TV. When three matching photos showed up on-screen, the Instagram user was able to claim a free Carlsberg beer at the bar. Naturally, with more people in the bar taking pictures, the chances of winning get slimmer, but it’d still be fun to play.
The campaign was created by Danish agency Konstellation
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Via: Trendhunter

Caribou Coffee Builds Five-Story-Tall Pinterest Board at the Mall of America

Caribou Coffee, whose previous out-of-home ad stunts have included heated bus shelters in Minneapolis, is back with another special campaign—a giant, five-story-tall Pinterest board built at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.
Caribou used pinned images from fans as inspiration for its new Real Inspiration Blend variety of coffee. That sounds like a stretch, but the giant Pinterest board is pretty impressive. It includes two large screens that feature inspiring photos from fans on Instagram and Twitter that are tagged with the hashtag #CaribouInspires.
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Via: AdWeek