For BUT, France’s answer to IKEA,  psLIVE France created  THE KITCHEN BATTLE WITH FRIENDS – a 10 hour cooking competition that took place on the street, in the heart of Paris. The activation, which followed a 3-week recruitment drive, resulted in over 80,000 followers on their dedicated website as well as coverage on M6 TV Channel in their program 100% MAG, the evening of the event

Ikea's Amazing RGB Billboard Makes the Most of Limited Space

German ad agency Thjnk and production studio I Made This teamed up to create Ikea’s “RGB billboard,” which—much like Ikea furniture itself—makes the most of some very limited space.
The board features three different headlines superimposed on each other in different colors—cyan, magenta and yellow. At night, the board shines red, green and blue (RGB) lightbulbs on the board, revealing, in turn, the different headlines. Red bulbs illuminate the cyan text; green lights up magenta; and the blue-purple lights make yellow visible.
And that’s how you turn nine square meters of ad space into 27 square meters.
It’s a delightful little visual trick that embodies Ikea’s space-saving message. Now, if only it worked a little better during the day…
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]DzmTv3DruQ4[/youtube]
Via: AdWeek

IKEA poster uses own range of light bulbs

IKEA modified 6 sheet sites around Vienna by swapping their regular neon tubes with IKEA’s new range of LED lights demonstrating that IKEA can turn the ‘ordinary into the extraordinary’.
Via: bestadsontv

IKEA creates pop-up Apartment in Paris Metro

Commuters in Paris were given a glimpse into the daily routine of five Parisians who lived in an IKEA ‘apartment’ in the Auber Metro station for six days, to highlight that IKEA furniture is compatible with small spaces.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]6AQvDKu4_8Q[/youtube]

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