New ‘Rings’ horror movie PR stunt scares unsuspecting shoppers

If any of you have seen the original ‘The Ring’ movie, there’ll have been that one scene that stuck with you.
To promote horror sequel ‘Rings’, the team behind this memorable ‘Carrie’ stunt in 2013 have gone back to their prank-y ways, using that scene as the basis for this new stunt.
The set-up is simple. After being given a bit of sales patter, potential customers  in a New York City electronics shop were left alone by an assistant. There’s also a ‘win a free TV, today only!’ sign on the wall that looks like it might have been used to entice people in.
The same actress who played the terrifying little girl then came crawling out of a hidden compartment behind a TV’s screen, scaring unsuspecting shoppers.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]WcuRPzB4RNc[/youtube]
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Horror fans locked in room with 'ghost' at exclusive book reading

To coincide with the launch of her new book Thin Air earlier this month, author Michelle Paver decided to prank an unsuspecting audience of horror fans at publisher Orion’s office.
At an exclusive reading, Michelle brought the mountaineering ghost in her book to life, causing something of a panic… especially when the guests realised the door was locked.
A leading theatrical director used special effects to film a ‘ghost’ actor in the adjacent room, projecting him into the audience in real-time.
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Hilarious Prank Ad Shows Eye-Popping Ouija Board Psychic Terrorizing New Yorkers

New York City-based viral marketing agency Thinkmodo, who previously terrorized New Yorkers with the scarily good ‘Devil Baby’ and telekinetic coffee shop prankvertisements, is back with another hilariously sadistic stunt.
In the ad, a bunch of unsuspecting patrons lured by the prospect of a free reading consult an ouija board psychic.
As the psychic reads out letters, she suddenly pops her eyes out of her skull and yells at them to run, startling them and making them scream.
As if that wasn’t scary enough, the poor customers get another shock when a “dead body” rises from the floorboards and starts flailing around.
The ad was created to promote the upcoming horror movie Ouija, and their reactions were captured on hidden cameras.
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