AIDS Concern Hong Kong: Can You Smell the Prejudice?

AIDS Concern Hong Kong conducted a small experiment with coffee. They created a mobile coffee bar that gave away free coffee to anyone who wanted one. The catch? It was prepared by individuals who are HIV positive. They made it very clear that it was free coffee made by people with AIDS.
The video shoes the prejudice that people with AIDS often face. AIDS Concern Hong Kong created this small experiment to bring awareness to the prejudice these people face. So, would you accept free coffee from a person who is HIV positive?
Video here:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]NwZku8TBLG4[/youtube]
Via: Creative Guerrilla Marketing

“Take your photo here and reveal time”

Grupo Vhiver, an AIDS NGO in Brazil, used a photo booth to promote awareness of the challenges faced by people living with HIV/AIDS in the lead up to World AIDS Day. After posing for their free photos, customers received the photographs showing only the background curtain with the message “Invisible: That’s how HIV positive people feel every day”.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]-Rii026HZlQ[/youtube]