The warmest ad in the world

Cheil Worldwide has created an advertisement for Uniqlo that not only promotes its heat-generating thermal wear, HEATTECH, but actually keeps people warm.
Last winter, Cheil launched HEAT TECH WINDOW campaign to offer real warmth to consumers in severely cold weather. HEAT TECH WINDOW uses bubble wrap, commonly used for packaging fragile items. Its layer of air-filled hemispheres blocks the heat conduction between indoor and outdoor, thus raising the room temperature. Just by attaching the HEAT TECH WINDOW to the window, the temperature of the room rises by 2-3°C (3.6-5.4°F). This saves an average of 20% on heating costs.
With the HEATTECH printed on each, and the size to fit regular window sizes in Korea, 500,000 HEAT TECH WINDOWs were handed out to consumers for free via all 189 Uniqlo stores in Korea with each purchase of a HEATTECH product.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]XMjxwiPXR1w[/youtube]
Via: Best Ads on TV