Giant Monopoly Board Lands in Trafalgar Square

To celebrate the London Games Festival, a 15m²Monopoly board installation, called ‘Monopoly at the Square’ turned up in Trafalgar Square during the weekend (2nd/3rd April).
The board had all of the usual Monopoly components, with dice and playing pieces, however the giant board showcased a chronological history of video games in the UK. Highlights included the home computer boom in the 1980’s and the rise of virtual reality in the 2010’s.
Members of the public were invited to complete a round of the board to learn more about key figures and dates in the gaming industry.
Michael French, director, London Games Festival said: “The idea behind the giant Monopoly board in Trafalgar Square was to recreate a game that everybody relates to and loves in one of the most iconic areas of London, highlighting the launch of London Games Festival in the most visual fun and interactive way.
“The game board was updated to represent and celebrate the history of the British video games industry. People of all ages came along to enjoy a beautiful spring day in the capital and have a bit of fun and pose for photos on the board.”
The London Games Festival is taking place from 1-10 April, and is to include a total of 15 events.
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Game of Thrones season 4: White Walkers invade Britain but are they coming for you?

They’re the creatures that have terrified fans of Game of Thrones for years and now the White Walkers are invading London.
People across the capital were confronted by the monstrous 7ft ice giant as it did normal things like get on a bus, walk the streets and stand in the middle of a tube carriage like the world’s worst commuter.
Game-of-Thrones-White-Walker-in-London (1)
Not content with stealing babies and turning them into the next generation of White Walkers, they’re now taking over the British transport system. Where’s Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons when you need her?
Game-of-Thrones-White-Walker-in-London (5)
Luckily for Britain, these aren’t real White Walkers, they’re just large men dressed up as them to mark the digital release of Game of Thrones season four which ended its run this week on Sky Atlantic.
Game of Thrones will return to screens in spring 2015
Source: Daily Mirror