Flying hammock stunt for Natakhtari Light beer tells a whole nation to 'lighten up'

Natakhtari Brewery has just introduced a new light beer in Georgia – a country with one of the lowest ranks on the world happiness index (125th place out of 155). For the last few years, economic crisis, and a strained political climate have been making everyday news headlines more and more stressful for Georgians.
Challenge: In this negative climate, how can we inspire an entire nation to take it easy and chill out?
Idea: We simply set an uplifting example for everyone to see.
We decided to stage a public stunt to engage an entire country and help people cheer up a bit. A man in a hammock, engineered to relax and sip on a beer, is a true Georgian symbol of having no worries. And in order to give it increase our brand awareness, we hung it on a drone for all to see.
Bystanders thought the stunt was for real and started taking videos and photos. By the next morning a video shot by one of the eyewitnesses was already a global sensation, giving the Georgian media a cheerful story to cover.
The flying hammock is still in the air to promote Natakhtari light and remind Georgians to lighten up.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]O4qELMc9UPw[/youtube]
Via: Leavingstone