Layton’s Mystery Journey appears at Waterloo Station

To promote the launch on mobile of “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy”, the newest puzzle video game from the Professor Layton series of strategic mystery games, MKTG created an interactive experience at Waterloo Station.
LaytoLL - Waterloo -5259 1n’s Mystery Journey Waterloo activity is a giant puzzle installation that is part of a ‘Real World Puzzle Solving’ campaign which is taking place across 10 countries across the globe kicking off in Japan on 20th June.  The UK activity, named ‘Full to the Brim’, took place at London Waterloo station for four days from Thursday 20th July to Sunday 23rd July 2017 and featured over 700 stencilled top hats toppling out of a doorway. In amidst the cascade of hats, 4 mystery hats were placed with letters that corresponded with the answer to the puzzle.  Commuters and members of the public were given the opportunity to participate in an instant prize draw by solving the puzzle and sharing their answer on Layton.World, or by simply sharing a photo of the activation online to win an on the spot prize of either a £25 Google Play or iTunes Gift Card
The activity is part of a multi-channel campaign, with a website launched on June 20th (httpss:// The website will remain live for a period of 3 months. Over the course of this period, 50 puzzles will be made available to players worldwide to solve, with participants that solve all 50 puzzles online entered into a fantastic grand prize draw.
The App version of the game, available on iOS and Android, was released worldwide on the 20th July and the UK activity was produced to tie in with the launch. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game will be released early autumn (October).

Posterscope Outdoor Campaign for DOOM Targets Gamers via Twitter

A highly sophisticated outdoor advertising campaign for new video game DOOM is using multiple data sources, including Twitter, to target gaming audiences. Posterscope and Target Media’s campaign for the game – a reboot of the popular 90s first person shooter franchise – identifies relevant Twitter conversations, retail history and out-of-home (OOH) planning data via ROUTE to identify the hotspots in which ads will best reach the target audience of gamers.
The multiple data sources used to plan the campaign are:

  • ROUTE: Using the OOH data available through ROUTE in conjunction with Posterscope’s proprietary app Planner, Posterscope is identifying the areas most likely to reach the broad target audience of males aged 18-34
  • RETAIL: Working with CACI, Posterscope is planning the campaign based on retail data, mapping posters against relevant data along with information on individuals who have purchased a video game at some point within the past 12 months
  • TWITTER: Posterscope and its partner Locomizer are listening to conversations on Twitter that are relevant to a gaming audience, and mapping these across its OOH network to identify hotspots and plan the best places for posters to reach this audience
  • FOLLOWERS: Posterscope and Locomizer are also mapping the campaign posters by identifying Twitter users who follow accounts relevant to the target audience, including @TheLadBible, @Unilad, @IGN and @GamesRadar

The OOH campaign itself is being amplified with geo-targeted mobile display ads via Posterscope’s partnership with xAd to deliver dynamic content such as a game trailer to target gamers’ mobile devices. These trailers drive footfall to nearby stores, and encourage recipients to share the trailers via social media.
The trailer being served to mobile audiences alongside the OOH campaign is embeddable and available here:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]KSZ4tSoumNk[/youtube]
Daniel Carey, business director at Posterscope, ““The campaign for this iconic, cult-classic game continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the OOH space. By putting social, mobile, behavioural and transactional data at its core, and by using some of the most advanced tools available for OOH planning, this campaign for DOOM will reach key audiences in relevant locations and at relevant times to directly influence purchase, awareness and social conversations”.
DOOM is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC from 13th May 2016.

Brilliant ‘Real Life HITMAN’ Campaign Unveiled

The production team behind Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette Version), Realm Pictures, were contacted by IO-Interactive and asked if they would like to make a real-life version of HITMAN, to promote the newest installment in the Agent 47 video game series.
As mentioned on Kotaku, the main character ‘could steal clothes, move objects and attack people inside, depending on the orders given by the participants, who were following the character’s movements remotely’.
video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]4KXJM_KJDc8[/youtube]
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Xbox "Rise of the Tomb Raider: survival billboard"

To celebrate the launch of Tomb Raider Posterscope, in collaboration with the creative agency M:United and PR agency Edelman, did something quite crazy.
A few weeks ago we ran ads containing purely Terms & (Horrible) Conditions on Outdoor (in gyms and student unions) and digital billboards. These directed people through to the Survival Billboard website where people were able to solve a tricky capture puzzle and provide reasons why they deserve to face the Billboard.
We had towards 2,000 applicants, which were then narrowed down to 8 specially chosen people with varying characteristics.
From 1pm on the 12th November, we put 8 contestants up there and we started to fire varying degrees of wind, rain, snow and heat at them for up to 24hours which was controlled by the public through a voting system. What’s more this it was all live streamed to the internet on , it was also streamed to the Birmingham Eyes, Manchester Printworks digital OOH screens.

Bethesda uses social behaviour to optimise Fallout 4 game OOH campaign

Posterscope and Target Media, working with Locomizer and Clear Channel UK, have developed a pioneering Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game release, using social tracking on Twitter to influence the distribution of their OOH communications.
The campaign, which is the first of its kind for a gaming client in the UK, sees Posterscope integrate Planner – its audience optimisation tool – with Locomizer’s audience discovery engine, to deliver hyper-targeted advertising.  The discovery engine uses geo-behavioural user-interest profiling technology to understand where and how audiences interact in the social space, highlighting key hotspots around the UK where consumers are engaging in relevant conversations for Bethesda’s gaming audience whilst out of home.
Using this social geo-behavioural data, Posterscope has been able to work closely with Clear Channel UK to optimise the distribution of the broadcast element of their campaign, overlaying Locomizer’s social hot spots with OOH sites through Planner. This unique approach of micro-targeting the gaming audience will ensure that, in addition to the awareness and standout that a multi format and multi environment campaign will deliver, opportunities to achieve engagement out of home and drive further consideration in social media are increased.
Dan Carey, business director at Posterscope, said: “This is a fantastic evolution of data-driven behavioural targeting, and we are excited to be putting it into action for Bethesda. The Locomizer platform offers a unique opportunity to target consumers out of home which, by giving us an understanding of social behaviour, will give brands the potential to influence consumer’s actions in both the physical and online space”.
Tom Wallace, AD from Target Media, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Posterscope and Clear Channel on such an innovative campaign. Posterscope’s data will enable us to gain increased cut-through and interaction for Bethesda within our key target audience. This is especially important during the pre-Christmas period within the gaming sector, where a number of other competitors are also active in the OOH space.”
Alexei Poliakov from Locomizer said: “We are very proud to be working with Posterscope and Bethesda to deliver this UK-first campaign.

NYC Taxi Wrecked by Giant Axe in World of Warcraft PR Stunt

Earlier this week, a photo stunt promoting World of Warcraft appeared in New York City. The stunt featured a giant axe stuck in a NYC taxi in Times Square to promote the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion.
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Hulk Raises Tower Bridge in Projection PR Stunt

In a swish stunt in London, a 36 ft tall projection of the Hulk ‘raised’ Tower Bridge to ensure safe delivery of the new Disney Infinity video game as it traveled along the Thames in a barge.
Iron Man, Captain America and Thor were also amongst the projected cast of Marvel superheroes ensuring a consignment of Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes traveled through London to reach GAME at Hamley’s toy shop on Regent Street safely.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Vd-SDd6qlXQ[/youtube]
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Hack the Highstreet

For the upcoming release of the new Watch Dogs video game, Ubisoft have released a compelling prank video. A repair man gives members of the public the power to hack into traffic lights, ATMs and luxury cars with just an app on their mobile phone.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]1hpU_Neg1KA[/youtube]
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PlayStation: The Electric Shock Machine

Playstation have created an installation that challenges people to insert their fingers into a machine that shock them, as a stunt to promote the new ‘inFAMOUS: Second Son’ game.
People step right up, insert their fingers into the holes in the machine, before it charges up and starts increasing the shock over 5 long seconds… If you make it all the way, you win the new game! Great stunt for Playstation Belgium, created by TBWA.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Eji43rGByF0[/youtube]
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US Skyscraper Turned into World’s Biggest Gameboy for Tetris Challenge

A group of Tetris fans gave faced the biggest challenge of their lives after a 29-floor tower in Philadelphia was turned into a giant customised screen for rotating blocks.

The Cira Centre made for a natural screen courtesy of hundreds of LED lights embedded in its façade, allowing gamers to manipulate illuminated shapes as they slid down both facades of the tower using a simple joystick.
Designed to mark the 30th anniversary of the hit game and encourage city residents to think about technology the scheme was the brainchild of Frank Lee, digital media professor at Drexel University.
Lee, who holds a Guinness World Record for largest architectural videogame display after performing a similar stunt with Pong last year, said: “This project began as a personal love letter to the games that I loved when I was a child – Pong last year, Tetris this year. But it ended up as a way of uniting the city of Philadelphia.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Qv5_gPhgTfA[/youtube]
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