Tourism Ireland creates 'Doors of Thrones' from trees blown down in filming location

For over 6 years Northern Ireland has been the home to the filming and production of the HBO series Game of Thrones®. It has become a part of Northern Irish culture and it’s landscape.
On January 2016, the Game of Thrones® filming location, and 400-year-old tourist attraction The Dark Hedges, was hit hard by Storm Gertrude.
Over ten weeks, Publicis worked with Tourism Ireland to transform the trees that fell that day into 10 beautifully crafted, bespoke doors that celebrate Northern Ireland’s heritage and craft. Each depicting an episode from Game of Thrones® season 6 and designed to celebrate the country’s connection with the award winning show.
Each week a new door was installed at the beating heart of a Northern Irish community – the local pub of a Game of Thrones® filming location.
Together the doors now form a pub-crawl through season 6 that spans the length and breadth of the country.
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Via: Publicis Ireland

French Alps Transformed into House of Stark Insignia

To promote the new season of hit TV series, Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic enlisted snow artist Simon Beck to create the Stark family’s insignia on the French Alps.
Taking more than 13 hours and 64,800 steps, the artwork shows House of Stark’s wolf insignia and below the show’s famous tagline ‘winter is coming’. If you aren’t a fan of Games of Thrones, the Stark family ruled the chilly north and kept giant wolves as pets – it should make a bit more sense now!
Zai Bennett, director of Sky Atlantic, said: “Set in the alpine snow, having taken over 13 hours and covering 32.5 kilometres, Simon Beck’s amazing Stark sigil from Game of Thrones is the perfect tribute to a truly epic TV show.”
The artwork is truly spectacular and is just one of many PR stunts the network has done to promote the hit series.
The first episode of Games of Thrones season six will be shown on Sky Atlantic at 2am on 25 April – the same time that it airs in the US.
Video below:
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Game of Thrones: Bring Down the King

In a medieval meets modern twist, this installation to promote the new season of Game of Thrones in New Zealand challenges people to tweet #BringDownTheKing that powers a contraption in a town square in New Zealand where a rope tied to a sculpture of King Joffrey, tightens with every tweet… Created by the guys at DDB in Auckland.
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In Sweden, Agency Creates 'Dragonglass Dagger' to Promote 'Game of Thrones'

The Swedish agency JMW Kommunikation has come up with a fun way to drum up publicity for the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones.
Comparing the cold climate of Sweden to the northern areas of the Westeros, the agency installed a dagger made of dragonglass—in case the White Walkers from the TV series happened to pass by.
For the uninitiated, White Walkers are a mythological race of giants that roam the northern regions of the Westeros. They can be killed by weapons made of dragonglass.
This creative installation probably brightened up the cold and dreary days the country experiences during winter—it certainly fires up our imagination and brings the world of the Westeros to life.
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HBO Encourages Game of Thrones Fans to Scale The Wall

Game of Thrones season three has been released on DVD and Blu-ray this week, and HBO has celebrated by encouraging fans to ‘scale The Wall’.

HBO has collaborated with pioneering street artists 3D Joe and Max to create a large-scale pavement art of The Wall – a location in the show guarded by Night’s Watch against the White Walkers (essentially, snow zombies).
The 10m x 7.5m street art in London’s Bishops Square allowed fans to follow take pictures, pretending that they were Jon Snow or a wildling, climbing The Wall.
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