Escape from #Alcatrapped! Norwegian Launches San Francisco Inspired Escape Room

An Alcatraz-inspired escape room has been has been created at Westfield London to promote low-cost airline Norwegian’s new flight route from London Gatwick to Oakland International Airport, San Francisco. The project is the first by MKTG UK, a Dentsu Aegis Network’s experiential global brand, formed by the merger of experience agency psLIVE and Dentsu Aegis Network Sports and Entertainment
From Friday 24 June to Sunday 26 June, the North Atrium of Westfield London will see teams of people challenged to breakout of an Alcatraz-inspired cell within 15 minutes. The seemingly empty cell will be dotted with San Francisco themed tips, clues and puzzles that will have to be solved in order to escape.
Teams who successfully “Escape from being Alcatrapped” will be in for a chance to win tickets on Norwegian’s award winning flights to San Francisco–Oakland and complementary tickets to visit Alcatraz Island.
Shoppers will be directed to the experience by out-of-home (OOH) media within Westfield, managed by MKTG UK’s sister company Posterscope, and a media partnership with Time Out managed by media agency Vizeum.
Michael Brown, managing director of brand experience, MKTG UK, said: “Escapism is a huge motivator for travel; this campaign not only highlights the new flight route offered by Norwegian but draws a tangible line on the theme of escapism. Not only does it challenge shoppers to escape the prison cell itself, but it helps them to imagine escaping the city for a holiday to San Francisco.
“In doing so, we’re bringing to life the exciting travel opportunities that are possible when you book a flight from London Gatwick to Oakland International Airport via Norwegian. It’s a fantastic first for us, which marks not only our work with Norwegian, but also gives the rest of the industry a taste of things to come from future MKTG UK projects.”
Nicole Richards, Marketing Manager, Norwegian UK said: “Escapism is a key motivator for people to travel. The alcatrapped! escape room project provides escapism with a twist whilst highlighting our new route from London Gatwick direct to San Francisco-Oakland from £179 one way.
Participants can enjoy an innovative, immersive experience for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco. We’re thrilled that it’s the first project of the new MKTG UK brand.”

NIVEA Sunslide Educates on the Importance of Sunblock

South Africa has the world’s highest rate of skin cancer. Kids are the most vulnerable. They love playing in the water for hours but hate applying sunscreen.
On South Africa’s most popular beach, we introduced the SunSlide: the most entertaining way for kids to apply water-resistant NIVEA sunblock. One slide is all it takes to be entirely protected. 50 litres of sunblock were used to cover over 100 kids every hour. Families were educated on the importance of applying sunscreen in a memorable way. This experience strengthened NIVEA as the favourite partner for a fun and safe day at the beach.Agency FCB, South Africa
Video below:
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Derren Brown Unleashes Demon in Prank to Promote Ghost Train VR Attraction

Regular readers will know Derren Brown is one of my three favourite famouses in the world. As such, to say I’m excited about his Thorpe Park Ghost Train is an understatement, combining two of my great loves – theme parks and… well, him.
Having already sent creepy Victorian dolls out among members of the public to promote the virtual reality ride, the illusionist has now unleashed a ‘demon-type creature’ – one of a number of characters in the experience’s 10-15 minute story line, apparently in a bid to test reaction to it.
The video below shows the creature terrorising the theme park’s staff, reactions thankfully captured on hidden cameras (usual cynicism as to legit nature of prank reactions applies but STILL).
The demon took special effects and prosthetic artists three months to create, having been designed by Derren for the new attraction.
The new attraction, which has 12 multiple journeys and two endings, will ‘provide a thrilling mix of exhilarating live action sequences, 4D special effects, grand-scale illusions, next generation technology, and physical transit, leaving visitors to question where perception ends and reality begins’.
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LEGOLAND Florida Resort: LEGOLAND Dollars

The Florida market is saturated with iconic theme parks and tourist attractions. Global marketing agency VML wanted to get more international travelers to add LEGOLAND Florida Resort to their vacation plans. LEGOLAND Dollars, a real currency that can be spent at the resort, was introduced on foreign exchange boards at Travelex locations within international airports a place where travelers stop to check the rate for their home country’s currency upon arrival in the USA. The campaign resulted in a 22% increase in park visits, a 21% increase in park revenue, and 48 locations selling out of LEGOLAND Dollars.
Video Below:
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Dancing Traffic Light Man Keeps Everyone Safe and Smiling

The people at Smart have created another installment to their viral campaign and this one involves pedestrian and a dancing red man.
Last July, they positioned a unique traffic light system for pedestrians wanting to cross a major street in Lisbon, Portugal. The traffic light looked like any other traffic light but just before everyone started getting bored of waiting for it to turn green, the red figure starts busting the grooviest moves.
Where does the red man get its groove? From on-the-spot volunteers, of course.
The dancing man light was tethered to a giant mock-up of a traffic light built nearby. The giant installation had a big LED screen outside and the inside housed a set-up that let you choose music and recorded dance moves in real-time. A live video feed also displayed people’s reactions to the dances.
According to the video, the dancing traffic light made 81% more people stop and wait before crossing.
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