Burger King France gifts loyal customer his own restaurant

Sullyvan is one of Burger King France’s most loyal and socially active customers. He frequently visits the Burger King Bordeaux Mérignac outlet, and has posted the most comments on the brand’s Facebook page (637 so far).
To thank him, the brand decided to offer him the biggest gift they could imagine: his own Burger King restaurant. It took 35 workmen and more than one kilometre of material to wrap it in one night.
Inside the restaurant, which is entitled “Home of Sullyvan K.”, everything was changed. He has his own parking spot, his own golden tray, his own table and even his own Whopper packaging. More importantly, he now gets to eat for free at his Burger King for a whole year.
From 19 December, the individual who writes the most comments under Sullyvan’s video will win one year of free Burger King meals. The stunt has already proven popular; there were more than 40,000 comments a few hours after launching.
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Netflix’s Fun Outdoor Campaign Features 100 Movie & Television GIFs

For the launch of Netflix in France, Ogilvy Paris came up with a fun outdoor campaign featuring 100 different GIFs from movies and television shows.
Located at bus stops, train stations and malls, the billboards showed looping videos that “reacted” to current events like sports and the weather.
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IKEA Creates a Fun Vertical Wall-Apartment that You Can Climb

To promote the opening of the 30th IKEA store in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the Swedish furniture giant teamed up with communications agency ubi bene to install a vertical rock climbing wall covered with IKEA furniture.
The nine-meter-tall wall is decorated just like a showroom, except it is fixed in a vertical position. Hand grips and steps are even installed on the artificial wall for rock climbing purposes.
Members of the public are invited to climb the wall, with a safety harness and guidance from a professional, to try out the furniture in a fun and unique way.
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Mini Eiffel Tower Built To Celebrate Iconic Bistro Chairs

A mini-Eiffel Tower has been built to celebrate the joint 125th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower and the famous Parisian ‘bistro’ chairs made by Fermob.
The mini-Eiffel Tower stands 13 metres high and has been built using 324 of the iconic  chairs. The mini-me is located in spitting distance of Gustave Eiffel’s iconic tower on Champ De Mars and has been erected just in time for the busiest period of tourism within the French capital.
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Comptoir des Cotonniers Turns 10,000 Adverts and Bus Stops into Virtual Shops

French fashion retailer Comptoir des Cotonniers is using mobile to launch “10,000 boutiques” across France, turning billboards, bus stops, print adverts and even TV adverts into points of purchase following the adoption of retail app PowaTag.
Comptoir des Cotonniers is dubbing its new marketing push as “Fast Shopping” using the app to scan barcodes on ads or to listen, Shazam-like, to broadcast ads and allow consumers to buy. Shoppers can use PowaTag to scan special tags and buy the latest fashions from Comptoir des Cotonniers anytime, anywhere in single click. After an initial three-minute set up time, purchases can be completed in seconds, with home delivery within 48 hours.
Comptoir des Cotonniers, part of the one of the world’s fastest growing retail groups, Fast Retailing, worked with partners including outdoor advertising specialist JCDecaux, telecom company SFR Régie, transport app provider Uber, and advertising agency Marcel to create the ‘boutiques’, which take the form of everything from posters and bus stops to transport, coffee tables, notebooks and tote bags.
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In Paris, Waste Paper Is ‘Transformed’ Into A Phoenix

A 6-sheet with a slot was placed along l’avenue de l’Opera in Paris, letting passers-by dispose of their waste paper. A new paper sculpture of a phoenix emerged days later.
Using this mythological animal as a metaphor, these two creatives show that recycling is about using your ingenuity to make magic out of seemingly useless objects.
The campaign was for French NGO, Ecofolio, to show the benefits of recycling.
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