Fox Lethal Weapon creates spectacular in Times Square

A new 3-d billboard-video for the Lethal Weapon TV remake was added to the corner of 7th Ave. and 46th St. in Times Square. The advertisement makes it appear as if a car is crashing out of the high-rise building and falling unto another billboard.  The campaign was planned and bought by Posterscope USA.

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Do something good before you become a zombie

You won’t need your organs when you turn into a zombie! For the Walking Dead season premiere, FOX partnered with K2 and created an innovative campaign that will leave you feeling empty.
They decided to do something good before people turn into zombies. They gave out statements of intent to donate your organs before you die (or turn into a zombie). They also organized a 3-day event that took place at Warsaw Central Station where they could learn more about donating their organs, or even take a zombie selfie.
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Penguins of Madagascar Outdoor Campaign sees Penguins Zip Wire across London’s Edgware Road

Film studio 20th Century Fox have launched a bespoke new outdoor campaign for their upcoming animated family movie Penguins of Madagascar. Running from 18th November until 7th December, outdoor activity for the film, which is a spinoff of the wildly successful Madagascar series, includes a major installation at Edgware Road in London featuring characters from the film zip wiring between two Clear Channel billboards.
The installation joins a range of standout outdoor activity being planned and deployed across the country by Posterscope and Vizeum, based on creative adapted by Hoo Ha LTD. The campaign includes static ads across buses and 96 sheet billboards, and digital activity across Waterloo Motion, JCDecaux’s network of digital screens, Transvision and digital escalator panels. Interactive Clear Channel Adshel Live digital posters will also be deployed across the country, which will enable fans to take their photos with characters from the film and share them online via social media.
One of the standout features of the campaign was a very unusual stunt organised by psLIVE, which took place on-board HMS Belfast in late November. This saw some all action Penguins being zipwired from the Fore Mast, across to the Aft Mast, some 200 feet above deck. The Penguins then embarked on a bus tour of London to generate photo bombing opportunities for social media.
Penguins of Madagascar is directed by Simon J. Smith, director of Bee Movie, and Eric Darnell, director of the Madagascar films. Benedict Cumberbatch, John Malkovich and Ken Jeong are among the voices featured in the film. The three films in the Madagascar series have grossed more than $1.8 billion globally, with Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, taking in $747 million worldwide when it was released in 2012.
Leia Reuter, Business Director at Posterscope, said: “Penguins of Madagascar is the latest in the family of the brilliantly entertaining Madagascar films, and is set to be a smash hit with both kids and parents this Christmas. We needed to create a campaign that captured both the fun and cheeky spirit of the film’s characters, in a way that would help get the whole family involved. The special build across Edgware Road provides a completely unique experience that families can’t get anywhere else, while the interactive posters help the whole household to share their fun times.”
“The campaign reflects a growing interest from brands in commissioning special builds and building experiential elements as part of their outdoor campaigns. Brands are coming around to the fact that outdoor media is about creating a lasting impression, and that by providing people with a unique shareable experience, you ensure that’s exactly what you give them.”

Prank Ad Delivers Zombie Scares to Unsuspecting People at a Bus Stop

To promote the fifth season of The Walking Dead television show, Sky Austria and Fox created and installed a digital billboard at a bus stop in Vienna to prank unsuspecting people while they waited.
In the ad, various individuals got a shock when zombies materialized out of nowhere. Understandably freaked out, they screamed and ran away—one man even raised his skateboard in self-defence.
What made the ad so scary was that it was superimposed over the actual street scene, making it look as though the ghoulish creatures were staggering towards them in real life.
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Purchase DVD’s from bus shelters

20th Century Fox, in partnership with HMV, launched their first virtual shop, using 6 sheets featuring QR codes.  Consumers ‘on the go’ simply scan the code to launch, and the selected page, then click and check out, in this campaign created by Vizeum and Posterscope.