adidas Search for the Boss in New Campaign

Since Saturday 13th, psLIVE have been touring the adidas ‘Boss Everyone’ trailer. The tour will be showcasing the new Ace 16 football boots, giving 14-19 year olds the opportunity to try out a pair and put their skills to the test. Each participant will be fed five footballs, fired at them from a football cannon. Hanging from the crossbar of the goal will be two tyres in each corner and a gong in the middle, acting as targets for the players. The activity will be filmed and by the time the players have exchanged their football boots, an edited cut of their performance will be playing on a screen in the trailer. A further 15s edit for them to share on social media will also be whatsapped to them shortly after.  So far, the campaign has been a huge success; psLIVE smashing the KPI of 70 participants per location.

UBet talk to footy fans in their language on digital OOH

Capitalising on the sporting city’s love of the game Posterscope Australia and Carat brought  UBET’s latest campaign to life where they will speak to a broad range of fans via digital outdoor, reflecting on the sporting climate of the moment.

The campaign utilises APN Outdoor’s iconic Young and Jackson Elite Screen that presides over Flinders Street Station opposite Federation Square, one of Melbourne’s sporting spectator hotspots. The messaging and associated imagery, will adapt and change in response to the footy finals series, a milestone in the Melbourne calendar, and subsequently the Spring Racing Carnival commencing shortly afterwards.
Mark Fairhurst, general manager- sales, APN Outdoor commented on the campaign: “UBET’s ability to provide contextually relevant content, in real time, makes this campaign truly attention grabbing. Capitalising on the unique attributes of digital outdoor, amplified by Young and Jackson’s prime position to speak to footy fans on their pilgrimage to the MCG, this campaign is bound to spark conversation about the next sure thing or big upset among Melbourne punters.”
UBET’s campaign is a reflection of the exciting options available in the growing Digital Outdoor space in our capital cities, and the creative flexibility, adaptability and instantaneous options available to elevate a campaign.
Cassandra Thomas-Smith, strategy and insights director at Posterscope commented on the campaign: “APN Outdoor’s Young and Jackson Elite Screen is iconic in Melbourne’s landscape and a perfect platform to communicate with footy and sports fans alike. Through multiple creative executions, we are able to share the most relevant, up to date and rousing message that will encourage fans to get amongst the hype of the footy finals and spring racing seasons.”
Source: B&T

Adidas's lighting spectacular on IMAX

Adidas takes the spotlight on London’s IMAX with an incredible out of home after dark light show designed to mark the launch of its X15 football boot.
Created in house by Adidas with media planning through Carat and Posterscope, the campaign runs exclusively for two weeks on the IMAX, Two Towers West and East and East Face @Westfield London in the run up to the 2015/16 football season which kicks off on August 8th.
Ocean agency sales director Danielle Finch said: “Adidas’s customisation of the IMAX involved the installation of LED ribbon around key parts of the new boot and the “Control Everything” and “Cause Chaos” straplines which are animated to bring these contrasting themes to life.”

Dicos World Cup Fireball

The ‘two-cities, two-screens’ campaign was a real-time interactive game involving customers from Chengdu and Fuzhou who could play against each other as goal keepers and strikers. After the game, participants in the two cities had the chance to take pictures together. They could then receive the picture through the Dicos’ official Wechat account and share it on Wechat Moment.
1,073 people took part in total, with 22 Weibo posts in 6 months, generating interaction with 5000 users, and reaching 730,000 people.

MLS All-Star Game

The world gathered in Portland’s Providence Park for the 2014 Major League Soccer All-Star Game as America’s best faced off against Bayern Munich. But the real star attraction was not the match, but the forty-five foot All-Star Game ball perched on top of the Oregon offices dominating the attending crowd. The enormous Adidas soccer ball loomed large on the Portland skyline and over the stadium, making Adidas the most visible message at the MLS All-Star Game. This campaign was planned by Posterscope USA.

Shell and Pelé Reveal First Soccer Pitch Powered by Players

Shell has refurbished the run-down community football pitch in Morro da Mineira, a Rio de Janeiro favela, with a first-of-its-kind innovative energy solution. Shell has used the technology of a Shell LiveWIRE winner, laying special tiles under the pitch surface to capture the energy generated by football players’ movement. This energy is then stored and combined with the power generated by solar panels next to the pitch to convert into renewable electricity for the pitch’s new floodlights. This gives everyone in the favela, and especially the youngsters, a safe and secure community space at night.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]pLaToJGyxaA[/youtube]
Via: Shell

Welcome to Vanchester

A ‘Welcome to Vanchester’ banner in central Manchester through BlowUp has been installed to greet United’s new manager. In conjunction with Posterscope and the Arena team, Betfair launched the PR stunt without any branding. The banner, emblazoned with the welcome message beneath a picture of the Dutchman, parodies the one put up on Deansgate by City to welcome Carlos Tevez after the former Reds striker defected to the Blues in 2009.
The original, which taunted ‘Welcome to Manchester’ across a picture of the Argentinian celebrating a goal, was paid for by supporters of the Blues and was seen as a swipe at the fact United are based in Trafford rather than Manchester, like City. Fans of the Reds got their own back two years later with a billboard poking fun at Tevez’s rift with Roberto Mancini. The digital poster showed a picture of the player – who had been suspended and was later fined after refusing to come on as a sub in a Champions League match against Bayern Munich – sitting on the bench with the slogan ‘Welcome to Carlos Manchester’.
This new taunt has sparked a tremendous amount of conversation globally. In under 24 hours there have been 8,210 twitter mentions by 7,397 people with an estimated 16.4 million impression spanning across 104 countries. This activity marks the second campaign booked this year with Betfair around tactical messaging as they continue to push the boundaries.

Coca Cola #salyjuega

To capitalise on World Cup fever and leverage Coca Cola’s partnership status as Fifa partner, psLIVE Spain brought the World Cup to the street using branded metro stations, a ‘footballers’ tunnel’, the sound of a cheering crowd and a live event involving an interactive vending machine which challenged the audience to demonstrate their football skills.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]cLsKsh_FuBw[/youtube]

The Football Machine

For the launch of its special Knacki FootBall – small meat balls that look like footballs – Herta placed a vending machine that offers these meat balls for free. But what people didn’t know, was that they had to play a match against the Belgian football legend, Leo Van Der Elst, inside the vending machine. Discover how people reacted when they found out that they had to play in the world’s smallest football stadium.
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Budweiser Reward Trade Partners at Europe’s Biggest Experiential Venue – The IMAX

As part of their World cup activation campaign Budweiser became the first brand to use London’s IMAX as an experiential venue.
Inviting 400 trade partners and competition winners to watch the game on Britain’s largest cinema screen, Budweiser created an atmosphere that was as close to being at San Paulo without getting on a plane. After the result most England fans were probably happy that it was only a tube ride home!
The IMAX is regarded as a world class venue for brands to make world class statements and is now available as a fully integrated experiential location.
The combination of the UK’s number one out of home site, Europe’s largest advertising canvas measuring 1720sqm and the UK’s biggest cinema screen helped make a huge statement to Budweiser customers and a great nights entertainment. The exclusive pouring rights for Budweiser also probably helped ease the pain for the England fans.
The campaign was planned and booked through Vizium and Posterscope.
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Via: Ocean Outdoor