Top Eleven players step into Mourinho's shoes in VR press conference

In a bid to see if football fans have the ability to manage a career defining press conference, Top Eleven, the world’s most played football manager game, has once again enlisted the help of football legend, José Mourinho. This time, the game – which has over 160 million players worldwide – hosted one of the first immersive virtual reality press conferences.
Using the latest VR technology, a prototype was created to put Top Eleven players through their paces as part of a once in a lifetime opportunity. A number of Top Eleven players were selected to experience a star as a top football manager in a high pressure press conference scenario, stepping into the shoes of José Mourinho. In a test of resilience, participants were quizzed on typical football situations that premiership managers, like José, experience whenever they are grilled by the media. The topics ranged from team selection and management style, to reputation and recent wayward behaviour of star players.
Upon removing the masks, the players were surprised by Mourinho himself, who praised them on their answers.
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Brazilian football team uses its jersey numbers to show women's daily sexist challenges

On International Women’s Day 2017, Brazilian football team Cruzeiro displayed the struggles women face – such as rape, murder and pay inequality – on their shirts.
The numbers emblazoned on the back of the historically successful team’s jerseys were accompanied by statistics like “a woman killed every 2 hours”.

Other messages on view in the Brazilian Cup game against Murici included “Salaries 30% lower” and an acknowledgement that only 22% of parliamentarians in the world and 12%  percent of Brazilian mayors are female.

The club, which competes in the top league and won the domestic treble in 2003, launched the campaign – called “#VamosMudarOsNúmeros” or “Let’s Change The Numbers” – in honour of International Women’s Day.
“Women don’t want congratulations. They want respect,” begins the club’s beautiful statement of intent on its website.
“March 8 is, in fact, a symbolic event. It is a day for reflection and awareness. March 8 is not a day of celebration. It is a day to remember that women are still (and very) oppressed. Commemoration will happen when they, in fact, reach their rightful place, which is that of equality.
The move came just days after the Sweden national women’s football team eschewed names to wear messages from women on the back of their shirts instead.
The quotes included the artist Zara Larsson’s “Believe in your damn self” and journalist Frida Soderlund’s “To try is to be successful. The result is secondary as long as you dare”.
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Food at a Peru vs Uruguay football match serves a delicious victory for one team

Through this campaign, Peru tackled two goals: promoting the Peruvian cuisine and winning a football match. Sounds like a strange combination of activities, but in fact it’s not!
Peru wanted to raise awareness of itself as one of the best culinary destinations in the world. During a Peru vs. Uruguay football match, delicious Peruvian dishes, whipped up by top chefs were given to the Uruguayan fans.  As the Uruguayan fans were so distracted by the food, they didn’t cheer (in essence ‘shutting up’) as much as the Peruvian fans did.
Final score? Peru 2, Uruguay 1.
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Leo Messi Guerilla Projection Mapping Runs Through Barcelona

Leo Messi is back in Barcelona sporting his new adizero f50 Messi boots. Adidas recently did some guerilla projection mapping in Barcelona to help spread awareness of the new boot.
The projection mapping animations were displayed in various parts of Barcelona and hopes to capture what playing the Messi way really means and help celebrate his unique affinity with the city he loves.
Projection mapping, also known as video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings. Adidas did a wonderful job taking to the streets and executing on this guerrilla projection mapping campaign.
Video Below:
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Castrol's "The Vuvuliser" Combats Drink Driving

South Africans love soccer. But game days are notoriously big drinking days. Watching a game often means having some beers with friends, going to drink at a bar, or getting festive at the stadium. On game day, we care more about whether our team wins or loses than we care about our own personal safety. As a result, thousands of fans drink and drive every match day.
Over 4500 people die on South African roads every year, that’s more than anywhere else in the world. And the number one cause is drinking and driving.
The easiest way to check if you are over the legal driving limit is with a breathalyser. But no one carries breathalysers around with them. What almost every South African does carry to a soccer game is a vuvuzela. So we created the world’s first vuvuzela that is also a breathalyser.
The Vuvuliser.
Not only does it let you know when you’ve had too much to drink and shouldn’t be driving, it also lets people around you know that you’re over the limit. Even if you think you’re still okay to drive, they will tell you you’re not.
No extra hassle. No extra effort. Just enjoy the game, have some drinks with your friends, blow that Vuvuliser like crazy and get home safely.

Video below:
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Currys PC World Creates Ultimate Home of Football Experience

Computer retailer Currys PC World has created the Ultimate Home of Football (UHoF) in a branded Winnebago.

Kit-out with the best tech from Currys PC World, the Winnebago provides the ‘ultimate home viewing experience’ for fans to watch all the action from the European football tournament.

The Winnebago is currently touring the UK and Republic of Ireland screening all 42 matches. As part of the activation football fans have the chance to own the home for the length of a match for them and nine friends.

The experience has been backed by TV Sports Pundit Chris Kamara, Northern Ireland footballer David Healy, Welsh footballer John Hartson, Republic of Ireland footballer Paul McGrath and Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher. Gallacher will host the England v Slovakia match on Monday, 20 June in London

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adidas – #ACE16 Green Light

adidas’ eye-caching “Boss Everyone” Campaign is continued in out-of-home and there’s no better place to stage adidas new football shoe than urban soccer fields.
Selected hot spots in urban environment illuminated with atmospheric bright-green lights, creating the look of the “Boss Everyone” campaign. With large format projections, the soccer field became interactive playgrounds for the Adidas football community. The projections reacted to balls, bouncing against the wall. An immersive, interactive brand experience that also went viral on social web.

Football Dispensing Vending Machine Powered by Fan's Cheers

Idea from Monroe Peru: To inflate the balls that would be used by the Peruvian team in the matches they’ll play in the qualifying games for the World Cup in Russia 2018, with the fan´s cheers. Execution At the Peruvian Grand National Stadium, hours before the selection plays the qualification match, UMBRO invited fans to inflate balls that that would be used in the match with their cheers. UMBRO´s machine detected the decibels of the cheers, converted them to pounds, which activated a compressor that inflated the balls in real time, which would then be taken directly from the activation to the field.
Video below:
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Heineken's UEFA Countdown

To build excitement and show support around the UEFA Champions League, Heineken have been running a digital countdown to make sure commuters are aware of key match times.
The creative features a bottle of Heineken under stadium spotlights with the message “It’s time to champion the match tonight”. The playing teams are displayed next to a live countdown until the match starts.
The campaign was created by Starcom, Liveposter and Posterscope.
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Heineken's Hilarious Football Prank

Yeah, pranks are a bit passé. But a good one is still plenty entertaining, and this Heineken stunt from Publicis Italy is worth it—because the victim, who awesomely thinks he’s the one being secretive, is so amusing to watch.

The setup is simple: Simone, a huge soccer fan, usually watches UEFA Champions League games with his buddies at home. But suddenly he finds himself in possession of a single ticket to the A.S. Roma-Real Madrid match on Feb. 17.

What should he do? Take the ticket and enjoy the game in person, or stick to tradition and watch at home with his three friends? For Heineken, this is “The Dilemma.”

Unlike some stunts, this one just feels real. And the guy’s reactions are very funny.

“With thousands of people watching, the whole thing was orchestrated around an entirely unaware guy,” one of the Publicis creatives tell us. “One take at Olympic Stadium right before the Roma vs. Real Madrid match, no chance to make the second attempt—and not a single actor, all for real.”

The victim was a good sport about it in the end, even letting the brand share his personalFacebook page as extra proof of the ad’s authenticity.

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