Discover the Colonel's Snapchat secret on high streets

UK Snapchat users will now be able to take a selfie with the almost-mythical founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders, in a campaign blending outdoor, digital and mobile.
The out of home advertising campaign planned and executed by Blue449 and Posterscope, with creative by BBH, sees real world ads feature codes that will unlock a specially-branded KFC filter featuring the colonel.
Representing the first time the snap to unlock feature has been used on OOH sites in the UK, the campaign builds upon KFC’s sponsored Geo-filters.
In addition to the code featuring on OOH buys, KFC packaging will also invite Snapchat users to use the filter – with the app serving as a suitable platform to generate buzz among users.
Joshua Benge, KFC social media manager, said: “Our younger fan base spend a huge amount of their media time on their mobile devices when they are outdoors so we looked to combine the two. This is a fun and engaging way for us to extend our previous in-store Snapchat campaign. By unlocking the secret filter, people can have fun with the Colonel and share the moment with their friends.”
Lewis Starnes of Blue 449 added: “Our Snapchat Geofilters have been a great way to reward and entertain our younger consumers and also enhance the in-restaurant experience. As the OOH format most seen by teens across the UK, our kiosk holding is the perfect vehicle to explode usage of our Colonel selfie filter and surprise and delight youth audiences at scale across the UK.”
“Touchpoints shows us that 99% of smartphone owners use the internet on their phone while OOH during the week, so this campaign taps into current user behaviours.  Moreover we know from our past campaigns and Outsmart research that OOH boosts mobile performance so this campaign will take an interesting look specifically at OOH’s effect on social performance” , Brad Gilbert, strategy Account Director, Posterscope.

Hillshire Snacking introduces the World's Fanciest Vending Machine

To introduce Hillshire Snacking’s new line of premium snacks, VML USA set up a vending machine in a public place. And since Hillshire Snacking is a fancy snack, they decided to fancy up the vending machine too. By adding a butler. A real butler who served up new Hillshire Snacking flavors on a silver platter. Fans stopped, stared and enjoyed new Hillshire Snacking Small Plates which feature a variety of culinary inspired combinations complete with natural meats, flavorful cheeses, premium nuts, and savory crackers. All served from the World’s Fanciest Vending Machine. Because a fancy snack deserves a fancy snacking experience.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]P15JQq7l6Gg[/youtube]
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FCB  Lisbon Encourages Healthy Eating in an Unexpected Way

Eating unhealthy food is easy, it’s usually fast, relatively tasty and pretty cheap. But would you still get that slice if, instead of paying cash, you paid by running three miles? FCB Lisbon in partnership with ADEXO (Portuguese Association of Obese Patients and Former Obese) created “The Moving Food Truck,” the first food truck that charges customers the amount of exercise they’d need to burn off the calories they’re about to eat. The simple and fun idea helps bring attention to what we put in our bodies and how much effort it takes to exercise it off.
Video Below:
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London Burger King Gets Royal Name Change to Honour Queen's 90th Birthday

A central London outlet of Burger King has received a royal makeover fit for a queen.
The Tottenham Court Road branch has been transformed into the Burger Queen for one day only, to celebrate her majesty’s birthday.
To honour Queen Elizabeth’s 90th, the restaurant is also offering customers with the Burger King app a Chicken Royale with small fries for £1.99.
Burger King regional managing director Simon Joseph said: “At Burger King we wanted to celebrate this exciting event, and what better way than with our very own royal makeover transforming the king of the burger into a Burger Queen.
“We hope our Tottenham Court Road guests enjoy this tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
“We congratulate her majesty on her birthday.”
Thousands of people have taken to Twitter to mark the big day, using hashtags #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty and #Queenat90.
South West trains also got in on the act with information boards displaying the message : “Happy Birthday to her Majesty the Queen.”
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Braintree's #AcceptAnything Food Truck Visits East London

Braintree, the mobile and online payment company, will be bringing their #AcceptAnything Food Truck to three locations in East London this week… Pay with a light saber battle, fist pump, or do a cartwheel, whatever you do, they’ll accept it in exchange for a Bistro Box from the infamous Street Kitchen. Why? Because Braintree lets you accept anything: Paypal, Apple pay, cards and whatever’s next. And for one day, they wanted to ask: what if we really did accept anything for payment?
The #AcceptAnything food truck will be in these places:
Central Working Shoreditch: Tuesday 5th April, 12-3pm (6-8 Bonhill St, London EC2A 4BX)
WeWork Moorgate: Wednesday 6th April, 12-3pm (1 Fore St, London EC2Y 5EJ)
Huckletree (ALPHABETA): Friday 8th April, 12-3pm (14-18 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1BR)
This campaign was created by Havas media, psLIVE and Posterscope.

IKEA 'The Instead of Cafe'

IKEA stores tend to be located outside of big cities in Russia. For the first time ever the Swedish brand brought its experience straight into city centers. It launched a unique service called ‘Instead of Cafe’ in Moscow and St. Petersburg to challenge the restaurant experience and prove that IKEA kitchens can easily beat it. Anyone could book one of ten thematic kitchens for any occasion and cook together. The project was so successful that it usually took several minutes for the whole week to be fully booked. Over 60K people visited the project and over 9K got to test drive IKEA kitchens.
Video below:
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Arla Best of Both Paints the Town Yellow!

Red, blue and green are the colours of the bottles of milk in the current market, however, Arla Foods have decided to add one more colour to the supermarket shelves by launching a new milk brand. Best of Both (BOB) tastes as good as semi-skimmed but is as healthy as skimmed. To promote this new product, Carat and Posterscope have ‘Painted the Town Yellow’. From February 29th until  13th March Brighton will be overwhelmed by bright yellow OOH formats including Roadside 48 Sheets, Roadside 6s, Phone Kiosks, T-sides, Supersides, Banners, Lamppost banners, Lamppost wraps, wrapped bus shelters along with some more unusual formats.
London Rd opp Oxford Street Brighton Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd At Norfolk Sq. Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd J.O Castle Street Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd Outside Anglia B. Society Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd Outside Wallis Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Brighton Banner Blow UP

Burger King runs weather activated DOOH campaign

Through analysing 3 years of Burger King ice-cream sales data, it was established that when the temperature reaches 20 degrees this results in an ice cream sales uplift. Utilising the Liveposter platform and a live weather trigger allowed Posterscope to switch copy in real time from a “cold creative” to a “hot creative”. In addition Liveposter also enabled Burger King to display dynamic real time content referencing, for example, the local temperature, the location of each site and reference the time of day.  The campaign ran through July-September across London Digital 6sheets, Roadside 48sheets and Mall D6s.

Oreo Creates Moments of Connection in China

Posterscope China were tasked with increasing the relationship between the Oreo brand and their customers as well as increasing the number of subscribers to Oreo’s official Wechat account.
Interactive screens at bus shelters were the main the format used, leading customers to the Oreo Wechat account by scanning QR codes and getting them to make funny faces. Their faces then appeared on the bus shelter LED screen.
Over 8,400 people interacted with the screens with 5,975 people subscribing to the Wechat account.

McDonald’s Sets Up Huge Lunch Box-Shaped Restaurant to Promote New Items

To ramp up promotional efforts for its new Aussie rump steak wraps and salad, McDonald’s Australia has set up a pop-up restaurant in the shape of a gigantic lunch box.
Covered in its iconic red and yellow colors, the massive pop-up is currently situated at Melbourne, after which it will relocate to Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.
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