This billboard has been spying on the people of Toronto

To promote Oliver Stone’s new move Snowden, about the NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, creative agency DentsuBos, in conjunction with Cieslok Media, created a billboard to spy on pedestrians in Toronto and then livestreamed the footage of their movements onto a giant video board the street.  The billboard, which was timed to appear during the Toronto International film festival where the movie premiered, brought to life the troubling questions on mass surveillance that Snowden’s revelations raised.
“It was interesting seeing people’s reactions” said Jon Friar, creative director at DentsuBos. ” Some felt violated, some terriefied, and some even praised it as the creepiest thing ever.  Funnily, almost all looked around to see if there were other cameras spying on them.  Which in itself is telling.”
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Augmented Reality Extending the Potential of Out-of-Home

In anticipation of the August 19 release of Nine Lives in cinemas and encourage consumer engagement, Posterscope, Exterion Media and MKTG executed a consumer experience that included a competition to win Nine Lives soft-toys, further promoting the film release.
The activation took place in a Pokémon Go hot-spot and Pokémon hunters arrived in multitudes, looking for their latest catch.
Once arriving at the activation site, with Nine Lives branded Mr. Fuzzypants soft toys, movie popcorn and eye-catching OOH creative, participants were welcomed by brand ambassadors.
When they caught their Pokémon, consumers could enter the competition by capturing a photo of their Pokémon with the OOH creative in the background and uploading their photo to Twitter with the hashtag #GOTTACATCHTHECAT
Over 3,000 consumers took part in the activity, with 100 people entering the competition, in an experience that was a fun day out for the whole family.
The determination to catch Pokémon was high, with some participants spending up to half an hour battling Pokémon in the square to win the prize!
Michael Scammell, Deputy Head of Marketing, Lionsgate UK “The Pokémon Go craze has continued to grow and grow, so with this partnership we wanted to stretch the boundaries to explore what this could mean for our OOH and tactical experiential activity promoting our upcoming release of Nine Lives.
“Combining the popular Pokémon game and the charming “Mr Fuzzypants” from Nine Lives provided a stand-out interactive experience for our consumers that allowed us to engage with them on a different level.”
Jason Cotterrell, Managing Director of Exterion Media UK “It’s fantastic to see Lionsgate linking our premium large-format screen at Westfield Stratford to the experiential space underneath – shoppers in an active mind-set weren’t able to miss this brilliant campaign, and they also had the opportunity to catch a Pokémon too!”
Glen Wilson, Managing Director, Posterscope UK “This campaign takes location based marketing to a new level, leveraging the power of location and consumer trends, we have combined DOOH, experiential and the latest consumer mobile behaviour to make for a reactive element to this cinema release campaign.
“We don’t know how long Pokémon Go will remain a popular hit but we knew this weekend was the one to leverage its novelty in the UK. Combining the popularity of this new location-based craze with the reactive capabilities of DOOH, we customised our OOH space – branding the experiential space and adapting the screen copy to incorporate Pokémon-esque language.”

Johnny Depp Surprises Fans as he Dresses up as The Mad Hatter for Interactive Disneyland Billboard

The ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ star sprinkled magic throughout the Happiest Place on Earth ahead of the film’s May 27 nationwide release.

Disneyland visitors got an extra sprinkle of magical fairy dust during their visit to the Southern California amusement park.
In advance of the May 27 nationwide release of Alice Through the Looking Glass, star Johnny Depp surprised Anaheim parkgoers while dressed in his Mad Hatter costume, complete with blue eyeshadow, curly red wig and orange hat.
While looking at what appeared to be digitized mirrors of Depp’s face, patrons throughout the Disney resort watched in amazement as he live-streamed on the billboards in character, both speaking and waving to gathering onlookers in real-time from a nearby studio space.
“Hi! May I fit you for a hat?” Depp is seen asking a young girl. “You have a wonderful cranium. Someone pick her up!” he continues as the young girl is raised close to Depp’s face on the screen.
The Linda Woolverton-written film, helmed by James Bobin, stars an array of A-list actors, including Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska, Matt Lucas, Rhys Ifans, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen.
Video below:
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Angry Birds Get Starring Roles at Madame Tussauds

This morning Madame Tussauds London gave guests an early preview of its first-ever digital experience, which opens this weekend, starring larger-than-life figures of larger-than-life Angry Birds, Red, Chuck and Bomb. Fans get to interact with the stars of the much anticipated The Angry Birds Movie (released on Friday May 13) digitally, with an animated  backdrop bringing to life key moments from the film, as well as physically, with the characters’ colourful new figures.
Developed in close collaboration with Rovio Entertainment and produced for the attraction by leading innovators in brand experiences, ps Live, the experience took six months to create. It will be in London from Saturday May 7 until July, before touring Madame Tussauds attractions worldwide.
“It’s a really exciting time for Madame Tussauds London and we are delighted to partner with Rovio Entertainment on our first digital experience,” commented Edward Fuller, General Manager of Madame Tussauds London. He continued: “The intention was to create a living, breathing space that gives guests a chance to interact with The Angry Birds Movie and the characters in a totally unique and fun way through animation and smart technology. The content will constantly change and guests will contribute to it, taking selfies with Red, Chuck and Bomb’s figures sharing them live. Judging by the reaction from our preview guests today, we think we have a hit on our hands.”
Nine year old, Malachi John, gave the experience a big thumbs up: “I play the Angry Birds games and cannot wait to see the movie. The trailer looks hilarious and the animations here are brilliant. The birds pop out and talk to you and you can put your picture in the backdrop. It’s so fun.”
Malachi’s eight year old friend, Kendra Mei, agreed: “I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s like you get to step into bits of the film. And I love the figures. Red looks so cross! I can’t get my arms round Bomb, but I’m nearly as tall as Chuck!”
Alex Lambeek, Chief Commercial Officer at Rovio Entertainment, commented: “It’s wonderful to be part of an exciting first for Madame Tussauds, which very much reflects Rovio’s mission to bridge the digital and physical worlds and bring the Angry Birds to life in new and stimulating ways. The experience is very playful, very colourful and a lot of fun. Guests get transported into key moments from the movie as the animation plays out around them, and Red, Chuck and Bomb have obviously achieved film star status now, with their own Madame Tussauds figures.”
The figures are modelled on The Angry Birds Movie characters and an artistic team of 20 brought them to life using extensive resource materials from the film to make them as authentic, colourful and angry as possible. Angriest of all is Red, who is portrayed complete with thunderous expression, his trademark thick black eyebrows in full frown.  Beside him is cheeky Chuck, resplendent with bright yellow plumage indulging in one of his favourite hobbies – posing – and in chilled out mode the explosive Bomb, stands at a mighty 6 feet tall (183cm).
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Action Shots for Allegiant go Beyond the Wall

For the third installment in the blockbuster Divergent series franchise, eOne Films ran a promotion in Dundrum Centre with Spin 1038 where people were able to recreate the film poster by participating in a climbing challenge, specifically scaling a vertical wall with a rope. The whole activation was amplified by an outside broadcast of Spin Hits in the Centre. From over 170 pictures posted to Spin’s Facebook page, four winners were selected, which PML then coordinated with Exterion Media to be displayed in rotation on dPods.
Shauna McCafferty of ZenithOptimedia gives some background on the strategy and genesis of the multi-media campaign “We were challenged with Allegiant as the primary target audience is 15-24s and this age group is consuming less and less traditional media. We wanted to target them in a more memorable and engaging way by encouraging sharing of Allegiant content on their own social platforms to influence their friends and peers.”

Batman v Superman: The Battle Begins in Copenhagen

To promote the Premiere week of Batman vs. Superman, Posterscope Denmark created an interactive campaign that enabled passersby to transform into one of the superheros on the digital screen.
Video Below:
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Primesight Partners with the Industry Trust

Primesight has today announced a partnership with the Industry Trust for IP Awareness. Primesight will leverage its portfolio of digital 6-sheet screens situated in cinema foyers across the country to amplify the Industry Trust Moment’s Worth Paying For campaign, which promotes the value of creativity and seeks to inspire and educate consumers to choose legal routes to film and TV content and help reduce piracy.
Primesight screens will enable the Industry Trust to further reach out to target audiences of film fans and young people visiting cinemas, reinforcing messages from the Moments campaign that will also appear on cinema screen ad reels courtesy of DCM and Pearl & Dean.
Primesight joins a network of supporters from across the film and TV ecosystem that champions the ethos of the Moments campaign and advocates directing consumers to, the industry funded site where film fans can book cinema tickets and watch, buy, or rent films and TV shows from the UK’s extensive range of legal sources. The campaign supporter network includes film studios that produce bespoke Moments Worth Paying For trailers that dovetail with the promotion of new release film titles. Supported by the cinema industry, trailers are screened across the UK and Ireland throughout the year.
Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight, said: “As a firm partner of the film and TV industry, Primesight is pleased to be supporting the efforts of the Industry Trust to both celebrate the creative value of content and reduce piracy. Our digital 6-sheet screens will ensure Moments Worth Paying For reaches the right audiences when entering and leaving cinemas, to further amplify this important message.”
Liz Bales, Chief Executive of the Industry Trust, said: “Thanks to collaborations such as the Primesight partnership, we are able to collectively leverage strength from across the industry and bring crucial messages to more consumers, through more channels, with greater frequency. These collaborations are vital to the longevity of the campaign and the ongoing task of reducing copyright infringement through consistent education, inspiring audiences to value creativity.”
Independent research by ICM revealed that 40% of 11-15-year-olds and 49% of 16-34 males who infringe recognise Moments Worth Paying For; and those who are exposed to the campaign are significantly more likely to pay for the official film and TV programme.
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Tribeca Film Festival Challenges You With a Karaoke Machine for Acting

Do you enjoy faking orgasms in public places, or telling friends you see dead people? If so, New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival has the ad campaign for you!

Created by J. Walter Thompson, the push celebrates the event’s 15th anniversary with a mix of experiential, digital and traditional components.

The feature presentation is a machine called the ReActor. Combining voice and facial recognition technology with motion sensors, the unit records people acting out scenes from famous movies, and sends participants YouTube links of their best performances to share with friends.

The machine is also a critic, awarding high-scoring amateur thespians tickets to the festival, which runs from April 13-24.

“Aside from being good, plain fun, the ReActor is a living representation of the kinds of things you will see at the festival,” Bari Komitee, Tribeca’s vice president of marketing, tells AdFreak. “Tribeca has been at the forefront of interactive storytelling—from immersive experiences to virtual reality—for a number of years. We wanted to get the community excited about what they can be a part of during the festival, and the ReActor sets the stage for that.”

Starting next week, the ReActor will travel around New York City, visiting various festival theaters and local attractions. Mostly, however, it will pass judgement on folks’ acting chops at the Tribeca Film Festival hub, located in Spring Studios at 50 Varick St. in Manhattan.

Video below:

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Ciroc Vodka Celebrate the Return of Zoolander in New Campaign

Ciroc, Diageo’s premium vodka brand has partnered with the hilarious sequel movie Zoolander 2. The new Zoolander vodka is named after the Derek Zoolander’s signature model look Blue Steel. The outdoor advertising of Ciroc Blue Steel was focused around key bars and clubs in order to target a London Modern Elite audience. The artwork, as shot by Mario Testino’s team, is advertised on outdoor formats which consist of wrapped taxis, Large Format Digital, London Underground Digiwalls, London Underground LCDs and a roadside banner. Furthermore Taxis featuring the ad will be used during London Fashion Week.
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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension: Haunted Open House

To promote the release of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Paramount Pictures staged this “Haunted Open House” stunt.
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