Jaguar launches new SUV with a 'musicdrome' turntable controlled by the car

In order to launch Jaguar’s first SUV, Jaguar created the “Musicdrome”, the first turntable in the world, controlled by the car itself. Using cameras to track the car in a custom-built velodrome built to mimick a turntable, a stunt driver drove the car to initiate the music. The faster he drove, the faster the music played, while the higher he drove, the louder the music played. Popularly known as “wheels of death” these type of tracks are usually used for motorbike stunt performances. The one week event with Jaguar Musicdrome attracted 90,000 spectators while saw 55% increase in catalog online orders as well as 114% increase in website traffic.
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Santander's "Phish & Chips" vans educates the public on fraud prevention

Santander is touring the UK with a “phish and chips” van that allows people to pay for a meal with phishing emails and smishing texts.

The bank wants to raise awareness of scam messages after its research found that 74% of Brits have been targeted over the past 12 months.
Customers will need to present a phishing email or smishing text for a portion of fish and chips. They will also receive advice on avoiding the tricks criminals use to steal people’s money and identities.
Anyone who doesn’t have one to show can take a quiz to identify a scam email or text.
The van is in Manchester today and will also visit Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, London, Leeds, Glasgow over the few weeks.
Reza Attar-Zadeh, head of customer experience at Santander UK, said: “Santander takes the fight against fraud very seriously – we have seen the life changing impact it can have on people’s lives.
“Consumer awareness is absolutely key to tackling what is currently one of the biggest threats to the security of people’s finances.
“Our Phish & Chips van is a way of delivering our three key fraud prevention messages in an engaging way while educating people that both banks and consumers have a role to play in keeping the fraudsters at bay.”

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Skoda introduces bungee jump experience to showcase safety feature

Front assist is a clever safety feature in ŠKODA cars that automatically stops the vehicle to prevent collisions. To demonstrate its functionality to a young audience, we placed an image of the back of a braking freight truck underneath a bungee jump site in a festival. This way the jumpers could literally experience the sensation of this feature without actually being in real danger. With ŠKODA Jump Assist we managed to stand out amongst the overwhelming amount of festival sponsorships, present ŠKODA as a cool brand amongst a young audience which was long overdue, and deliver our message in a moment that they won’t soon forget.
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Thorpe Park unleashes 'undead' billboard to promote Fright Night season

Comms agency Taylor Herring has subverted out of home advertisers by making commuters wish they were tucked up safely at home, by anchoring the living dead to an ad installation in East London.
A bizarre bit of experiential marketing for Thorpe Park is helping to promote two Walking Dead mazes based on the long-running AMC show. The attractions will be unveiled as the show hits its 100th episode In October, tying in with the Fright Nights season.
The billboard was reportedly soaked in over 50 kilogrammes of animal organs and entrails to shock passersby. It is unlikely the gory ad format will be widely adopted by the industry but it inarguably provides a not-so-subtle alternative to online adblocking.

The installation, which is mounted on a truck, will tour London henceforth. Some of the zombies got free from the billboard taking to the streets with sandwich boards and golf sale signs.
Dominic Jones, divisional director, at Thorpe Park Resort, said: “Fright Nights is Thorpe Park Resort’s biggest event of the year, and we’re hugely excited to bring the worldwide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead to our visitors.
“Each of the two specially built mazes are absolutely terrifying and are definitely not for the faint hearted.”
The show provides a lot of room to play with in the outdoor space. Now TV in the UK ran a particularly strong prank utilising zombie CCTV in petrol stations. Further to that Sky ran an interesting VR bus stop to scare commuters.
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Estonia Tourist Board use facial recognition technology to deliver stress relief to public

We’ve come to accept stress as a normal part of our lives. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Estonian Stress Buster has the antidote.
The Stress Buster is equipped with the awesome power of pure nature, which he carries forth to the world’s major cities. Using facial recognition technology, he identifies stressed out individuals (really!) and employs the sounds of nature and a pop-up forest to bust their stress. And for the permanent cure, he sends them on a trip to Estonia. Keep an eye out for the Stress Buster in your stressed-out city.
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Bompas & Parr bring zip-line and fruit 'cloud' to Westfield in Future Forest experience

Adventure zip wires, soundscapes and fruit clouds are all part of the experience at Westfield’s Future Forest event, featuring an immersive, multi-sensory series of installations.

The event aims to highlight the future of forests and the role they play in our lives, with guests wencouraged to consider the environment, the outdoors, relaxation and their health and well-being in an engaging and accessible way.
Future Forests ran at Westfield Stratford City from 21 July to 3 August and kicked off at Westfield London this week (15 August), running until 28 August.
Last year, Bompas & Parr teamed up with Westfield to host a cocktail experience called ‘Beyond the Waterfall’. In February, Bompas & Parr created meat bouquets as part of a Valentine’s Day stunt.
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VISA use AR to help consumers experience 'something new'

Visa – supplier of payment solutions –  created one of the largest interactive augmented reality based campaigns in Poland. The road show for the campaign “Try something new with Visa” using augmented reality technology featured events in Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław and Gdansk.
During the four weekends of promotional events, residents of the largest Polish cities could experience “something new”, thanks to augmented reality technology combining the real world with the computer-generated one. Images from the camera directed at the event participants were displayed on a 15m2 LED screen. When someone entered a marked white circle, the screen displayed additional animated objects and characters. Visitors to the shopping mall could see and hear an elephant passing by, pet a panda bear and a giraffe, high-five some monkeys and become a member of a family of penguins. What is more, they could see themselves on the Moon, on a desert island surrounded by sharks, or abducted in an alien space ship!
The application devised by Lemon&Orange allowed users to take photos during their interaction with animated characters and objects. Later they could browse them on a touch screen and – using an iPad dedicated application – choose the best pictures, add comments and send them to a chosen e-mail address. The e-mail included also links allowing to automatically share the photograph on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These photographs were also entered in the “Try something new with Visa” photo-competition .
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Top Eleven players step into Mourinho's shoes in VR press conference

In a bid to see if football fans have the ability to manage a career defining press conference, Top Eleven, the world’s most played football manager game, has once again enlisted the help of football legend, José Mourinho. This time, the game – which has over 160 million players worldwide – hosted one of the first immersive virtual reality press conferences.
Using the latest VR technology, a prototype was created to put Top Eleven players through their paces as part of a once in a lifetime opportunity. A number of Top Eleven players were selected to experience a star as a top football manager in a high pressure press conference scenario, stepping into the shoes of José Mourinho. In a test of resilience, participants were quizzed on typical football situations that premiership managers, like José, experience whenever they are grilled by the media. The topics ranged from team selection and management style, to reputation and recent wayward behaviour of star players.
Upon removing the masks, the players were surprised by Mourinho himself, who praised them on their answers.
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Layton’s Mystery Journey appears at Waterloo Station

To promote the launch on mobile of “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy”, the newest puzzle video game from the Professor Layton series of strategic mystery games, MKTG created an interactive experience at Waterloo Station.
LaytoLL - Waterloo -5259 1n’s Mystery Journey Waterloo activity is a giant puzzle installation that is part of a ‘Real World Puzzle Solving’ campaign which is taking place across 10 countries across the globe kicking off in Japan on 20th June.  The UK activity, named ‘Full to the Brim’, took place at London Waterloo station for four days from Thursday 20th July to Sunday 23rd July 2017 and featured over 700 stencilled top hats toppling out of a doorway. In amidst the cascade of hats, 4 mystery hats were placed with letters that corresponded with the answer to the puzzle.  Commuters and members of the public were given the opportunity to participate in an instant prize draw by solving the puzzle and sharing their answer on Layton.World, or by simply sharing a photo of the activation online to win an on the spot prize of either a £25 Google Play or iTunes Gift Card
The activity is part of a multi-channel campaign, with a website launched on June 20th (httpss:// The website will remain live for a period of 3 months. Over the course of this period, 50 puzzles will be made available to players worldwide to solve, with participants that solve all 50 puzzles online entered into a fantastic grand prize draw.
The App version of the game, available on iOS and Android, was released worldwide on the 20th July and the UK activity was produced to tie in with the launch. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game will be released early autumn (October).

'Silly' proposal encourages more Koreans to participate in Earth Hour

Cheil Worldwide and WWF Korea held hands to create a campaign to increase participation of Koreans in Earth Hour, a global movement of turning lights off for an hour to fight climate change.
In order to draw more Koreans to take action, Cheil Worldwide opened an event in the middle of downtown Seoul where a special street light was installed with a light switch placed high up on it. Drawn in by the challenge, more than 500 people tried various methods, from jumping to forming human pyramids in an attempt to switch off the light. This highlighted an important fact- if the public can try so hard to switch off a light with the switch so high up, why can’t they turn off the easily accessible switch in their homes or offices?
Therefore, Cheil Worldwide created a ‘silly’ proposal that suggests placing the switch higher than the construction standard, and sent it to construction companies, district offices, city halls and even met the Mayor of Seoul.
The whole story of A Dumb Proposal was made into a video and released through WWF Korea’s Facebook page. In just 7 days, the video recorded more than 570 thousand views. As a result, the number of visitors to the WWF Korea’s Facebook page and the fundraising tripled. Also, more than 3,000 companies and 30 landmarks took part in, as the numbers doubled from last year’s.
The ‘ridiculous’ proposal was a success, leading to more Koreans than ever before to participate in Earth Hour.
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