Literature takes over street with 10,000 books

Luzinterruptus, “an anonymous artistic group, who carries out urban interventions in public spaces”, recently repeated one of their most popular installations in Toronto, Canada.
Titled ‘Literature vs. Traffic’, it took place on Hagerman Street in downtown Toronto—it was closed to traffic and then covered with 10,000 books that was donated by the Salvation Army.
According to its creators, they “want literature to take over the streets and conquer public spaces, freely offering those passersby a traffic-free place which, for some hours, will succumb to the humble power of the written word”.
Visitors would be able to take pictures of the books, sit down and read them, and eventually even take home pieces of the installation at the end of the night.
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Celebrate the launch of ZTE's Blade V7 with a unicorn-drawn carriage.

Reality is boring, which might be why Three has embraced sheer fantasy, offering its customers the chance to ride in white and rainbow coloured horse (or should that be unicorn?) drawn carriages, or ‘Unicabs’ as Three calls them.
The Unicabs seat up to four people and was available in busy parts of London  for several days over October.
Monument saw them on October 26th, Southwark on October 27th, and Canary Wharf on October 28th, with the cabs operating from 7am – 11am each day.
The ‘cabs’ could be flagged down or participants could book the magical ride by tweeting Three. The event celebrated the launch of the ZTE Blade V7, which is available exclusively on Three, and aims to highlight the idea that the two companies are making magic.
Passengers will be able to try out the ZTE Blade V7 in the cabs, and can share their snaps and thoughts with #MagicTogether.
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Kellogg’s UK launched a dynamic tweet to screen campaign #Strengthis

Kellogg’s has re-branded their Special K cereal line to be more aligned to today’s dietary requirements and become ‘more relevant’ to women, with new messaging focusing of the inner strength of woman and what is required to get them through today’s busy life.
To launch the re-brand, two events were created, one in La Defence in Paris and the second in London’s Waterloo Station. Each event ran for four days and consisted of many exciting elements for those passing through the locations, including an experiential activation where samples of the Special K flavours were distributed and people could get a photo in a designated Instagram booth. Brand ambassadors were tasked with the job of conveying the new brand positioning, and encouraging woman to tweet in their definition of ‘strength’ to a campaign specific hashtag. These tweets were then displayed on digital screens in both locations using the Liveposter platform and appeared on white boards being held by Special K ambassadors, including Katie Piper and Lisa Faulkner.
A photographer was on site to take photos of each displayed individual tweet, to tweet back to the user and personally thank them for taking part in the campaign.
The campaign was planned and executed by Carat UK, Isobar UK, Posterscope UK, Posterscope France, MKTG UK and MKTG France.

Mural updated to cover the U.S Open

If you like good tennis and cool murals, then the U.S. Open has an advertising campaign for you.
The tournament’s organizers are paying an artist to climb up to a billboard each day of the competition and piece together a painting based on the event’s notable moments and online chatter.
The first eight installments have included, for example, interpretations of Gaël Monfis’s crushing 110 miles-per-hour match winner, 15-year-old Catherine “CiCi” Bellis’s on-court antics and Roger Federer’s selfie with Michael Jordan.
Each day’s addition is livestreamed on Facebook and later recapped in a YouTube clip. The painter, Josh Cochran, whose previous credentials include spectacular Grammy-nominated album art for Ben Kweller, features heavily in the videos.
DDB New York created the campaign, titled “Story of the Open,” and tied it into social media with the hashtag “#StoryoftheOPEN.”
While viewers of the billboard over New York’s Midtown Tunnel might not get the full effect without watching the videos for context, Cochran’s illustrations are superb, and it’s fun to see the mural take shap
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For BUT, France’s answer to IKEA,  psLIVE France created  THE KITCHEN BATTLE WITH FRIENDS – a 10 hour cooking competition that took place on the street, in the heart of Paris. The activation, which followed a 3-week recruitment drive, resulted in over 80,000 followers on their dedicated website as well as coverage on M6 TV Channel in their program 100% MAG, the evening of the event