Hilarious Prank Ad Shows Eye-Popping Ouija Board Psychic Terrorizing New Yorkers

New York City-based viral marketing agency Thinkmodo, who previously terrorized New Yorkers with the scarily good ‘Devil Baby’ and telekinetic coffee shop prankvertisements, is back with another hilariously sadistic stunt.
In the ad, a bunch of unsuspecting patrons lured by the prospect of a free reading consult an ouija board psychic.
As the psychic reads out letters, she suddenly pops her eyes out of her skull and yells at them to run, startling them and making them scream.
As if that wasn’t scary enough, the poor customers get another shock when a “dead body” rises from the floorboards and starts flailing around.
The ad was created to promote the upcoming horror movie Ouija, and their reactions were captured on hidden cameras.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]5ncQN_7I7hk[/youtube]
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On the Edge: Augmented Reality Bus Shelter

AFA JCDecaux Denmark has made great creative use of OOH advertising and augmented reality by running a prank campaign for On the Edge, a Danish movie based around the popular theme of illegal racing.
To set up the prank, AFA JCDecaux placed a 2m² digital screen on the interior face of a bus shelter and hid a full HD camera on its exterior face. The camera streamed the live street scene onto the internal face of the bus shelter, so it appeared to people waiting for the bus like they were looking through a glass panel into the street.
The  ad creative showed an out of control car hurtling towards them, flipping over and crashing into the bus shelter!
After the shock and to the relief of the startled travellers, two of the main characters from the movie showed up giving out free cinema tickets to watch the movie.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]GqqMGzWW1qw[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux One World

Giant 'Dead Parrot' from Monty Python Sketch Unveiled on the Southbank

A giant ‘dead parrot’ has been unveiled on the Southbank to celebrate the final screening of the Monty Python live show.
The fibre-glass model, measuring 50ft long, is a huge version of the bird used in a sketch by John Cleese who tries to return it to the pet shop.
It was hung from a crane before being placed on its back at Potters Fields, close to Tower Bridge, and took more than two months to make.
The model will travel to the 02 in Greenwich for the final comeback gig on Sunday.
It is being screened on Gold from 7.30pm on Sunday.
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Godzilla Statue Unveiled in Tokyo

A massive statue of Godzilla has been unveiled in Tokyo’s midtown and was created to mark the Japan release of Gareth Edwards’ new blockbuster.
Functions of the ‘Godzilla’ statue,  include fire rays and a light show.
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Crop Circles Advertise HBO’s The Leftovers

HBO in the Netherlands has unveiled a gigantic crop circles advertising the TV series The Leftovers in the wheat field near Amsterdam Schiphol airport.
The circles display the text “What if your pilot disappeared?” and can be seen by passengers of international flights leaving from Schiphol.
The Leftovers is a new HBO series created by Damon Lindelof, who found fame with Lost. The new series takes place in the wake of a global ‘rapture’ and centers on the people who were not taken but were left behind in a suburban community.
The advertisement covers a field of 365 x 120 meters and runs parallel to the A4 motorway near Schiphol. It took more than 120 hours to create.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]AbPgSZMoYbQ[/youtube]
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Game of Thrones: Bring Down the King

In a medieval meets modern twist, this installation to promote the new season of Game of Thrones in New Zealand challenges people to tweet #BringDownTheKing that powers a contraption in a town square in New Zealand where a rope tied to a sculpture of King Joffrey, tightens with every tweet… Created by the guys at DDB in Auckland.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]GEPSo1B5Cis[/youtube]
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Win Signed and Illustrated ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Books with @RailbookClub

Hachette UK has been the latest publisher to feature on JCDecaux’s content–led commuter book club, @RailBookClub. The book club invites rail passengers to tweet their recommendations for books to @RailbookClub, which are then run across JCDecaux’s national network of digital screens.
The latest campaign offers commuters the chance to win 11 signed and personally illustrated editions from Cressida Cowell’s How to Train your Dragon series to celebrate the much anticipated 20th Century Fox release of How to Train your Dragon 2. To enter the competition, commuters are invited to retweet the competition tweet and include its unique hashtag.
Moreover, from today pre-release copy will also be running across D6s, Transvision and DEPs.

Tanqueray Cinema Bus Shelters

Tanqueray, Carat and Posterscope Iberia turned normal bus shelter seats into cinema seating, complete with curtains and decorations for the Malaga Film Festival. A screen was also installed showing the campaign ad, ‘Setting the Tone’, along with movie trailers for the festival.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]MeRF1q0gFys[/youtube]

10ft Cocktail Glasses Appear in NY and LA in Mad Men Promotion

Ahead of the final series of Mad Men – set to air in the US on Sunday, 13 April – two 10ft high cocktail glasses have appeared in New York and Los Angeles.
The PR stunt, devised by Attack! Marketing, pays homage to the boozy ways of Don Draper and co. and counts down to the Season 7 premiere.
As the premiere draws nearer, the contents of the 900 litre cocktail will steadily drain.
The Mad Men installations can be found in front of Madison Square Garden, and on the corner of Hollywood & Highland.
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Animal Crates Appear in Paris to Celebrate Zoo's Opening

The agency Ubi Bene has come up with a fun way to advertise Paris Zoological Park, which will opens in April 2014.
The creatives placed open animal crates all around famous landmarks, creating the illusion that these animals are loose in the city. The opening date of the zoo was also printed on each crate.
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