JCDecaux launches The Edinburgh Arch

JCDecaux, has today launched a new premium, state-of-the-art digital superstructure, The Edinburgh Arch, with Sainsbury’s, Jaguar, Vodafone and The Walt Disney Company as launch partners.
Situated at the Gogar Roundabout, this large-format roadside location is a unique gateway to the city; positioned in proximity to the RBS Headquarters and the prestigious Edinburgh Business Park, home to blue chip companies including HSBC and J.P. Morgan. The two 41 square metre screens will be unmissable to drivers travelling to and from Edinburgh International Airport, the fastest growing major airport in the UK (Source: Edinburgh Airport Limited 2017).
JCDecaux was awarded the City of Edinburgh contract in 2015 and The Edinburgh Arch is a milestone in the digital regeneration of advertising sites across the city in line with JCDecaux’s ‘Blueprint for the Future’, providing premium Out-of-Home opportunities across roadside, retail, rail and airport environments. It follows the successful installation of synchronised digital bus shelters on Princes Street and the digitisation of key locations including Edinburgh Airport and Edinburgh Waverley; fulfilling JCDecaux’s promise to provide advertisers with premium locations with the best screen quality in a brand safe environment.
With exposure to a city population of nearly half a million, the 2 x 41 square metre HD digital screens that form The Edinburgh Arch will contribute 1.2 million impressions over a one-week period towards JCDecaux’s target of reaching #onebillioneyeballs by the end of 2017.
The Edinburgh Arch, the first ever digital large format for JCDecaux in Edinburgh, follows the successful launch of two digital superstructures in Manchester – The Trafford Arch and The Salford Arch.
Via: JCDecaux 

City of Edinburgh launches

After securing the City of Edinburgh contract, JCDecaux has entered the next phase by officially launching Edinburgh to the market this February.
The city will be revitalised and shaped into JCDecaux’s ‘Blueprint for the Future’, providing premium Out-of-Home opportunities across roadside, retail, rail and airport environments. JCDecaux is dominating the city with a variety of high-impact static and digital opportunities, including:
• 102 large format roadside locations, including The Edinburgh Arch (D400)
• 300 digital faces across 50 free-standing locations and bus shelters
• 353 bus shelters (static and scrolling)
• Edinburgh Airport (large format, small format, gateway locations and digital screens)
• Edinburgh Waverley station (Transvision, 6-sheets and 4-sheets)
• Edinburgh Trams (opportunity to wrap)
Edinburgh has a population of 430,400 and is the second largest financial hub in the UK (Route and Invest in Edinburgh). Edinburgh is also the 6th UK retail centre, with 37 retail zones and a shopper population of 340,000 (CACI). The city also hosts key events, including The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the largest arts festival in the world.
Via: JCDecaux