The Powerpuff Girls Soar Over Dubai to Celebrate On-air Return

Who remembers The Powerpuff Girls? If even the mention of the words ‘I, Moooojo JoJo’ make you smile, you’re probably in the right demographic to appreciate this (though you’re possibly not the target audience this time around…).
To celebrate the show’s on-air return to Cartoon Network after more than a decade, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup drones flew through the air, against the impressive backdrop of the cityscape, including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]zFydsESJ3EM[/youtube]
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38smiles Stunt Raises Awareness About Abandoned Dogs

Non-profit animal rescue 38smiles has joined forces with MullenLowe MENA UAE to create a social experiment raising awareness of abandoned pets.
According to research, 3,000 pets are abandoned each year in Dubai, but unfortunately it’s not a visible problem.
To make this invisible problem visible 38smiles equipped abandoned cars with motion sensor speakers to create a disruptive moment, hitting people in key locations with the message.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Z-N0sSvYFZM[/youtube]

Coca Cola make wishes come true with Wish Booths in Dubai

With many South Asians  moving to Dubai for work, Coca-Cola have created special Wish Booths that are activated by Coca-Cola bottle caps and have installed them around the city, inviting UAE (United Arab Emirates) residents to make a wish for their families back home.
Some of these wishes went to India, Pakistan and the Philippines to become a reality.
The ‘Wish Upon A Coke’ campaign looked at the very real fact that more immigrants lived and worked in the UAE than Emirati locals (citizens of the United Arab Emirates), at a ratio of almost 5 to 1. After noting that the majority of these workers were earning money to send back home, they decided to launch a campaign to help.
The Wish Booths were created that when a person steps in, they’re asked what they would wish for their family. These wishes were then recorded and some of them with the help of Coca-Cola came true, such as the payment of school tuition fees, a roof for their parents home and the creation of a business.
Yet another amazing stunt that taps into the family-friendly ideals of Coca-Cola and yet again creates an emotional stunt that has become so typical of Coca-Cola in recent years.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]wW38PQ5mSrg[/youtube]

Posterscope launches new HQ's in Dubai

Posterscope has officially opened a regional headquarters in Dubai to run planning, buying and research across the Middle East.  The new office, which has joined a network of 20 countries, aims to change the approach to out-of-home advertising with real-time data and ROI analytics.
It will be coupled with an ongoing study of 14,000 consumers and their attitude to out-of-home advertising across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco.
The Dubai-based operations will be led by Abdallah Saab, who previously worked with Carat for seven years.
Saab said: “We realised the out-of-home market in the Middle East is developing fast but without accountability and sufficient research into consumer behaviour. Hence Posterscope has already conducted its first Out-of-Home Consumer Study with 14,000 respondents across five markets, which measures where out-of-home connects with advertisers’ target audiences and has helped identify integrated opportunities.
“Driven by consumer insight, innovation and market intelligence, Posterscope will now offer our clients a clear map to navigate the increasingly fragmented media landscape.”

Potentially the world’s most expensive billboard ever

This interactive billboard in Dubai was created by energy drinks Go Fast in association with Skydiving centre Skydrive Dubai and featured a Jet Pack Man flying around the installation for 30 seconds. If you were to multiply the cost of the 30” flight by the campaign length, it really would be the most expensive billboard ever.

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