Gordon's Gets Weekend Ready

Gordon’s gets commuters in the mood for the weekend with its fantastically refreshing new dynamic campaign.
As a part of its ‘Shall We?’ campaign, the Diageo-owned gin brand has deployed the campaign on roadside 6’s, rail and Underground D6’s, and bars and pubs across the UK, with the creative changing depending on the time of day, weather and location. For example, in the evening the creative may say “It’s 5pm. Shall we?” and if it’s sunny the message will change to say “Hello Sunshine.”
The campaign is playing in the run up to weekends on Thursdays and Fridays from November 3rd to December 12th. It was planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope using the Liveposter platform.
Standard creative will also be deployed on Motion@Waterloo and several large format digital sites.

The smart ice cubes that tell bar staff to order you another drink

The cubes alert bar staff when your drink is empty and brings you a refill.

Many of us are aware of the concept of the Internet of Things, a system in which everything – from your smartphone and self-driving car, to your smart TV and fridge – is connected to the web. It’s an exciting proposition – a world in which your car can alert your house that you’re on the way home, triggering the heating to be set just right, flicking on your living room lights and queuing up your favourite Friday night playlist.
But what if you’re out with friends? Well, the Internet of Things might be about to disrupt a bar near you – and solve a problem you’re likely to have faced time and time again.
MARTINI, the world’s leading vermouth and best-selling sparkling wine maker, is trialling the MARTINI Smart Cube.
The concept is simple. A barman places a MARTINI Smart Cube in your drink when serving. The ice cube-shaped device, which is 3D printed, then bobs around until your drink is finished, at which point it senses the lack of liquid and alerts the bar staff, ordering you a fresh glass.
The technology is based on Apple’s iBeacon technology – a software protocol that allows a hardware transmitter, typically with Bluetooth low energy connectivity, to broadcast a notification to nearby devices. In this case, two liquid sensors recognise when they’re no longer submerged, triggering the drinks order to be made. Using Aerogel – a technology built by Nasa – the temperature of the cube is kept cool, while staying buoyant.
The MARTINI Smart Cube also sends the bar staff an indication of how far the drink is from the bar, so they can deliver the drink without fuss. As soon as the drink order is automatically sent to the bar ordering system – via an iPad Pro – the bar staff know immediately where that drink needs to be delivered.
The result? No more tearing yourself away from that all-too-rare catch-up. MARTINI Smart Cube will do the ordering for you. And there’ll be no more drink mix-ups either. Each cube has its own unique pulsing colour combination, so everyone knows exactly which Martini & Tonic is theirs.
But it’s not just a crowd pleaser. In the future, MARTINI Smart Cube might track your alcohol consumption, keeping you informed about how much you’re consuming. It could also alert you if your drink has been tampered with.
We’ll raise a glass to that.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]RRL9b_qbyY8[/youtube]
Via: Wired 

Costa Uses DOOH to get Consumers in the Christmas Spirit

Costa ran a seven-week competition in the run up to Christmas to engage their audiences online by generating excitement around their festive take-away cups. Customers were tasked with finding or creating pairs of eyes for their cup characters- Santa, Snowman, Rudolph and Elf. Over the duration of the campaign users were set a different challenge designed to prolong excitement around the competition and also to inspire consumers to get creative.

The top entries were fed into a digital-out-of-home advertisement to promote the competition and the return of the festive cups. Graphite Digital created a 10 second animation to reflect the brand’s Christmas look and worked with Liveposter to implement dynamic fields, into which the photo’s would be displayed. These entries were updated regularly to keep the promotion feeling fresh and timely.

A second campaign was run alongside this, which focused on how a trip to Costa can provide relief and respite from the scenarios consumers might find challenging during the build up to Christmas, such as long shopping sessions, waiting for buses and enduring the cold weather.

Graphite Digital created five 3D animated videos to bring Costa’s festive cups to life, placing them in these relatable situations and telling the story of how shoppers can find sanctuary in Costa. These instances were then placed in specific locations to give them contextual relevance such as shopping centers, high street and bus stops.

In addition to this, from 11th November bus supersides, including twinklies, were used to raise awareness of the cups in Central London.

This campaign was planned and booked by Meridian.

Coca Cola Wrapping Paper Dispensers

To celebrate Christmas and to ‘give a little happiness’, Coca-Cola created a wrapping paper dispensing 6-sheet which was placed in Bluewater Shopping centre. The activation lasted three days to coincide with the Black Friday weekend (28-30 November). Two brand ambassadors were on site to help dispense the paper to shoppers passing by, and the event was filmed with the intention to use the content in Coca Cola’s upcoming digital campaign. The activation was so successful that additional wrapping paper had to be ordered!
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]ExQM_oMfHxk[/youtube]

Minute Maid WiFi Chair

In order to increase brand loyalty for Minute Maid, Posterscope China placed branded WiFi enhanced chairs in customer-concentrated shopping malls so that consumers could charge their phones and use the free WiFi. This, combined with other formats, including bus shelters, road light boxes and subway MEGA LEDs, delivered the main campaign message to the target audience.
Three WiFi chairs were initially launched in Shenyang, however over 30 more were added to shopping centres in Changchun, Chongqin, Shanghai and Tianjin.

Fully Knitted 7up Bus Tours Streets of London

7up has undergone a revamp with a brand new visual identity and global campaign all centered around the idea that “it feels good to be you”.
The campaign seeks to celebrate uniqueness by aligning the brand with individuals who are ‘truly original everyday personalities.” The first television ad features Magda Sayeg, also known as the Urban Knitter, who takes to the streets with her knitting needles and giant balls of yarn to bring color to an empty square. Sayeg has also knitted a winter sweater for a London Routemaster bus, which will be travelling across the city as a visual testament to 7up’s new identity of promoting originality.
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Guinness West Indies Porter on Clerkenwell Road

To mark the launch of the new Guinness West Indies Porter, Diageo and Posterscope created a large hand-painted mural in Clerkenwell, an area known for its trendy bars and pubs. Posterscope’s Hyperspace team facilitated the project with High Rise Murals which is due to run until the end of November. The creative takes on a vintage feel to promote the heritage of the product, which is based on the recipe created in 1801. The campaign aims to hit the beer market trend of ‘premiumisation’ and the proliferation of craft beer brands and micro-breweries which are creating a new generation of beer-literate consumers.

Play this Vending Machine to get a Free Drink

For the Alfa Jazz Fest in L’viv, Ukraine, this past June, mineral water brand Borjomi and its agency, Banda, set up a publicity stunt inviting passersby to play a sideways keyboard in exchange for free product.

The video below shows some people eking out melodies and others banging out full-blown performances while crowds gather and cheer. If people played for long enough, they were rewarded with a free drink!

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]vPIEGFaioEI[/youtube]

Via: Ad Week

Sprite's 'Bill the Billboard' Keeps Drivers Entertained by Cracking Endless Jokes

Ogilvy Kenya recently put up “Bill the Billboard” at a busy intersection in Nairobi, and programmed him to endlessly crack jokes.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]qAyYpxHK30k[/youtube]

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Creative Beer Ads Invite People to Have a Pint this Oktoberfest

To promote Calgary, Canada-based German restaurant WURST’s Oktoberfest event, local ad agency WAX created funny and creative ads by plastering giant posters of beer mugs onto trees and poles around the city.
To make them more realistic, they came with handles, making for great photo-taking opportunities for passers-by. Festival details listed on the bottom of the ads invited viewers to experience the festivity.
Via: Design Taxi