Strongbow Kicks Off 7 ‘Nature Remix' Acts with Johannesburg Orchard Tower

Cider brand Strongbow has launched a global marketing campaign called ‘Nature Remix’ to encourage consumers to reconnect with nature and raise awareness around its new range.
Spearheaded by seven acts in seven global cities, the campaign, co-created with Cloudfactory, merges experiential stunts, a TV commercial, digital films and social media actions to publicise new cider flavours: Gold Apple, Honey, Red Berries, Elderflower and Dark Fruit.
The first activation includes the growing of an orchard in central Johannesburg with the branches weaving through the windows of an abandoned tower block, filmed by Fredrik Bond. This marks the first of seven actions from the brand.
Jiri Rakosnik, global marketing manager of cider at Heineken, said; “The zeitgeist among millennials is to try to make the world a better place to live, through a series of small actions that add up to more than the sum of their parts.
“The new campaign takes this insight and invites consumers to bring nature back into their city in a creative and enjoyable way. Our launch in Johannesburg is just the beginning. We have future acts planned in Toronto, Bucharest, Bratislava, Prague, Lisbon and Vietnam.”
Video below:
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This is what Happens When a Bank Takes Over Your Local Pub

In an attempt to highlight the importance of good customer service – in a sector renowned for its bad service – the bank Tandem has created a prank video showing poor service in a real-life pub setting.
Watching the video I’m sure everyone can recognise the obvious signs of bad customer service; being put on hold, transferred from person to person and being overcharged.
The bank cleverly highlights it’s new approach to banking in this funny video reinforcing it’s mantra ‘everyone can have a better, happier life with money’.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]_U2MZGNaCkA[/youtube]
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Heineken's Hilarious Football Prank

Yeah, pranks are a bit passé. But a good one is still plenty entertaining, and this Heineken stunt from Publicis Italy is worth it—because the victim, who awesomely thinks he’s the one being secretive, is so amusing to watch.

The setup is simple: Simone, a huge soccer fan, usually watches UEFA Champions League games with his buddies at home. But suddenly he finds himself in possession of a single ticket to the A.S. Roma-Real Madrid match on Feb. 17.

What should he do? Take the ticket and enjoy the game in person, or stick to tradition and watch at home with his three friends? For Heineken, this is “The Dilemma.”

Unlike some stunts, this one just feels real. And the guy’s reactions are very funny.

“With thousands of people watching, the whole thing was orchestrated around an entirely unaware guy,” one of the Publicis creatives tell us. “One take at Olympic Stadium right before the Roma vs. Real Madrid match, no chance to make the second attempt—and not a single actor, all for real.”

The victim was a good sport about it in the end, even letting the brand share his personalFacebook page as extra proof of the ad’s authenticity.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]R6xLcItSJN8[/youtube]

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Arla Best of Both Paints the Town Yellow!

Red, blue and green are the colours of the bottles of milk in the current market, however, Arla Foods have decided to add one more colour to the supermarket shelves by launching a new milk brand. Best of Both (BOB) tastes as good as semi-skimmed but is as healthy as skimmed. To promote this new product, Carat and Posterscope have ‘Painted the Town Yellow’. From February 29th until  13th March Brighton will be overwhelmed by bright yellow OOH formats including Roadside 48 Sheets, Roadside 6s, Phone Kiosks, T-sides, Supersides, Banners, Lamppost banners, Lamppost wraps, wrapped bus shelters along with some more unusual formats.
London Rd opp Oxford Street Brighton Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd At Norfolk Sq. Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd J.O Castle Street Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd Outside Anglia B. Society Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd Outside Wallis Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Brighton Banner Blow UP

Ciroc Vodka Celebrate the Return of Zoolander in New Campaign

Ciroc, Diageo’s premium vodka brand has partnered with the hilarious sequel movie Zoolander 2. The new Zoolander vodka is named after the Derek Zoolander’s signature model look Blue Steel. The outdoor advertising of Ciroc Blue Steel was focused around key bars and clubs in order to target a London Modern Elite audience. The artwork, as shot by Mario Testino’s team, is advertised on outdoor formats which consist of wrapped taxis, Large Format Digital, London Underground Digiwalls, London Underground LCDs and a roadside banner. Furthermore Taxis featuring the ad will be used during London Fashion Week.
UBIQUITOUS - Ciroc Zoolander - Taxi Livery (1)

Grolsch Embeds Bluetooth Tech into Bottle Tops to Unlock Free Movies

Russian beer drinkers can now unlock free-to-view movies on their computer, smartphone or tablet with a swipe of their Bluetooth-enabled bottle of Grolsch – though technophiles should be wary of excitedly spilling beer over their device in the process.
St Petersburg-based tech developer Head and Hands has devised the simple means of redeeming free-to-view content, eliminating the tedium of tapping in a promo code.
The campaign for Grolsch employs a technology that lets consumers choose a film via a partner website, swipe their bottle top – which has embedded in it a “one-touch” technology using radio signals to “unlock” content – and watch the movie while sipping a lager.
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Move Like a Pro to Score a Free Pepsi

As the World Cup draws nearer, football mania is starting to set in. Try out your football moves with the Pepsi #FotbolNow skills challenge. A vending machine challenges you to put your best moves to the test in order to score a free Pepsi.
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