Caribou Coffee Builds Five-Story-Tall Pinterest Board at the Mall of America

Caribou Coffee, whose previous out-of-home ad stunts have included heated bus shelters in Minneapolis, is back with another special campaign—a giant, five-story-tall Pinterest board built at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.
Caribou used pinned images from fans as inspiration for its new Real Inspiration Blend variety of coffee. That sounds like a stretch, but the giant Pinterest board is pretty impressive. It includes two large screens that feature inspiring photos from fans on Instagram and Twitter that are tagged with the hashtag #CaribouInspires.
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Nokia & Ocean Outdoor Turn to Twitter to Run UK-Wide Game of #iSpy to Promote Lumia 1020

Nokia has begun a UK-wide interactive game of I Spy using Twitter and digital outdoor media to promote its Lumia 1020 smart phone.
The mobile phone brand is utilising Ocean Outdoor’s digital network of outdoor screens in order to showcases the photographic capabilities of its Lumia 1020.
The game will see Twitter users following the #iSpy hash tag invited to guess the names of notable landmarks and sites featured on Ocean’s screens at Eat Street and Westfield Centre.
Live tweets will offer a series of clues to pictured locations, taken using the Nokia zoom function, with players able to use their Twitter accounts through their mobile devices to reply with their guesses.
Darryl Mckay, global digital marketing manager at Nokia explained: “Our modern take on one of the world’s most popular games is a highly creative and clever way for us to communicate the social functionality and technical innovation of the Nokia 1020. This campaign allows us to put the product in people’s hands at scale, literally showing the zoom.”
Head of marketing for Ocean Outdoor, Helen Beacham, added: “It’s a great piece of work which demonstrates the simplicity and ease of using digital outdoor, mobile and social media together to amplify and extend creative campaigns.”
Those who guess correctly have the chance of winning a Nokia 1020.
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No Olympic blues for outdoor, as sector grows 2% in 2013

Ongoing investment in digital outdoor sites has helped the sector to build on the highs of the London 2012 Olympics and achieve unexpected growth of 2% in 2013.
New figures compiled by the Outdoor Media Centre (OMC), based on the performance of its industry members, highlight a record quarter four was enough to lift annual revenues by 2% to near the billion-pound mark, at £989.6 million.
Between October to December 2013, outdoor advertising generated £277.3m, which represents growth of 7.2% year on year and is the biggest quarterly spend ever reported by outdoor media owners.
Media owners, including the biggest players JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Exterion Media and Primesight, particularly benefitted from spend in retail, entertainment, travel, drink, computers, clothing and cosmetics during the Christmas period.
The top 10 advertisers in the quarter, according to Nielsen, were (in descending order) Samsung, British Sky Broadcasting , Twentieth Century Fox, Lloyds Bank, Vodafone, Warner Bros, Google, Microsoft, Talktalk and Molson Coors.
Digital revenues in the quarter accounted for £64.6m, up 15% year on year. The revenue highs follow continued investment in digital screens that often promise more tailored and flexible ad solutions for brands.
Collectively, outdoor media players are believed to have spent more than £50 million on bringing a host of new sites to the market last year.
New digital sites of note in 2013 include: Waterloo Station and Heathrow Terminal 2 (JCDecaux); Tesco’s facial detection screens (Amscreen); Chiswick Towers, Cromwell Road and Piccadilly Circus (Clear Channel Storm); Gatwick Airport (Eye),Vauxhall and the A40 (Outdoor Plus), Trinity Leeds shopping centre (Ocean’s The Grid), regional offerings from BlowUP and Signature in Birmingham, Mediaco in Manchester and Forrest in Scotland.
The growth in the UK’s outdoor advertising space comes despite the sector being among the biggest media sectors to benefit from the London 2012 Olympics, when ad spend rocketed 10% annually in 2012, and more than 25% in the third quarter during Games.
Mike Baker, chief executive of OMC, called it a “remarkable” performance after such an Olympic spike . He added: “Outdoor is a sure-fire way to reach the right consumers in the active space, the right contexts and the right mindsets, and as a result advertisers are multiplying: we now have 158 one million-pound spenders in outdoor, up from 149 last year.”
This year, the OMC is attempting to refocus outdoor’s positioning to the advertising community around five core value propositions: Young Urban Mobile audience; The Active Space – where the senses are heightened; Impressions that Last – playing on its visual impact; The Amplification Medium – due to its ability to be a catalyst for other media in terms of reach and branding; and Changing the landscape – physically creates modernity at every turn and provide new opportunities for brands.
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Ocean Outdoor win 2 year legal tussle over The Two Towers Lord of the Rings trademark

Ocean Outdoor has won the right to name two sets of advertising towers as ‘The Two Towers’; following a protracted two year rights battle with a Hollywood firm which claimed ownership of the phrase made famous in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings tales.
Hollywood rights firm Saul Zaentz had asserted its ownership of the contested title as it currently owns the intellectual property rights to The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, leading it to contest that Ocean had infringed its rights.
This was rejected by the intellectual property office however; as were separate claims that Ocean had used the name detrimentally to the ‘distinctive character’ of the films.
Ocean marketing director Richard Malton, said: “We took on Hollywood and we won,” he says. “We have never tried to pass off our two towers as either Orthanc or Minus Morgul – I’m not sure it would have helped us attract the type of brands that we look to engage with.
“We vigorously defended our right to use the Two Towers as a name for our iconic locations and luckily, common sense has prevailed. The irony wasn’t lost on us – the small being pushed around by the big. But as we all know, Frodo wins in the end!”
Ocean is now claiming costs against SZC for the time and cost of defending its action.
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Outdoor Plus Comments on the Future of DOOH

Suzanne Hodgins, Head of Marketing at Outdoor Plus, writes about the future of DOOH.
Marketers have access to considerable consumer data and real-time insights and 2014 will see the trend for personalised and real-time communication continue apace. Understanding the changing needs, attitudes and behaviours of the consumer and applying this data will maximise the opportunities for tailored communications.
From an Out of Home (OOH) perspective we will see a greater number of clients take advantage of the Digital OOH (DOOH) landscape and challenge media owners to deliver truly bespoke solutions. Marketers should embrace the flexibility and dynamism of the medium and its natural partnership with social media and mobile to have real-time conversations with the consumer.
We expect the continued integration of mobile technology into OOH and the introduction of new platforms. There needs to be seamless interactivity across DOOH, social media and mobile and marketers will seek out opportunities to strengthen their brand’s relationship with consumers on the move, improving brand experiences. Marketers will be able to build on tried and tested opportunities, for example Posterscope’s NFC trials which highlighted consumer interactions tend to peak during the first week.
The integration of iBeacon will also be interesting, especially from an OOH perspective where there is natural affinity in terms of location, environment & audience delivery. Beacons not only transmit offers, coupons and recommendations but they can accept payment too. So rather than using mobile and OOH to start a brand conversation, advertisers will be able to measure key metrics including brand loyalty, sales and profitability.
For 2014, using DOOH needs to be coupled with consumer desire for personalisation. Whilst most marketers are fully aware of the benefits of DOOH they have yet to fully embrace the possibilities to create more timely, consumer centric and cohesive campaigns.
Via: Digital Marketing Magazine

Cheerio’s interactive window

Cheerios launched a DOOH interactive vending experience to invite consumers to reconnect with the brand. Using a vending/photo taking unit, consumers could share what they love about Cheerios, receive a sample box and snap a photo which they received via email to share with family and friends. Simultaneously, on an adjacent LCD Wall, other users could join in on the fun by dragging letters to complete words describing reasons to celebrate Cheerios.
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ESPN’s socially connected digital OOH

ESPN, Arena Media and Posterscope UK kicked off the soccer season with a live campaign combining both social media and up-to-date content automated across 8 digital OOH networks (300+ screens) making it the the largest and most ambitious social/DOOH campaign in the UK.  Questions and topics were posed by ESPN for fans to respond to, via the hashtag #ESPNUK, with opinions and commentary.

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