Experiential barketing! MoreThan launches bus tour for dogs in pet insurance push

Financial services brand MoreThan has seized the opportunity to be irreverent with its pet insurance marketing with the launch of a tour bus designed specifically for man’s best friend.
The ‘K9’ bus has been driving around London this week and will take the streets for the final time today (19 January). The route takes guests past a number of the capital’s dog-friendly spots – as well as canine related landmarks – such as Hyde Park’s pet cemetery and the Kennel Club.
Interested dogs have been invited to register themselves and owners for a free ride on the ‘world’s first’ dog bus tour via Billetto.
Delivered by Cow PR, the experience aims to promote MoreThan’s new ‘Doggysentials’ service, which offers buyers care and protection with a monthly delivery of essential items and an activity monitor.
Steve Jay, head of innovation at MoreThan, told The Drum: “We really want to be known for being passionate about getting out and having fun with your dogs.
“From events like this we’re able to share some great content online and amplify that message. We’ve got some other fun events lined up for the rest of the year to build on this strategy.”
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Fetch Create Giant Dog Bowl to Educate Pet Owners on Hydration

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that your furry little friends are in fact living and breathing beings, not just really cute teddy bear cuddle machines. OK that’s an exaggeration (of course I know dogs etc. are alive), BUT I think you’d be surprised how often pet owners forget to keep their pet’s water bowl topped up. Fetch, the online pet store from Ocado, has created ‘the world’s largest dog bowl’ (not sure if this is actually true), in a bid to educate pet owners on the importance of keeping their dogs hydrated this summer.

The bowl is at a Fetch On Tour event in Kennington Park, which kicked off today and will be there until the 16th July. Like most dog bowls it will be filled with water, allowing your pooches to go and have a swim in the sunshine.
Fetch employees will be on hand to provide dog owners with expert advice and guidance for their pets, particularly around keeping them hydrated during the summer months.
(Source: Event Magazine)

GNV Turns Iconic Summer Toys into Advertisements for Dogs to Discover

During the summertime, a lot of people leave for vacation. That stays true for the people of Italy. Unfortunately, their furry companions often get left at home
GNV, the leading Italian shipping company, decided to do something about it and partnered with DLV BBDO in Milan to create an advertisement directed to dogs!
They changed the cabins for their ships to welcome on both people and their dogs. To announce this major change, they decided to let the dogs know first by hiding popular summer toys in the dirt. Dogs would somehow discover the toys (either it was staged or perhaps they had a scent on them) and bring the toy back to their owner. Each toy had a small advertisement that basically told their owner that the GNV ships now allowed dogs.
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38smiles Stunt Raises Awareness About Abandoned Dogs

Non-profit animal rescue 38smiles has joined forces with MullenLowe MENA UAE to create a social experiment raising awareness of abandoned pets.
According to research, 3,000 pets are abandoned each year in Dubai, but unfortunately it’s not a visible problem.
To make this invisible problem visible 38smiles equipped abandoned cars with motion sensor speakers to create a disruptive moment, hitting people in key locations with the message.
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Uber delivers puppies to offices to help shelter dogs

This is a great mix of experiential and CSR…
If you are a dog lover living in Canada, you will be thrilled to know that organization 3 Million Dogs has partnered up with Uber and dog shelters across the country to deliver puppies to offices for “puppy play dates” on Thursday, 30 April 2015 between 11am and 3pm in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton
All you have to do to receive puppies at your office is to request for them on the Uber app. The play date would cost you CA$30 and all proceeds would go to helping shelter dogs—if you are new to Uber, you can download the app and receive a CA$20 discount on either your first ride or your puppy play date.
When the puppies arrive, you would have 15 minutes to play with them—if any one of them caught your heart, you can also speak to the shelter representative on how to adopt them.
While all the dogs participating in this campaign are referred to as “puppies”, the organizors want you to know that “shelter dogs come in all ages and breeds, and dogs young and old will be visiting offices to raise awareness”.
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SnackBall iBeacon Fitness for Dogs

With lots of talk about beacon technology, its retail and experiential applications, comes this little piece from GranataPet, a healthy pet food company from the Bavarian Alps… It’s called the #SnackBall, and it uses beacons to create an automated outdoor game for dogs, where they can reward themselves, by fetching a ball and bringing it back to the throwing station. If the dog is fast enough, a fresh and healthy snack is automatically released from a dispenser.
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NESTLÉ PURINA – Pro Plan Duo Délice

To promote Nestlé’s new premium dog food product (sold through specialist stores), psLIVE France created a unique event that celebrated the relationship between owners and their dogs, whilst at the same time activating a trade program with Vets and specialist stores enabling them to test the product and become advocates.   The 10 week event, involving two airstreams with a ‘dog lounge’ and a photographic studio, encouraged dog openers to have photographs taken of their pets, which were then uploaded to a Nestle Purina Microsite for judging.  The winners were displayed on billboards throughout France.
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