Ikea to Open a DIY Pop-up Restaurant

Swedish retailer Ikea is opening an immersive pop-up dining experience in London, where the diners are also the chefs.
Do-it-Yourself restaurant, The Dining Club, will invite members of the public to take over the space on Shoreditch High Street to host their own dinner parties for up to 20 people and even have the diner named after them.
An expert chef will be on hand to offer guidance and supervision as they prepare their meal in a homely kitchen environment, choosing from a menu including a range of modern sharing dishes as well as some Scandinavian classics.
Ikea is keen to encourage people to spend more time cooking and eating together. The free experience will include food, booze and waiting staff who will also do the cleaning up afterwards so that the hosts can spend quality time with their friends.
The pop-up will incorporate a ‘Food for Thought’ workshop area where interactive masterclasses will be hosted by guests including Instagram star Pixie Turner and Great British Bake Off winner Edd Kimber, an Ikea kitchen shop and a kitchen showroom where visitors can browse kitchens of various sizes and styles.
Brunch, lunch or dinner slots at The Dining Club will be available from 10am to 10pm from 10 – 25 September and will be bookable online via All visitors will leave with an Ikea treat
Via: Event Magazine

DIY Brand Creates Peruvian Billboard Stop For Tired Drivers

South American home improvement brand Sodimac has launched an altruistic experiential campaign to give weary drivers a comfortable spot to rest on a Peruvian highway.

The brand created a rest stop around its billboard that aims to bring drivers the comforts of home. Tired travellers can park under the sign for free and take a nap in a sheltered garage, which is decorated like a bedroom and features 24/7 security, free wi-fi and sleep masks.

The rest stop concept was devised to combat the large amount of road accidents that happen in Peru due to driver fatigue. A high proportion of these occur on the Panamericana Sur Highway – the long stretch of road from Lima to the Chilean border that features nothing but billboards and unscenic flatlands.

Sodimac enlisted agency McCann Lima to launch the initiative.

Video below:

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]HJ9AiK4zBJU[/youtube]

Via: Event Magazine

Pick Your Colour with OBI

DIY retailer OBI promoted their bespoke personalised paint-mixing system though an interactive application developed with their creative agency “Jung von Matt” and Wall Decaux.
A webcam with a 55″ digital screen ran bespoke software installed into a bus shelter located in one of the most central and busiest locations in Berlin. The #ColourPicker software recognised the colours of the outfit of whoever was standing in front of the panel, and turned them into an individual personalised colour scheme.
After the quick software analysis, people could download their unique colours using a QR Code and got redirected to the nearest store to pick it up.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]JyLKw7a1bBE[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux One World

Renovated With OBI

The agency Jung von Matt/Elbe came up with a creative way to advertise for the German DIY company OBI.
Instead of distributing ugly flyers that detailed their promotions, the creative team used the company’s DIY products to give a section of some ruined and rundown buildings a makeover.
These renovated buildings stood out from the drab streets, showing people how these products can be used in a fun and creative way.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]LuRXqdVvLjs[/youtube]
Via: Design Taxi