Diabetes UK Hosts Pop up Shoe Shop to Highlight Disease-Related Amputations

Diabetes UK has kicked of a new campaign via a pop up shoe shop in London to deliver a message about the consequences of having diabetes.
Located just off Brick Lane in London’s East End Amp Shoes, which opened last week, was a shoe store with a twist – as each shoe represents one of the 135 feet or lower limbs amputated in England every week because of diabetes.
The campaign was created by Langland in partnership with Diabetes UK, Awesome Films, and global fashion and design company Eley Kishimoto, with the aim of not only raising awareness of the condition, but to drive people to get tested through the diabetes UK Risk score.
“Health awareness messages are notoriously difficult to make stick, said Andrew Spurgeon, executive creative director, Langland. “People are tired of being lectured and quick to switch off from traditional communication channels, which is why Langland created Amp Shoes, a shoe store that focuses attention on the rising number of diabetes-related amputations in a completely fresh and unexpected way”.
The campaign was complemented by the social campaign #OneShoe selfie, which saw people all over the UK sharing a photo of themselves wearing just one shoe in support of those that only have one to wear.
Video below:
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]164718948[/vimeo]
Via: The Drum