Emirates Customise the Colossus

Emirates have really gone to town this time with their long term holding, the Clapham Colossus, Europe’s largest backlit billboard providing huge standout and 3.4 million reach a month.
In previous years Emirates has used a site customisation, however they have gone one step further this year to promote their increased flight frequency on the A380. This involves a plane 2D cut out flying from London with Led lit jet streams.

Billboard Made Of Clothes Pops Up In Sydney

GPY&R and oOh!media have created a billboard made from washing, for LG Electronics Australia. All 71 items were washed in a single load in the LG ultra large capacity washing machine and then assembled on the billboard at oOh’s fabrication warehouse.
The billboard, located on Qantas Drive near Sydney International Terminal, measured 12m x 3m and comprised of five bed sheets, twelve bath towels, five tablecloths, eight shirts, nine t-shirts, ten pillow cases, nine pairs of underwear, six washcloths and seven handkerchiefs.
Lambro Skropidis, general manager of marketing at LG Electronics said: “One of the most powerful tools in advertising is the product demo. This one is simple, impactful and sure to resonate with busy Aussie families for whom laundry can be a part of their daily routine.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]4EG-zQ5e95I[/youtube]
Via: Bandt

Microsoft promote new Premier PC in a spectacular fashion

To launch the new Premier PC computer, Posterscope customised over thirty-five sites using multiple creatives to demonstrate the variation and versatility of the product, which operates both as a laptop and tablet, and create impact.  The customisations, which feature on backlight 48’s and backlight 96’s across key cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool and Edinburgh, show how the laptop can be used in different modes to match the user’s needs.