Media agencies MKTG, Posterscope and PSI launch fundraising initiative for local Soup Kitchen on World Mental Health Day

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World Mental Health Day (Tuesday 10th October) has seen the launch of a crowdfunding campaign by MKTG, Posterscope and PSI, who aim to raise £30,000 through crowd-funding site Chuffed, to hire a full-time mental health professional, based at the Whitfield St Soup Kitchen.
There are approximately 1600 soup kitchens in London. Between them, they have one goal: to help the 180,000 people officially designated as homeless in our capital city (data from Shelter).
The Whitfield Soup Kitchen is one of the many organisations helping to overcome the issue of homelessness in one of the richest cities in the world.
But there’s a problem
Although the reasons for homelessness are varied, one significant contributory factor is mental illness, which many of the guests at Whitfield St suffer from, to some extent.
Being homeless adds an extra obstacle to accessing the already reduced funding for mental health services, and if left untreated, may guarantee that they remain homeless. Homelessness also reduces the likelihood of being seen by a regular, mental health professional.
Here’s what we’re doing about it
Knowing this, media agencies MKTG, Posterscope and PSI are endeavouring to create the first ‘no appointment needed’, no obligation, mental health drop-in centre, actually located inside the Soup Kitchen.  Not only will the agencies hire a mental health professional (link worker) to be present at the kitchen for 2-3 days a week across a two-year period, but they will also fund the building of a small, private consultation room, to give the homeless a secure environment with someone they trust to share their issues. If successful it is hoped this will provide a model for other soup kitchens.
Advisors at Mental Health Charity Mind said:
“The support available to homeless people for mental health are sometimes complex to navigate, and people often stop engaging with the support offered. The provision of a link worker will help support people to be aware of options and where to get help with practical and social needs.”
The agencies’ aim is for a professional link worker to build dialogue, trust and relationships, with the regulars to and accelerate their path back to health.
You can donate on Chuffed here.

Saint Vincent de Paul raise awareness of the 'Hidden Homeless'

For two days in October the window of the St Vincent de Paul (SVP) shop in Dublin 2 was transformed into a unique ‘Hidden Homeless’ estate agency window.
This initiative, created by agency In the Company of Huskies, was to draw attention to the housing and homeless crisis and the lack of social housing in Ireland.
The ‘Hidden Homeless’ are people and families in Hotels and B&Bs, made homeless by hikes in private rented sector rents and also people making do with cold, damp and poor quality rental units or ‘sofa surfing’ in the homes of friends or extended family.
These families and people are a key concern for SVP as its members visit them, every week of the year, across Ireland but particularly in and around Dublin, Cork and other cities. SVP directly assists in preventing homelessness, in an informal way, for low income families in private rented housing who face significant rent increases. “SVP volunteers assist with practical support including financial assistance and referral to relevant agencies. SVP also provides social housing and emergency accommodation and is therefore at the heart of the housing and homelessness issue,” said John-Mark McCafferty, SVP Head of Social Justice and Policy.
During the two days, visitors to the shop and passers-by saw a very different type of estate agency window, with properties advertised in terms of what many low income families face. Shop visitors and members of the general public will be asked by younger SVP members from University branches to sign a petition to join the call for Government to:
Ensure that enough social housing is built or bought to meet current and future need
Improve security, affordability and quality in the private rented sector.
Among the properties advertised will be:
Flats with a strong ‘lived-in’ quality, retaining all their features from the 70s, including mould in many rooms and unsuitable for small children or older people.
Compact flats with kitchenette with open vent for constant air circulation and occasional hot water.
A relative’s couch within a multi-use environment that can also be used for relaxing and entertaining guests.
Overpriced rented properties with mediocre furnishings and excessively high rent. A bonus is regular landlord visits.
Hotel rooms with the opportunity for children to mix with a variety of people from stag parties and business conferences. For additional security there is a curfew in place on children leaving the room and a ban on visitors.
There are 90,000 households waiting for social housing across Ireland and over 2,000 children living in homeless accommodation in Dublin. “We need swift action on social housing to meet the needs of these families,” said John-Mark McCafferty.The situation for many families is critical, he said. “Since August 2015 in Dublin alone the number of families living in homeless accommodation has jumped from 607 to 998 and the number of children in those families has gone from 1,275 to 2,012.
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Harry Potter star Emma Watson leaves books on London Underground

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has dashed around the London Underground to hide books for passengers.

The actor dropped off copies of Maya Angelou’s Mom & Me & Mom, the November pick for her online book club Our Shared Self.
The star left the novels as part of the Books On The Underground movement, which sees “book fairies” leave their favourite reads for people to enjoy.
Watson left about 100 books with some including a hand-written note.
In it, she wrote that she hoped the reader would enjoy the book, and urged them to leave it on the Tube afterwards for others to find.

“Too Fabulous” 

One Twitter user, @safaf_96, said she felt like Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she found a book while @siannusmaximus wrote: “The book fairies get a book wizard. Too fabulous for words.”
Cordelia Oxley, director of Books on the Underground, said: “We were delighted to have Emma Watson share the latest Our Shared Shelf book club choice, and she even wrote a lovely note to go inside the books. It was Emma’s idea to be a Book Fairy for the day!
“The reaction has been phenomenal. It must be a mixture of how much everyone adores Emma, and how exciting it is to find something as wonderful as a new book on your journey.”
Watson, who was appointed UN women goodwill ambassador in July 2014, started her book club earlier this year.
Books on the Underground started in 2012 and leave about 150 books in stations across London each week.
Via: BBC

Marie Curie turns Piccadilly Circus yellow in support of nurses

Marie Curie turned Piccadilly Circus yellow on Saturday in support of the charity’s nurses who worked an extra hour as the clocks went back last weekend
For one hour between 7pm and 8pm on 29 October, brands including Coca-Cola and McDonald’s pledged their support for Marie Curie’s “Extra hour” campaign and agreed to donate an hour of their advertising time by turning their artwork yellow.
The Land Securities-owned site also featured messaging for the full hour explaining why the site had turned yellow and included a call to action to donate and show support for the charity.
Further ads for the campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, were booked on digital billboards across the UK, including those on top of London’s black cabs. Shot by photographer Josh Cole, the creative features an image of Marie Curie nurse Sally Monger-Godfrey and urges people to support the charity.
There are also two online films, including a 30-second spot featuring a message of support from actress Alison Steadman, whose mother was cared for by Marie Curie nurses.
The campaign was created by Mark Campion and Nick Baker at Saatchi & Saatchi, with UM handling the media planning and buying.
Brands and outdoor media owners that have pledged their support include Amazon, EDG, Spotify, The Daily Telegraph and Clear Channel.
Andy Jex, executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, said: “Saturday night, as the clocks go back –everyone’s out making the most of an extra hour on the town.
“Meanwhile Marie Curie Nurses are working an hour extra to care for the terminally ill. Piccadilly Circus was the ultimate place to showcase this campaign. Thanks so much to all the brands and media owners involved, we really couldn’t have done it without you.”
Those wishing to make a donation to the charity can text EXTRAHOUR to 70755 to donate £5.
Via: CampaignLive

Pokemon Go-themed campaign helps find missing people too

British charity Missing People leveraged the immense popularity of VR game Pokemon Go to help raise awareness of missing persons. The philanthropic organization partnered with the Bartle Bogle Hegarty intern program BBH Barn in London to create the Pokemon Go-themed campaign.
London has an estimated 5 million UK Pokemon Go players, but also 250,000 people who go missing every year. This clever and socially relevant example of Pokemon Go-inspired content stands out by encourages those out searching for invisible anime creatures to keep an eye out for the advertised missing people as well. High traffic areas of London including Trafalgar Square and Waterloo Station featured the enormous Pokemon posters, which showed the face of a missing person inside a Pokeball.
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San Juan Beer "Where is my Otorongo?"

For decades, SABMIller’s San Juan beer has been, by far, the favorite beer of the Peruvian Amazon region. Since its launch, a jaguar known as “otorongo”, native to the region, has been its symbol. Sadly, due to deforestation and poaching, the otorongo is now a species in danger of extinction. There are only 6.000 otorongos left in Peru. In order to change this situation, during the hugely popular February carnival, San Juan removed the jaguar from its labels and replaced it with a dog, a pig, a cow and even a rooster. Only 6 thousand bottles with the picture of the otorongo were left, for the purpose of mirroring the problem. Reactions came quickly, ranging from surprise to indignation.
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psLIVE, Posterscope and PSI get into the Christmas spirit to raise money for the local soup kitchen

In 2015 around 30 of us from psLIVE, Posterscope and PSI have been working in a Soup Kitchen for homeless people based round the corner at the American Church on Tottenham Court Road.
They needed to raise £300 to buy consumables such as paper plates, cups, basic ingredients such as sugar, tea coffee etc, and we thought we could raise that as a Xmas gesture – a neighbourly act so to speak.
So on Tuesday 8th December, between 12 noon and 4pm, a social media booth appeared in our breakout area –generously donated by The Flashpack – one of psLIVE’s delivery partners, and everyone was asked to join in the fun to raise money for this worthy cause. Props and a snowy backdrop was provided and then the fun began.
On Friday 11 December the organisers of the Soup Kitchen paid a vist to the Qube where we presented a cheque to the value of £462, which was gratefully received.

The World's First Billbed help homeless in Pakistan

There are an estimated half a million homeless people in every main city in Pakistan. Most are labourers who work hard during the day and have nowhere to sleep at night.Nowhere but the pavements. With Pakistan’s leading mattress brand MoltyFoam’s promise of a good night’s sleep, agency BBDO Pakistan saw an opportunity to help and provided a solution to people sleeping outdoors… by using outdoor. “We designed the world’s first BillBed. A billboard designed from the product itself. By day the BillBeds advertised the brand, and by night – with a simple flick – they transformed into comfortable beds”. The weatherproof BillBeds were placed in over 150 locations in 9 major cities across Pakistan, at locations we knew would benefit homeless labourers the most.
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London City Airport Sends Christmas Cheer #AcrossTheMiles

Elves have installed a video booth at London City Airport where passengers and crew can record a personal message for their loved ones overseas.
After recording their video in the log cabin, the travelers are given a special code to access and share their video online.
The campaign is being backed on social media with the hashtag #acrossthemiles.
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Via: The Wall Blog

Clever Anti-Child Abuse Ad Transforms when You Step in & Stop the Violence

Spotted in South Korea is a brightly lit billboard that features the silhouettes of a young child threatened by a man holding a glass bottle.
At the top of the ad is a one-liner that reads: “Child abuse, you can prevent it.”
A small arrow accompanies the text, pointing to the blank space between the two black figures, imploring passers-by to step in and stop the violence.
And when they do, their intervening shadows will be reflected on the screen. But that’s not all—a superhero logo will then appear on their shadows, featuring the emergency number 112 and a statement which is loosely translated to read: “Report to become a hero for children.”
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