'Fearless Girl' statue appears in Wall Street on International Women's Day

On Wednesday 15th March, a little girl appeared in front of Wall Street’s “Charging Bull.” Standing defiantly, with her hands on her hips, the girl stares down the bull in front of her, a symbol of power on International Women’s Day.
Dubbed “Fearless Girl,” the statue, conceived by McCann New York for State Street Global Advisors, garnered admiration with crowds of people showing up to take photos next to the girl.
The statue, created by artist Kristen Visbal, is part of the SSGA’s campaign to increase the number of women on clients’ company boards.
Nira Desai, who is campaigning to make the statue a permanent fixture said, “Wall Street has always stereotypically represented a heavily male-dominated environment, and the charging bull reinforces that.” She continued, “To counter it with a defiant young woman, taking a stand, is a provocative and compelling way to get people to reconsider women’s leadership in corporations and on boards. It also allows passerbys to reflect on the need to act, to not accept the status quo and to stand up for what they believe in.”
The statue was to be displayed for only a week, according to SSGA. Then because of public outcry, it received an extension; de Blasio tweeted Wednesday that the statue will remain until April 2. “Our future rests in the hands of fearless girls,” he wrote.
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Via: PR Week and Guerilla Blog