Delicates and Regulars Battle It Out In LG’s Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Floating clothes which emerge from the night city streets and eventually get into a fight! Of course, this is all courtesy of LG and the agency Hill Holiday.
The clothes are divided into two groups: delicates and regulars. The voice-over says they have never managed to get along properly, which is true, considering that we always wash them separately and strictly follow this division (most of the time, of course). Then the fight abruptly stops and a woman is seen putting the clothes into the washing machine. We see here a washing machine which has two departments – because of this, you can now wash two sets of clothes at the same time and stop this division once and for all.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]J6vm98R6qZo[/youtube]

North Face Campaign Uses Weather Triggers to 'Embrace the Outdoors'

For The North Face’s first campaign with Posterscope we used our partnership with Liveposter to bring to life what the brand is all about, embracing the outdoors. By using weather triggers we were able to update the copy in real time displaying a ‘Never Stop Exploring’ creative when the temperature was above 10*C & a product related ‘Thermoball Jacket’ creative. This ran across a range of digital formats including the iconic One Piccadilly site located in the heart of London’s Piccadilly Circus.
This campaign is another great example of how we can use our partnerships to make DOOH more relevant than ever. Reaching our audience at the right time & within the right mindset.

Billboard Made Of Clothes Pops Up In Sydney

GPY&R and oOh!media have created a billboard made from washing, for LG Electronics Australia. All 71 items were washed in a single load in the LG ultra large capacity washing machine and then assembled on the billboard at oOh’s fabrication warehouse.
The billboard, located on Qantas Drive near Sydney International Terminal, measured 12m x 3m and comprised of five bed sheets, twelve bath towels, five tablecloths, eight shirts, nine t-shirts, ten pillow cases, nine pairs of underwear, six washcloths and seven handkerchiefs.
Lambro Skropidis, general manager of marketing at LG Electronics said: “One of the most powerful tools in advertising is the product demo. This one is simple, impactful and sure to resonate with busy Aussie families for whom laundry can be a part of their daily routine.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]4EG-zQ5e95I[/youtube]
Via: Bandt