Ferrero gives fans opportunity to get personalised kinder Scokolade

To increase brand love and encourage sales of Germany’s most favourite chocolate treat in the pre-Christmas season, Posterscope Germany and Ferrero implemented an engaging and interactive campaign.  Fans could upload their photo portrait onto the Ferrero website and in return receive a personalised pack of kinder Schokolade with their portrait on the front for them to take home.
The activity was supported by a multi-format Out of Home campaign.  In addition to roadside billboards in the Top 10 cities, which featured multiple creative executions of kinder Schokolade, billboards at Point of Sale and branded busses, an eye catching giant digital screen in a highly frequented location in Berlin was utilised.  The digital screen which was located just above the photobox broadcast live the photos as they were taken.
The simple but engaging event performed extremely well with the PhotoBox working to capacity. Despite rainy weather and low temperatures, kinder Schokolade fans were content to wait up to 45 minutes for their personalised kinder Schokolade package. Approximately 3500 personalised packs of kinder Schokolade were distributed and 2300 photos broadcasted live and in real time onto the digital landmark.

Posterscope Creates an OOH Experience for Cadbury’s Bournvita Biscuit

Posterscope India has rolled out an extensive campaign to announce the launch of Mondelez’s latest variant Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits.
This is the company’s second brand in the biscuits category after Oreo. With this, Mondelez India has expanded its category footprint from cream biscuits to cookies.
The core objective of the campaign is centred on building awareness of the launch of this new offering. Posterscope used the product tag line ‘Subah ka Biscuit’ (morning biscuit) in its communication to showcase the product as a morning breakfast snack. The campaign aimed to reach out to the mothers of children aged five and 15 years.
Building on the brief, Posterscope crafted a campaign that resulted in a media mix delivering both impact and reach. The media formats used for impact were billboards, unipoles, gantries, pillars, mall facades, airport, metro trains.  To build reach and frequency, Posterscope deployed bus shelters, food court table mat brandings, local and metro trains and signages across various cities. The campaign has been implemented across top 20 cities.
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Snickers Freaks Out People With Funny Digital Billboard

During this year’s Super Bowl, Snickers and BBDO N.Y. tapped Willem Dafoe for an installment of the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, in which the actor stepped into the shoes and dress of Marilyn Monroe in the iconic scene from “The Seven-Year Itch,” in which she stood above a subway grate, skirt blowing up wildly and exposing her gams.
In honor of Marilyn Monroe’s 90th birthday, Snickers reversed the plot of the spot in a digital billboard in New York, which flashed the original movie scene at passersby. With the help of facial recognition technology, the display was able to detect those who stared at Monroe’s sexy clip, and those who were ogling a little too intensely got a big surprise.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]JjCVR6XDn1E[/youtube]
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The Milka Collage Fun-Box

Mondelez promoted the new Milka Collage with an OOH roadshow throughout Germany. A “Milka Collage Fun Box” invites chocolate-lovers in nine cities to take a photo. The images are being shown live on a screen outside of the Funbox and can be shared with friends on Facebook. As a strong incentive to participate, each participant received a chocolate bar of Milka collage, personalized with his or her own picture. The new Milka Collage in flavours caramel and raspberry has been available since the end of 2015. For Milka Collage, Mondelez has been increasingly relying on out- of-home-communication.

Cadbury's Introduce the World's First Flavour-Matching Facebook-Powered Vending Machine

To celebrate Cadbury’s wide flavor range and unique selection of sweets, Australia’s leading chocolate brand created the Joy Generator- a vending machine that dispenses chocolate flavors based on a person’s Facebook likes and interests.
Users simply walk up to the machine, sign into Facebook, and are served a free chocolate bar with a flavor unique to their personality. Customers then take a picture with their flavor in the brand’s social media enabled picture booth.
Users get matched up with one of twelve flavors. Those who register as energetic should expect to receive a “Crunchie” bar. For the exotic posters and frequent travelers, the “Turkish Delight” may be a better fit.
This experiential stunt created with Red Agency is part of Cadbury’s integrated brand strategy. The campaign includes a series of new packaging, outdoor activities, digital executions, engaging social content, and additional experiential activations- all of which communicate Cadbury’s dedication to flavor innovation.
The online profiles created by social media users demonstrate the diverse range of interests, beliefs, and perceptions that society has. Cadbury’s Joy Generator acknowledges those characteristics on an individual scale, and thus establishes strong emotional bonds with potential consumers.
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