Sticky notes to Instagram now meets OOH

Instagram sticky note artist, book illustrator and social truth giver Chaz Hutton has taken his un-cannily spot-on sketches out-of-home.
Chaz’s Instagram account @instachaaz shares post it note sized tru-isms and he has just launched a collection in his book ‘A Sticky Note Guide to Life.’
To celebrate the launch he has used topical and relevant OOH to launch the book.
The content at Strouts Place explains how to draw a stick figure, one incensed and one depressed as the tagline says, ‘It’s been a tough year. This book might be exactly what you need.’
Photo credit: Chaz Hutton | @instachaaz | The Sticky Note Guide to Life
In Dalston a second execution features one of Chaz’s iconic illustrations ‘A map of every city’ and includes pens in a box in the right hand corner so passers-by can add more.
@instachaaz and A Sticky Note Guide to Life