Clear Channel UK Reviews Senior Leadership Team

Clear Channel has conducted a review of its senior leadership team which sees Victor Porter join the company in the newly-created role of Technology Director, and Sales Director Martin Corke promoted to the Board.
As part of the review, responsibilities for future products will be integrated into other functions of the business and as a result Alex Hollingdale; Product Director has decided to leave Clear Channel.
With the company set to embark on a new phase of their strategy, Marketing Director Emma Newman has decided that, having completed her marketing contribution to Clear Channel’s current three year plan the time is right to move on to a different opportunity.
Errol Baran, the Managing Director of Clear Channel’s new premium digital out-of-home brand Storm is also to leave the business. Errol was asked to build the Storm brand and business, as well as bring together a management team and develop the first all-digital out of home commercially flexible proposition. That is now complete and Errol leaves Storm in a great position for the future.
Andrew Morley, Chief Executive, Clear Channel UK said: “With both Clear Channel UK and UK out-of-home media set to go through a transformation, we’ve taken the opportunity to review our senior management team. Over the past two years, Clear Channel has pioneered innovative new technologies with the UK’s largest deployment of NFC and QR through our Connect mobile platform, and the launch of Storm.
“The appointment of a Technology Director of Victor’s calibre demonstrates how important we believe emerging technologies will be for brands and consumers in the future. Martin’s promotion is well-deserved recognition for his commitment, commercial acumen and the fresh approach he has brought to the role.
“I’d like to congratulate Victor and Martin and thank Alex, Errol and Emma for their contribution to the success that Clear Channel and Storm have enjoyed under their tenure.”
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Posters at Bus Stops Collect Change so the Less Well-Off Can Get a Ride

Poverty is an issue that affects every city, where the most wealthy sections of society walk the same streets as the homeless. However, getting the former to give to latter is still a challenge. Schemes such as Suspended Coffees have helped consumers to donate a coffee to those that can’t afford one, and now Troco Coletivo — which translates as Payback Collective — is a new initiative in Brazil, which enables commuters to leave their small change at bus stops or on buses so the less wealthy can use it to travel.
Created by marketing agency Mark+, the campaign has placed bright yellow strips on bus stop posts and bus handrails that have several pockets. Text on the signs lets passengers know that if they have some change, they can leave it in the pouches, and that those who need some can take what’s there. The scheme requires an element of trust, but it’s hoped that the simple project will foster a sense of community spirit. The scheme helps both those who can’t afford to pay for a bus fare to travel, as well as those who find themselves short by a small amount. While it’s possible that some could take advantage, the creators believe that Troco Coletivo is a social experiment that has the potential to become a standard at bus stops across the country, or even the world.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]RJbCuOrpiio[/youtube]
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