BMW Bring Their Rugby Partnership To Light With Outdoor

Under the guidance of media agency Vizeum and Outdoor specialists Posterscope, BMW have strategically planned the Outdoor arm of their campaign around the upcoming matches across the country with creative flexibility in response to the match times and results. This Outdoor element fits into a greater strategy engaged by BMW and celebrates their continued affiliation and sponsorship of The Wallabies.
The campaign has engaged multiple Outdoor formats including static and digital billboards as well as airport media, namely APN Outdoor’s LUX Collection, Elite Screens and Sydney Airport Lightboxes.
These assets have been selected to impact rugby fans and general consumers on the go throughout the Rugby season, with specific activity focused around the three-Test series in June, throughout the Bledisloe Cup and the Rugby Championship later this year in September.
“Working with APN Outdoor, we have the opportunity to target Wallabies supporters on their way to and from matches. We can change the message dynamically and alter the messaging from city to city. It helps us to ensure we are delivering relevant messaging to our core audience” said Stuart Jaffray, BMW Australia’s general manager – marketing.
APN Outdoor is Australia and New Zealand’s most progressive Outdoor advertising company; leaders in the Digital Billboard, Billboard, Transit, Rail and Airport advertising categories. Whilst dominating traditional outdoor formats, the company also maintains particular focus on growing and developing their digital portfolio, establishing APN Outdoor as the unrivaled leaders in this space.
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Volkswagen's Human Crossing

In the UAE, most drivers ignore zebra crossings on a daily basis. So it’s no surprise that 20% of all road accidents in the United Arab Emirates involve pedestrians, often resulting in fatalities. So Volkswagen via Soho Square created “The Human Crossing” to make our roads a little more human (and safe), reminding drivers that pedestrians aren’t invisible and are human beings.Children were given Volkswagen RFID tags, which synced their names to digital billboards which activated as they cross the road in key locations, making them more visible and creating human connections in the attempt to avoid more pedestrian accidents.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]D4GAygWdriU[/youtube]
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BMW Uses Premium DOOH to Promote New i8

The BMW i8 is the most progressive sports car available today, with the consumption and emissions of a compact car combined with super car performance, the BMW i8 is revolutionizing its vehicle class. To showcase the introduction of the first colour variations since launch, BMW wanted to dominate key cities with premium DOOH sites – targeting affluent drivers with a halo effect reaching aspirational future drivers of super cars.
Euston Underpass Westbound - BMW i8 9thMay16 VIEW2FILL (002)
With 6 copy variations showcased across sites in sequence, such as the Cromination, this campaign has been catching they eye up and down the country.

Dentsu Plans Roadside Ads that Change According to Driver’s Vehicle

In an experiment, advertising giant Dentsu Inc. plans to bring so-called targeted advertising, an increasingly popular sales method in cyberspace, into the physical world.
Dentsu’s team, with support from chipmaker Intel Corp. and three other information technology companies, will start running outdoor digital ads as early as June that collect and analyze people’s interests and instantaneously promote products to them based on their data.
Targeted advertising is already in wide use on the Internet. Based on such data as web browsing history and purchase history, advertisers are looking to judge consumers by demographics or personal traits so they can hawk the items or services most likely to attract them.
The first step will be to set up a digital sign board specifically tailored for drivers near a major highway in Tokyo.
By using video feeds from street cameras, computers will automatically analyze passing automobiles to gather clues on brand and type so the company can display pre-programmed ads to the drivers, said Dentsu’s Ichiro Jinnai, who is leading the project.
“For example, let’s say Lexus was the sponsor of the advertisement. When cars of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are approaching, the digital signage displays ads telling how Lexus cars are superior to these competitors,” Jinnai said Thursday.
Although it will only display car ads to begin with, the technology will be used to promote other products in the future by using big data to analyze what drivers want, based on the types and brands of cars they are driving — like promoting coffee to long-distance truck drivers to urge them to take a break — he said.
After this experiment, Dentsu plans to run the targeted ads at places such as shopping malls and tourist spots, as well as to use the technology on people rather than machines.
Asked about privacy concerns, Jinnai said there are “no privacy issues” because images from the cameras will not be stored, meaning any information that can be used to identify individuals will not be available for the ad agency to use.
“We do not intend to identify each individual nor to obtain any personal information. We will only judge people’s gender and age from their facial characteristics,” he said.
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Aston Martin £1 Million Car Flies 300 Feet Over London

Ahead of the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship, which is scheduled for this weekend (Sunday 17th April), Aston Martin has teamed up with property developer Mount Anvil to get fans excited.
On the 12th April the car manufacturer airlifted a £1 Million 2016 V8 Vantage GTE Challenger, over 300 feet into the sky by crane onto the 31st floor of a Canary Wharf skyscraper.
The chosen destination, Dollar Bay, is Mount Anvil’s dockside, 31 storey, crystalline glass tower, which overlooks the financial district of London.
The stunt launched the partnership between Aston Martin and Mount Anvil, with the brands stating the companies will engage in what has been coined as ‘knowledge-sharing exercises’ throughout the racing season.
Two drivers from Aston Martin carried out a practice change over, this practice run is crucial ahead of Sunday’s race and presumably a first for the drivers who completed this maneuver 300 feet above London.
Video below
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]8jEFcODItoM[/youtube]
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Billboard's Targets Specific Car Marques

There is a billboard along a highway west of Chicago that is just as smart as any online ad, if not smarter. Motorists behind the wheels of a Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Sonata or Ford Fusion might even get the feeling that they are being watched. They’d be right.
The sign has “eyes” that belong to General Motors, part of an outdoor campaign using cameras on billboards to identify passing vehicles by their grilles. When Camrys, Altimas, Sonatas and Fusions go by, the system tells a digital billboard 1,000 feet down the road just what to tell drivers about why their cars are inferior to GM’s Chevy Malibu. Some will learn, for example, that the Malibu has “more available safety features than your Hyundai Sonata.”
“Their branding is to ‘Find New Roads’ and they really challenged us to find new roads with out-of-home and push the envelope,” said Helma Larkin, CEO of Dentsu Aegis-owned Posterscope USA, which created the effort in partnership with outdoor ad company Lamar Advertising as well as Carat and Commonwealth McCann.
The campaign, also rolling out in Dallas and New Jersey, exemplifies just one way that technology is fueling a renaissance in out-of-home advertising. Marketers are linking online data to digital billboards, producing ads that bridge the digital and real worlds. And audience-measurement techniques relying on mobile devices are giving brands a better grasp on what types of people encounter their signs every day. As a result, out-of-home advertising is drawing a steady stream of marketing dollars even as other forms of traditional advertising lose ground to digital. It doesn’t hurt that consumers are encountering more signs and out-of-home video while online ads and TV commercials get easier to avoid.
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People Climb Saatchi and Toyota's Insane Rock Wall in Times Square

We’re three months into 2016, and it might be the year advertisers redefined the billboard.

We’ve already seen obnoxious, stupid yet fun billboards that play with the form in delightful ways. And last week, Toyota joined the list of major brands shaking up out-of-home with a scalable rock wall it erected right in the middle of Times Square.

The execution—a climbing wall on a billboard—created by Saatchi & Saatchi in Los Angeles, is not only the first of its kind in Times Square but also the tallest outdoor climbing wall ever built in New York City.

Last Wednesday, the automaker tapped novice climber Christina Fate, who serves as a rally car navigator for Team Toyota, to make the 120-foot vertical climb. The 6,000-pound wall took pro-climbers 10-15 minutes to vanquish; Fate did it in roughly 25 minutes.

Check out the video above, in which Adweek caught up with Fate, as well as Saatchi’s Erich Funke and Toyota’s Jack Hollis, to see what rock climbing has to do with Toyota, and why the brand would want to put on an activation of this scale.

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Posterscope Italy Wins Key Press and Outdoor Award for MINI REVOLUTION Campaign

Posterscope Italy has won the Press&Outdoor Key Gold award for their MINI Revolution OOH campaign.
The MINI REVOLUTION: Between innovation and heritage
The objective of the OOH campaign was to bring to life the exclusive features of the new MINI, including horseshoe shaped LED headlights, through a series of special posters replicating the front of the car.
The headline of the campaign “MINI REVOLUTION” helped summarised the entire philosophy of MINI, conveying the innovation of a new product, while at the same time, respecting the heritage of an iconic brand that everyone loves.
The media plan began in February with the use of mid-size and small formats in Rome and mid-size formats in Milan. The campaign continued in March- April when big-size formats with special effects hit the streets of Turin, Milan, Rome and Naples, generating more than 12 million estimated impacts.
psLIVE played a key role in developing and producing the special effects that strengthened viewer engagement in the three big format positions.
This is a significant achievement for Posterscope Italy as the Press & Outdoor Key Award by MediaKeyEvents is one of the most prestigious awards in Italy celebrating best-in-class creative campaigns.
The success of the campaign was the result of truly collaborative teamwork- this fantastic achievement was made possible by Posterscope Italy’s operating model.
This is a truly collaborative project, a perfect example of the application of our values particularly around collaboration and our operating model. We are delighted to collect this award that reflects fantastic work across all teams involved. I am very happy that our industry has recognised the value and efficacy of our planning and hard work. Congratulations to the whole team.” Lorenzo Malegori, Managing Director of Posterscope Italy.

Brilliant Outdoor Billboards Show Just how Many Items a Car can Pack

Toronto-based advertising agency Grip Limited has created some brilliant outdoor billboards for Honda.
To promote the 2015 Honda Fit, Grip Limited wanted to show the world just how many things the boot of the compact Honda Fit could pack in.
In two separate executions, the contents in the car are exposed to showcase an overwhelming amount of things: camping gear, a canoe, a guitar, a bicycle, just to name a few. The objects may seem too large and like there’s too much, but it all seems to fit in perfectly.
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BlowUP Media Dominated M4 Wealth Corridor with Iconic Large Format Outdoor Site

Large format out of home company blowUP media UK is this week launching its new M4 Outbound site, which at 490sqm, will be the largest outdoor site along the M4 wealth corridor.

The site will be the third largest in London. The location targets traffic heading out of central London towards Heathrow and the affluent counties in the West. It is estimated that 2.7 million vehicles will pass the new site each week.
In addition it is surrounded by motor dealerships such as Mercedes and Audi.