The world's largest exhibition

On May 15th 2012, asked people around the world to pick up their camera and photograph daily life. Over 100,000 photos from 165 countries were submitted.  On 8th October, the 2nd stage of the project began when forty-five of the best photographs were shown around the world in the largest photography exhibition ever staged – reaching an estimated worldwide audience of 46 million over a period of 48 hours. The massive operation was executed by the Posterscope network and involved 284 digital networks, 73 media partners and over 85,000 screens across all the major continents.  This global synchronised exhibition kicked off on the farthest easterly screen in Sydney, Australia and traveled across the world until it reached the most westerly screen in the USA.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Wtj2go8tw6s[/youtube]

Exclusive remixes from NFC-enabled posters

Sony Mobile is deploying a nationwide NFC-enabled OOH campaign in shopping malls and on roadside, as part of the launch marketing activity for the Sony Xperia T phone. Consumers are able to download a specially-mixed music track from music producer Benga from the sites via their smartphone.  The campaign was planned and booked by Posterscope and PHD with JCDecaux.  The mall sites also feature directional sound speakers which give a personal preview of the Benga track to the individual in front of the advertising site.

Kit Kat NFC Enabled Posters

Kit Kat’s  ‘We Will Find You’ promotion involves six chocolate bars fitted with a GPS tracker which when activated alerts a team who will track down the winner and hand over a £10,000 prize. OOH supports the activity, 3,000 6 sheets have been fitted with NFC and QR Touchpoints that allow users to interact with the promotion, get live updates showing how many bars still remain and link to a secondary competition via Facebook. Posterscope, working in conjunction with Mindshare, JWT and Pragmatica delivered this campaign with JCDecaux, Clear Channel and Primesight.

Channel 4 Hotel ‘peepshows’

To promote the launch of their new reality TV show, Hotel GB, Channel 4 wanted to give the public a literal view behind the scenes of the running of the celebrity hotel. Installing peep hole screens at 4 sites across London, allowed viewers to peer through a hotel keyhole and see the celebrities perform comical skits on a digital screen.  Each site was fully branded with a hotel door, a welcome mat and hotel wallpaper to give the impression of actually stepping into the hotel. The campaign was planned and created by OMD and Posterscope.