A contagious billboard that makes you yawn, then brings you a coffee

Underneath the streets of Sao Paulo a yawning epidemic is breaking out. That is the intention of Contagious Billboard, a live-action digital display that makes passersby yawn, but then comes to the rescue with a free cup o’ joe.
Created by agency Lew Lora/TBWA and coffee brand Café Pele, the billboard plays into social research conducted by State University of New York. Apparently, 70 percent of people yawn when they see someone else is yawning (just wait and see once you get to the end of the video).
Using a hidden motion sensor, the billboard knows when and how many people pass in front of it. The man on the screen starts yawning when the time is right, triggering a series of yawns amongst the subway commuters.
The more people walk by, the more the billboard yawns, and the more obvious it is that people need a boost of caffeine.
After quite a few yawns, the screen changes to say, “Did you yawn too? It’s time for coffee.” Café Pele representatives then appear with trays of coffee, handing the espresso shots out to those in need. If you don’t like coffee, the whole tactic might seem a bit cruel, otherwise you’ve got yourself a nice afternoon pick-me-up.
The yawning display’s use of moving images is eye-catching in itself, but the impact that it has on passersby is what makes it a barrier-breaking innovation. It bridges digital and physical environments, leading people into a multi-sensory brand experience.
Marketing 101 tells us that advertisers must create a need for the product and then demonstrate how the product fulfills that want. Contagious Billboard demonstrates how these basic principles can be implemented by using both technology and physical interaction in an integrated way.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]DoocrXEsLto[/youtube]
Via: psfk