Audi and BMW engage in a billboard war

BMW started a war with Audi by mounting an outdoor banner right in front of Audi’s showroom. The banner read, “It’s never too late to change your mind.”
So Audi, responded with another banner right behind BMW’s one saying: “LOOOOL, you don’t change from a winning brand.”
The “LOOOOL” showed in Audi’s banner was created using its rings in the logo.
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Posterscope China scoop Outstanding Contribution Award at the Beijing Advertising Association Awards.

This was the 100 th year anniversary of the development of the advertising industry association in Beijing and Posterscope were recognised for their professional conduct and significant contribution to the OOH industry over the past +30 years.
Upon announcing the award, the judges referred to many milestones in the businesses history and recognised their commitment to data, technology, planning and creativity as well as their professional approach to business and the industry in general.
Numerous campaigns were cited as examples of Posterscope’s ability to push the boundaries.
This included their 2004 work for Adidas which was the first interactive campaign in the city, their integrated and complex work for the Torch relay campaign at the 2008 Olympics and their 2014 3D projection work for BMW which won a number of awards that year including Campaign’s Digital Media Award and the Individual.
Congratulations to the team!

BMW Uses Premium DOOH to Promote New i8

The BMW i8 is the most progressive sports car available today, with the consumption and emissions of a compact car combined with super car performance, the BMW i8 is revolutionizing its vehicle class. To showcase the introduction of the first colour variations since launch, BMW wanted to dominate key cities with premium DOOH sites – targeting affluent drivers with a halo effect reaching aspirational future drivers of super cars.
Euston Underpass Westbound - BMW i8 9thMay16 VIEW2FILL (002)
With 6 copy variations showcased across sites in sequence, such as the Cromination, this campaign has been catching they eye up and down the country.

BMW Use Real Time Posters to Launch New 7 Series

To promote the new 7 series, BMW’s contemporary flagship car that redefines luxury, Posterscope, in collaboration with Vizeum, Liveposter and PSI, launched an engaging digital out-of-home campaign that brought to life the model range’s technological innovations
The campaign, which positions the 7 Series as  ‘The most innovative car in its class’ and focuses on product attribute ‘Luxury turbo charged with innovation’,  used real-time messaging and multiple creative executions via the Liveposter CMS platform, triggered by a series of different data sets.  The data sets include time of day and the weather in key cities across the UK.
The OOH campaign (appearing on roadside, airports and Eurostar) forms part of an integrated campaign that also includes digital, print and TV.

BMW use special lighting effects across the UK

To bring to life the subtle night driving features in the new BMW 1 Series, such as pedestrian detection and high-beam assistance, Posterscope created ten special build 96 sheets (located across the country) which were fitted with animated LEDs that illustrated the after-dark sensor technology featured in the car.
The campaign was planned by Vizeum UK.

Posterscope Italy Wins Key Press and Outdoor Award for MINI REVOLUTION Campaign

Posterscope Italy has won the Press&Outdoor Key Gold award for their MINI Revolution OOH campaign.
The MINI REVOLUTION: Between innovation and heritage
The objective of the OOH campaign was to bring to life the exclusive features of the new MINI, including horseshoe shaped LED headlights, through a series of special posters replicating the front of the car.
The headline of the campaign “MINI REVOLUTION” helped summarised the entire philosophy of MINI, conveying the innovation of a new product, while at the same time, respecting the heritage of an iconic brand that everyone loves.
The media plan began in February with the use of mid-size and small formats in Rome and mid-size formats in Milan. The campaign continued in March- April when big-size formats with special effects hit the streets of Turin, Milan, Rome and Naples, generating more than 12 million estimated impacts.
psLIVE played a key role in developing and producing the special effects that strengthened viewer engagement in the three big format positions.
This is a significant achievement for Posterscope Italy as the Press & Outdoor Key Award by MediaKeyEvents is one of the most prestigious awards in Italy celebrating best-in-class creative campaigns.
The success of the campaign was the result of truly collaborative teamwork- this fantastic achievement was made possible by Posterscope Italy’s operating model.
This is a truly collaborative project, a perfect example of the application of our values particularly around collaboration and our operating model. We are delighted to collect this award that reflects fantastic work across all teams involved. I am very happy that our industry has recognised the value and efficacy of our planning and hard work. Congratulations to the whole team.” Lorenzo Malegori, Managing Director of Posterscope Italy.

Cromwell Road Revs Up for New BMW i8 Campaign

Over the next two weeks, Clear Channel’s flagship Cromwell Road site will be home to a full-scale, 600-kilogram fibreglass replica of the new BMW i8 – the innovative hybrid sports car from one of the world’s leading car manufacturers.
BMW has taken over all six Cromwell Road advertising panels for their stunning out-of-home advertising campaign. An elevated ramp has been built to create the illusion of the replica i8 driving along a road, bringing the advert to life. The campaign was planned and booked by Vizeum and Posterscope.
Nicola Green, BMW’s Marketing Communications Manager – Brand and New Model Launches, said: “The i8 is a car which stands out – its design, innovation and performance. As such, it was important for us that when marketing and promoting this model, we did something a little bit different.  The Cromwell Road placement allows us to do that in an eye-catching and exciting way.”

MINI Targets Motorists on the Days They Are Considering a New Set of Wheels

In a media first with Ocean, MINI, Posterscope and Vizeum have launched a dynamic campaign that uses live traffic data to trigger different content to be played out. The content is specific to whether traffic is heavy, medium or light.
The innovative campaign is running from the end of May and throughout June across seven key sites in Liverpool, Manchester and London from Mondays to Wednesdays when research suggests motorists are considering a new vehicle.
The campaign is in line with MINI’s innovative and playful branding using good-humored copy, which resonates with its audience’s situation.
This campaign was also Ocean Outdoor’s Campaign of the Month in May.

Posterscope Rolls Out Innovative Data-Driven Outdoor Ad Campaign for MINI Hatch

As part of its ‘New and Original’ out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign, MINI Hatch is leveraging revolutionary outdoor audience insights to track and strategically reach its target customers at the most optimal times of their daily commute.
Posterscope used Route to identify environments where MINI Hatch’s audiences are most likely to visit and, in partnership with Vizeum, iris and LIVEPOSTER, has incorporated this data into planning an industry-first, immersive three-tiered outdoor campaign covering a Wonderwall, a full cross-track domination, at London’s Liverpool Street Station, traditional posters and digital OOH elements.
The campaign kicks off across a Wonderwall at Liverpool Street Station, which displays interchanging outdoor creative to highlight the ‘New and Original’ components of the car, and cross-track projections (XTPs) using LIVEPOSTER technology. The innovative capabilities of the LIVEPOSTER platform will bring to life the new ConnectedDrive in-car internet system feature of the MINI Hatch, by announcing live tweets and Facebook updates throughout the day. This campaign celebrates the first time LIVEPOSTER has been used within a Wonderwall.
As part of the wider strategy, the activity will also run across stand alone iconic UK landmark OOH sites including London’s Old Street and Wandsworth Roundabouts, Trafford Arch in Manchester and the M5 Tower in Birmingham and the Glasgow Tower. Digital media communications will then be used to demonstrate the distinct product features of the new MINI Hatch across high frequency, small format digital OOH sites.
Francesca Blair, Client Manager, Posterscope, said: “By devising a three-pronged approach, we are able to reach audiences where they are in the most innovative and striking ways possible. By using unrivalled industry insight, we can generate mass awareness and emotional appeal of the MINI Hatch’s ‘New and Original’ messages, which when distributed across a Wonderwall, will deliver a truly immersive experience. This highly targeted data-driven campaign allows us to deliver efficiencies and true business value for the client.”
Richard Morris, Managing Director, Vizeum said: “We wanted MINI to be celebrated not just for its iconic status in British society, but for how it encapsulates technological advancements in driving. Liverpool Street Station’s Wonderwall represents the ideal, immersive space to bring the benefits and distinctiveness of MINI to life.”

BMW spectacular in Santa Ana Square…

The lively Santa Ana Square in Madrid became centre stage for the new BMW Series 1, as two new models, Urban and Sport, were simultaneously launched by Posterscope Iberia who created a spectacular OOH event.  This involved the projection of dynamic 3D videomapping onto the wall of the Teatre Español, accompanied by dramatic sound effects and the use of social media. It allowed spectators to participate by posting comments and opinions about the promotional video through Facebook and Twitter onto the wall in real time.  Hundreds of people were present at the launch and the reaction was phenomenal.