Thermo-reactive billboard shows ad when the temperature drops

Nokia teamed up with ‘Glove Love’ by Do The Green Thing as part of their campaign to promote the Nokia Lumia’s sensitive touchscreen, which can be used with gloves on.
The company also created a heat-sensitive billboard with a message that becomes clearer as the weather got colder. The billboard lets people know that Nokia Lumia devices have screens that are so sensitive that they can be used with gloves on.
Glove Love is a matchmaking company that takes donations of single gloves which are then matched and hand-stitched to create a pair for a new owner. The #NokiaGloveLove project encouraged Nokia fans to recycle gloves that have lost their partners. The campaign also highlights how gloves are lost when people take them off to use their smartphones.
The billboard was placed at Westfield on January 21st and at the Old Truman Brewery the day after. The first 100 people who donated a single glove at each location were given newly-matched pairs of gloves and a hundred more were given a pair of gloves delivered to an address they provided.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]ay9ZBEXHwtw[/youtube]
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Restaurant cooks up a hot ad for char-grilled steaks

A restaurant in Yekaterinburg in Russia decided to promote its flame-broiled steaks by flame-broiling its billboard as well. It is a pretty hot idea, if maybe overly literal. It’s certainly eye-catching!
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In frozen Chicago, giant sunbathing woman lifts spirits and crushes cars

Temperatures dropped dramatically in Chicago last week, and so did a pair of 16-foot-long, 400-pound flip-flops. They were kicked off, or at least looked to have been, by a bikini-clad holiday maker soaking up the sun in a giant wallscape promoting Arizona tourism.
The casual footwear ‘crushed’ two cars parked below. The installation was designed to entice people to book getaways to the Grand Canyon State.
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Billboard that helps relieves air pollution

Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund collaborated to produce a billboard constructed from carbon dioxide-absorbing, Fulkien tea plants and 3,600 plant pots made from recycled Coca Cola bottles.
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