BlowUP Media Digital Screen Spearhead RFU’s World Cup Ticket Sales Campaign

The English Rugby Football Union, which is hosting next year’s Rugby World Cup, booked two blowUP media digital large format screens in Cardiff and Birmingham, plus a giant poster site in Leeds to promote the opening of ticket sales to the third largest event in world sport.
The campaign is running on sites strategically selected close to key rugby grounds where World Cup games will take place.  The Super Motion digital screens in Cardiff and Birmingham will offer high quality full motion digital content to grab the rugby audience’s attention while the stunning 120 sqm Leeds City Square site directly opposite the train station is perfectly positioned to capture the vehicular and pedestrian rugby audience in Leeds.
With the home teams believed to have a good chance of reaching the final stages of the World Cup, which starts in September 2015, the campaign should stimulate interest among rugby fans in these key areas in an impactful and memorable way.
Posterscope and Zenith booked the campaign.

Dining Atop a Billboard with MasterCard

Savvy New York food lovers know that Times Square eats are to be avoided at (mostly) all costs, but what about dining atop a Times Square billboard? Lucky diners were able to buy tickets for $50 each starting July 7 for the Mastercard dinner series atop the H&M billboard in Times Square this summer, which featured a specialty menu prepared by chef Marcus Samuelsson (of Red Rooster fame) for nightly dinners between July 16 and August 2. All of the proceeds from the ticket sales went to Stand Up 2 Cancer, and the goal was to raise $4 million for the charity organization.
“I’ve had several people in my life diagnosed with cancer in the last few years so this issue really hits home,” chef Samuelsson told The Daily Meal. “I thought it was a pretty clever idea to dine 25 feet above Times Square in the name of cancer research, and I’m looking forward to making a flavorful meal featuring the freshest and healthiest of ingredients.”
The sky-high menu featured fresh and seasonal dishes, including smoked salmon summer roll and cornbread, tomato watermelon gazpacho, miso-grilled sea bass with mushroom and corn dumplings, lime coconut curried chicken, and waffles with ice cream and strawberry jam for dessert.
The OOH was executed by Posterscope USA
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Corona Brings Glorious Sunshine to a Shaded Patio in Clever Outdoor Stunt

The stars really aligned for Corona—well, one did, anyway—in this clever outdoor stunt from Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo.
Check out the video to see how the brand brought extra hours of sunlight to some drinkers on a bar patio. It’s a great realization of the brand’s tagline, “Find your beach,” and surely has extra resonance in Canada, where summers are short enough.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]tGDJGUIQRbs[/youtube]
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New Elonex Digital Screen Set to Target Busy A45 into Birmingham City Centre

A new digital advertising site is set to be unveiled on one of the busiest routes heading towards Birmingham City Centre.

Digital Out of Home specialists, Elonex Outdoor Media has announced plans to add to its already impressive portfolio of digital roadside screens by building a new standout site in Birmingham on the A45, where high volume City Centre bound traffic is present at all times of the day.The new digital screen, which measures 24 square metres, will be located on the gable end of Delta View House, immediately next to a new Morrisons store on the busy A45/Coventry Road. The site is just two miles away from Birmingham Airport and junction 6 of the M42, on  one of the major travel routes into Birmingham City Centre.
Positioned to face all City Centre bound traffic and dominating its location, the new digital screen, which will be known as the A45 Mega 6, is full motion and will be visible to commuters from an incredible distance in a highly congested travel area which is renowned for huge dwell times.The new Elonex screen, which will provide the only digital advertising offering on that stretch of the A45, will deliver in excess of 10 million audience impacts annually and allow both national and local brands to target the location’s much sought after, captive audience in high impact digital format for the very first time.

McDonald's Stockholm Lets Young People Use Cans as Currency for Food

A new initiative created by DDB Stockholm for McDonald’s lets young people pay for their McDonald’s meal with discarded cans as currency.
In summer, when spending time at outdoor parks and music festivals are eminent, trash also tends to be a problem. Young people are also often short of cash.
McDonald’s has reconciled the two insights to create ‘jobs’ that engage youth to pick up cans for recycling, and in doing so, get a free meal.
One billboard in Stockholm was turned into a trash bag dispenser that distributed trash bags for litter collection. On each bag was printed the ‘exchange rate’ of what certain McDonald’s menu items were worth.
A recycled can is worth 1 Krona (approximately $ 0.14). Ten cans could be exchanged for a hamburger, 20 cans for a cheeseburger, and 40 cans for a Big Mac.
This idea not only gives youth an incentive to pick up litter, but also results in a cleaner environment for all. It will be adopted at other festivals this year and the next.
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Cromwell Road Revs Up for New BMW i8 Campaign

Over the next two weeks, Clear Channel’s flagship Cromwell Road site will be home to a full-scale, 600-kilogram fibreglass replica of the new BMW i8 – the innovative hybrid sports car from one of the world’s leading car manufacturers.
BMW has taken over all six Cromwell Road advertising panels for their stunning out-of-home advertising campaign. An elevated ramp has been built to create the illusion of the replica i8 driving along a road, bringing the advert to life. The campaign was planned and booked by Vizeum and Posterscope.
Nicola Green, BMW’s Marketing Communications Manager – Brand and New Model Launches, said: “The i8 is a car which stands out – its design, innovation and performance. As such, it was important for us that when marketing and promoting this model, we did something a little bit different.  The Cromwell Road placement allows us to do that in an eye-catching and exciting way.”

UNICEF’s Clever Billboard Literally Sheds Light on Child Violence

In a bid to end child violence, UNICEF Bulgaria has created a clever billboard that literally sheds light on the problem.
During the day, the billboard shows a child cowering in fear. However once night falls, a shadow becomes visible, with its hand raised ready to strike the child.
The campaign was created as part of UNICEF’s ‘Make the Invisible Visible’ campaign.
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Multi-Use Billboards Aim to Solve Social and Environmental Issues

Agency Design Develop aims to help homeless people by converting billboard advertisements into living spaces.
A controversial and inhumane way of ‘managing’ London’s homeless population was brought to the attention of twitterers by Worldview Media this month as spikes were placed outside a building to deter people from sleeping close by. The UK government has had to ban the ‘anti-homeless spikes’ that caused national outrage, and resulted in petitions signed by thousands to take greater care of the disadvantaged.
With this news and a new campaign by design agency Design Develop, homelessness and the battle against it seems to be on everyone’s radar. The ‘Gregory Project,’ aims to help homeless people by transforming billboard advertisements into liveable spaces. The ads use both the space and the object to promote the global problem of homelessness and double up as a shelter as the insides of the structure can be turned into living spaces where homeless people can sleep.
The design of the new homes is based on the existing structure of mainstream billboards, i.e. triangular. This results in a plan divided in two rooms with the first including an entrance hall, kitchen, office desk, stairs to a raised bed, and bedroom, the second part contains a bathroom with a sink, a toilet and shower. The designs are sleek and use wood, concrete and steel as materials. The added bonus is that there are even windows, offering a comfortable stay with all the amenities any one person would need.
While billboards once proved the power of marketing, they’re now proving new ways to help combat some of the world’s most important issues.
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Audi's Instant Valuation Billboard

Trading in a car for a newer model is a process, and getting your current set of wheels appraised is arguably the first (and most tedious) step. For this reason, Audi Brazil teamed up with AlmapBBDO to cut out the middleman. The result was a different kind of drive-thru.
The Instant Evaluator debuted in Sao Paolo at Brazil’s World Trade Centre. There, an Audi appraiser trolled the parking lot and noted unattended cars’ features and input various data on the wheels on a tablet. He then printed out an RFID tag and stuck it to the vehicle windows.
Later, as drivers exited the parking lot, they passed before the “Instant Evaluator,” an LED billboard with built-in sensors. It scanned the RFID tags and then on the spot, provided potential Audi buyers with some valuable data; an assessment of their cars’ worth, the amount they would need to pay to trade it in for a new Audi model and the number of instalments it could be paid in.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]1fi1eOJ7CAU[/youtube]
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‘Say What You See’ in PML Group’s New OOH Campaign

In its new out of home campaign PML Group is using the promotion to interact with the media community in Ireland and the public in general, as well as highlighting the creative possibilities when using OOH advertising.

The OOH specialist has used three strong and clear images on separate OOH formats. When combined, these three images represent a popular catchphrase and PML is asking the public to guess this phrase.
Once people seen all three images and figured out the answer, they can enter the competition on a dedicated website for the campaign The competition will run until 29 June, with the winner receiving an iPad.
Taking inspiration from the game show Catchphrase, the hashtag #SayWhatYouSee is present on all formats in the campaign to encourage interaction about the campaign on social media sites.
The campaign emphasises how OOH is a key advertising format that can be used by a variety of businesses to communicate their message to target audiences.
“The campaign highlights the creative possibilities for OOH advertising and its ability to arouse interest and connect with the population in their daily lives,” said Colum Harmon, marketing director at PML Group.
It is live around Dublin for the month of June and a variety of OOH formats have been used in this promotion.
The campaign is also running in Cork, using six sheet and 48 sheet formats.
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