Billboard Made Of Clothes Pops Up In Sydney

GPY&R and oOh!media have created a billboard made from washing, for LG Electronics Australia. All 71 items were washed in a single load in the LG ultra large capacity washing machine and then assembled on the billboard at oOh’s fabrication warehouse.
The billboard, located on Qantas Drive near Sydney International Terminal, measured 12m x 3m and comprised of five bed sheets, twelve bath towels, five tablecloths, eight shirts, nine t-shirts, ten pillow cases, nine pairs of underwear, six washcloths and seven handkerchiefs.
Lambro Skropidis, general manager of marketing at LG Electronics said: “One of the most powerful tools in advertising is the product demo. This one is simple, impactful and sure to resonate with busy Aussie families for whom laundry can be a part of their daily routine.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]4EG-zQ5e95I[/youtube]
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Microsoft promote new Premier PC in a spectacular fashion

To launch the new Premier PC computer, Posterscope customised over thirty-five sites using multiple creatives to demonstrate the variation and versatility of the product, which operates both as a laptop and tablet, and create impact.  The customisations, which feature on backlight 48’s and backlight 96’s across key cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool and Edinburgh, show how the laptop can be used in different modes to match the user’s needs.

Mexico Tourism Board made billboards out of snow in Chicago

Lapiz agency has created a fun campaign for the Mexico Tourism Board. After an unexpected springtime snowstorm in Chicago, the agency called on local street artist NosE Lanariz to make some outdoor ads from the stuff—as you can see in the video below.

The campaign hit three locations in the city, with headlines like, “Take Your Clothes Off”, “Come Melt Under The Sun” and “Beaches With Sand This White.”

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Xe1HRdjH2So[/youtube]

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Birds Eye freezes real cash in giant ice billboard stunt

People on the Southbank in London yesterday were able to pick out cash from a giant frozen billboard erected by Birds Eye in a PR stunt to promote frozen food.
The food brand, best known for its fish fingers and peas, created a giant 20ft ice block with coins and notes frozen inside to raise awareness of food waste and encourage consumers to use their freezers.
The four-tonne ice block, which took over one month to freeze and eight days to build, contained £700 cash – the amount Birds Eye claims consumers would save if they froze surplus food instead of binning it.
Passers-by were able to pluck out the cash as the ice melted in the sun.
The activity was designed to launch Birds Eye’s new marketing campaign -iFreeze, iSave, which aims to show people they can save money by freezing food. The brand has created a digital hub with freezer tips and a TVC will run until May.
“We’re incredibly excited by this campaign as we understand the pressures families are under to save money,” said MD Andy Weston-Webb.
“Reducing food waste by making the most of the freezer will not only help families to do so but it will also help the UK to become more sustainable and resourceful, something we’re very proud to be a part of.”
The campaign was created by Havas Worldwide, Havas Media, Mischief PR, Live & Breathe and Jam
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People looking at a billboard triggers a change in creative

In a world first for digital out of home, Ocean, Women’s Aid and WCRS are collaborating on an interactive campaign which shows how we can all make tangible changes in the fight against domestic violence.
Timed to coincide with International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th, the creative, by the leading London advertising agency WCRS, raises awareness of the how domestic violence charity Women’s Aid saves lives.
The collaboration is a world first because this is the first time the attention of people looking at the digital screens triggers an immediate change in the creative. Ocean exclusively operate facial recognition technology on large format Digital out of Home in the UK, and in delivering this campaign are the first organisation to utilise the gaze tracking element of the system to trigger or superimpose content for live playback in real time on the screens.
The campaign premieres on Thursday, March 5th at The Screen @ Canary Wharf in London and then rolls out to the The Screen @ New Street in Birmingham and Eat Street @ Westfield London on March 7th and 8th.
The initiative will also be supported on Channel 4 with a specially introduced 30 second prime time TV spot designed to amplify the message during the centre break of brand new drama Indian Summers on Sunday, March 8th. The spot will be repeated at 7.20pm the following day in Channel 4 News’ ad break. Promotion of these TV spots will also run across some of Ocean’s most high profile Digital out of home locations in the UK.
The campaign is already an award winner, taking the Interactive Award in Ocean’s annual Art of Outdoor competition 2014.
WCRS worked with famed photographer Rankin, a long-time supporter of Women’s Aid, Ocean and posthouse Smoke and Mirrors to create the interactive billboard which shows the image of a bruised woman with the simple imperative, “Look at me”.
In awarding the WCRS/Women’s Aid campaign the Interactive Award in Ocean’s annual Art of Outdoor competition 2014, the judging panel said: “This campaign figures out how many people are looking at the screen – and the longer you look at it the more it changes. This has not been done before. So, paying attention has a positive effect. It’s very clever.”
To learn more about Women’s Aid visit
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Ikea uses poorly assembled billboards to show its furniture is hard to put together

Everyone else makes fun of how painful it is to assemble Ikea furniture, and so did Ikea.  Ikea used ‘poorly’ assembled billboards to advertise their assembly service.  A simple but effective idea.
The creative agency was Thjnk Germany.
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Clever Anti-Child Abuse Ad Transforms when You Step in & Stop the Violence

Spotted in South Korea is a brightly lit billboard that features the silhouettes of a young child threatened by a man holding a glass bottle.
At the top of the ad is a one-liner that reads: “Child abuse, you can prevent it.”
A small arrow accompanies the text, pointing to the blank space between the two black figures, imploring passers-by to step in and stop the violence.
And when they do, their intervening shadows will be reflected on the screen. But that’s not all—a superhero logo will then appear on their shadows, featuring the emergency number 112 and a statement which is loosely translated to read: “Report to become a hero for children.”
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Giant Air Purifier Appears in Peru

In Lima, the notoriously polluted capital of Peru, a retired naval engineer by the name of Jorge Gutierrez has invented a giant air purifier and has placed it in Lima’s district of Jesus Maria.
The giant air purifier has been termed by Gutierrez as a “super tree”, and they include large billboards that act as giant air purifiers, or a filter of sorts, to absorb carbon dioxide and smog.
The clean air is then channelled into a section of the purifier, connected by tubes. What is shocking is the sheer, visible quantity of smog and contaminants that is collected as a result.
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Delightful Stunt Shows a Billboard Cleaner Controlling a Wiper with ‘Magic’

To promote the Quebec City Magic Festival back in August, Montreal-based ad agency lg2 came up with a delightful little stunt that perfectly fit the magic theme.
In the ‘Magic Mop’ stunt, a billboard cleaner appeared to control a wiper that was floating through the air with telekinesis. The clever display of ‘magic’ certainly got passersby and motorists interested, eliciting smiles and laughter.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]A8drYv8U5WE[/youtube]
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Brilliant Outdoor Billboards Show Just how Many Items a Car can Pack

Toronto-based advertising agency Grip Limited has created some brilliant outdoor billboards for Honda.
To promote the 2015 Honda Fit, Grip Limited wanted to show the world just how many things the boot of the compact Honda Fit could pack in.
In two separate executions, the contents in the car are exposed to showcase an overwhelming amount of things: camping gear, a canoe, a guitar, a bicycle, just to name a few. The objects may seem too large and like there’s too much, but it all seems to fit in perfectly.
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